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One to Grow On ...

12/18/2008 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lying about the size of your manhood just got a little bit, er, harder.

A European company has created the petite man's worst nightmare -- a "single-use" prophylactic with a ruler printed on its side. Are you a man or a mini me?!

Condometric comes (no pun intended) in flavors like cherry, lime and, appropriately enough, banana and is available in centimeters and inches. But remember, you must be THIS big to buy this product.


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I've never seen one before. Is that what condoms actually look like? Creepy!

2132 days ago


Umm, to #6 and people are slow. If the measurements were the other way, that would mean the guy would have the rest of the condom hanging off the tip of his penis.

2132 days ago


the "ruler" is that way because when you put on a condom, you slide it down the shaft, not up. CMON people. its basic sex ed.

2132 days ago


Even though the Tool Age was the second Age after the Stone Age, to this day men act like they just discovered it. Once a baby boy gets his hand on it, it is the most important thing on his mind his entire life, it seems.
Same with teenagers and sex. They just invented it.
Oh well, as the world turns...

2132 days ago

The Observer    

I think you few who are questioning this products... er... longevity... are not seeing its real client base. It is not the man that will be buying them, instead it will be the woman. Imagine picking up a woman at a bar, going back to her place, getting ready for the wild thing only to discover you are not equipped. "No problem," say she, and out comes one of these.

Now what are you going to do?

2132 days ago


Circa 1957 - we carried a Peter Meter in our purses. Nothing is new anymore.

2132 days ago


This is a novelty idea. Of course the persona buying it, has an idea of the size of their package. If a girl was buying it for a guy, she would probably want to do this as a joke. If you had a choice of this condom or a regular one; I think most would go for this one just for the laugh. If you are a small man, then you better have the regular ones on heand in case your girl pulls one of these out.

Yeah, size does matter. I have had both, and only people with small penises or girls who have not had a big -one say this. Not to say you cant enjoy the smaller one, but the bigger one is much better.

2131 days ago

northern gypsy    

((( earth to all penises ))) size does all the little better be able to pull other sex tricks out of your's a deal breaker !!!

2131 days ago


If the penis measures out to less than 6 inches then that guy is just getting a bj if he's cute. lol

If the penis is larger than 6 inches then there will be no bj's for sure. lol

I hate it when they cause me to gag.

2131 days ago


Size doesn't matter! I like a little pony between my legs.

2131 days ago


So do they put the ruler on it so guys can compare themselves in the shower or what? I don't see the point of it..... so to speak.

2131 days ago

Queen of Debt    

Um, to make it clear to all the folks who say "size does matter" : yes, but bigger is definitely not better. Any girl that's ever had an 8 1/2" thing in her chach (or worse, in another orifice) knows that it pretty much feels like your uterus is up near your heart and that you are going to throw up your intestines at any minute. Not a very attractive thing, especially if the guy has excessive girth too. The human vagina was not designed to take more than 7.5" inches pleasurably (why most dildos are that size), so too big is just, well too big. Not saying that small (under 4") is desirable, but there's nothing wrong with average if you are average. ;-)
And this company just sounds like the best and worst thing to happen to sex. Best: if you're an American, you can probably get it in centimeters and have some unknowing girl think you are HUGE. Worst: guys who think they are huge when they are just about average (95% of the male population) may be crushed and may never have sex again.

2129 days ago
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