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The Curious Case of Brad's Blouse

12/18/2008 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Angelina Jolie shares everything with Brad Pitt, including her tops!

Brad arrived at LAX on Wednesday, wearing some sort of lovely women's shirt scarf wrap thing.

At least the handbag is his.


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Push the button between his shoulder blades

" My kids are some of the funniest people I have ever met"

My children are from different cultures. One is from Cambodia, one is from Vietnam , One is from Namibia, one is from Ethiopia"

" I fell in love with my woman on the set of MAMS"
"Did I mention I have 6 children"

"Did I mention we are globally diverse"

Hey Brad here is a clue. You are with a malignant Narcissist. You are not hip enough to wear that outfit

You seem to have an IQ similar to a gnat

Children are not something you collect. Children need you to be the parent
Children should not be sold for profit
Adoption rules should be obeyed
All your adoptive children have real parents that you took advantage of.
Angie is not a nice person.
You are easily manipulated.
And there are plenty of people who can't stand either of you. Go away and shut your trap


2098 days ago


As soon as the Minge gets a better grip on A-Rod you'll be seeing him in a ballet tutu.

Posted at 10:04AM on Dec 18th 2008 by kan


Brad looks so weak all of a sudden..... I like Angie but she's too strong for this guy.
He's done it before though, with Aniston and Paltrow where he blends into their backgrounds like wallpaper..!

2098 days ago


You people and your lame comments! Don't you realize the freakin mustache might be for a movie? The blouse I cannot defend, but Brad is a lil gay (not that anything is wrong with that). I have a feeling that Angelina would make all men feel a lil gay.

2098 days ago


6. #2, poppy:
I agree 1000%. He's a stepford sperm donor. He's jumping through hoops of flames for this chick and her brood.

Posted at 9:58AM on Dec 18th 2008 by lottie-dottie
THEIR brood!

2098 days ago


Brad and Angelina give a lot of their earnings to charity. They have charitable foundations that are now helping destitute school children in America get just the basic essentials of life. Brad is giving millions to help the people who lost their homes from Katrina. They give more generously with their time and money than any other celebrities...... And yet the shallow and unfounded hate comments about them still keep pouring in.....must be jealousy as why else would these dumb haters make these kind of comments?

2098 days ago


#10. Posted at 10:13AM on Dec 18th 2008 by Please already!
Brad Pitt lives his life. You live yours.

2098 days ago


13. My prediction is that they will be over before or by 20012.

Posted at 10:33AM on Dec 18th 2008 by OnPoint

20012! WOW!!!

2098 days ago

Amy D    

He is not wearing a women's blouse you losers! He is simply wearing a grey scarf that matches his sweater.

2098 days ago


19. what's so "special" about this guy? i have never seen it. yes he's handsome if you like the boyish face type which I don't, I like men to look like men!
he ALWAYS looks and acts like a sissy-boy to me and this outfit just confirms that opinion of him for me
i'm SO glad Jen's free of him, she deserves so much better
he's a jerk and that thing he's with is trash. they deserve each other!

Posted at 10:45AM on Dec 18th 2008 by Kathy S

Then don't look at him. Seems to me he is where he wants to be. You must be glad Jen is with John Mayer!

2098 days ago


omg...he was such a great person and actor till he started having a litter of kids with that thing he is with, he should have stayed with jen!! they both make me sick, the only reason i looked at these comments on him is to see if anyone else seen how gross they were like i do

2098 days ago


It is obvious that some you women do not have a man or partner that can afford these type of cashmere sweaters(Kenneth Cole, Armani). If you go online you can actually see these sweater in mens stores! That scarf he wears is an organic brand that he is promoting. It's funny how people can say such negative things about people who do not even know the exist. What is wrong with a man being head over heels in love with his woman. Dare I say that those of you who criticize him has yet to experience that kind of love? Well if you do not think that Angelina changed then most of you are blind and illiterate. Angelina is not the girl she used to be before and she has come into her own as a strong, loving, woman,mother, and partner. Some of you are to bias are blind to state the obvious. While they are out there donating money, raising a family(their kids they can raise them whichever way they want), being nominated for prestigious awards left and right..other celebritries in their 40s have regressed to taking nude picutes to promote a dog flick for children. Okay...I wonder where your priorities are? Or if some of you are holier that though and have done nothing wrong in your past that you look back and what was I thinking! Stop being so hypocritical, the goal is to live and learn, and move on to bigger and better things(sometimes that means people/relationships)! I think Brad and Angie are doing just that!

2098 days ago


To me - Brad Pitt is 100% gay and likes to be seen with beautiful women. Any gay guy can freeze their sperm for artifical insemination and SELL for MILLIONS pix of their offpring by surrogate!

Gay man probably need to ACT straight in order to make more money in movie career - but I'm 100% female and I love men - but Brad Pitt doesn't do it for me.

But Brad and Angie seem to make HUGE money with this partnership - so go at it - and they can make zillions - I admire them both.

2098 days ago


PS - I may be 100% into men - but I totally respect gays - and have gay guys as best buds - so I'd probably hang out with Brad Pitt but never have I felt he is really into women.

2098 days ago


Geez TMZ you grouse when he looks raggedy ,you complain when he's stylish .Dude, it was cold here that night. Brad can pull it off.. Brad looks hot. Hey who doesn't love cashmere?

2098 days ago

A Real Housewife from Compton    

First the porn-stache now something that looks like it came from Prince's closet. :p

IDK but let the man live his life!

2098 days ago
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