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The Curious Case of Brad's Blouse

12/18/2008 6:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently Angelina Jolie shares everything with Brad Pitt, including her tops!

Brad arrived at LAX on Wednesday, wearing some sort of lovely women's shirt scarf wrap thing.

At least the handbag is his.


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He is looking very euro so its understandable most americans wouldn't get it, besides jet setters. Its not for the public to understand their relationship. They are living their lives THEIR WAY and don't have to answer to anyone. He is on a different level most will never experience nor understand. So these negative comments are of no surprise.

2136 days ago


Why are there so many idiots on this blog??? It is just mind boggling how stupid people can be!! The man is wearing a scarf that matches his shirt!!!!!!!!!! Hello......... It is totally obvious!!! And his mustache is for a movie role ,fools!!! OMG......... Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!!!!!!! Oh and after all these years there is still a "Team Aniston"??? How pathetic!! Go Brad!!!!!!!!

2136 days ago


'A Deducated Follower of Fashion' to quote Ray Davies

2136 days ago


Please stop thinking that these two people are the ONLY celebrities that give freely of their MILLIONS they make by the little people (that would be all of us) paying them. Most celebrities do this very quietly and would rather not be recognized for it. Look it up. There are numerous causes that are started and maintained without all the media attention these two media manipulators get. Paul Newman? Marlo Thomas? etc, etc, etc.

2136 days ago


Man up you gay sack! WTF? Has fathering half a dozen kids left you ball-less???

Lose the man bag and scarf. And for G-d's sake, shave that rat-hair off your lip.


2136 days ago


66. Maybe he think's he is 1 of ugly Angie's kids and she dressed him. He needs to get away from Angie. Find himself a real women.

Posted at 10:01PM on Dec 18th 2008 by michelle

We need to mind our own business, She has given birth twice. She IS a real woman!

2136 days ago


I agree with ELLE V (post #61) and nads (post #62).

2136 days ago



We need to mind our own business, She has given birth twice. She IS a real woman!

Posted at 10:42PM on Dec 18th 2008 by Progressive


I am not political but I just could not help myself here. So bearded woman who gave birth recently and calls herself a man is also A REAL WOMAN.

2136 days ago

Miss. Leen    

He was wearing that sweater on the Today Show interview today

2135 days ago


What happen to him? It's like he's a tool now for Jolie.

I really do think Jolie & Pitt should stay in France and give their children some stability.

2135 days ago


"She has given birth twice"

There are nearly 7 billion people on the planet. I don't think giving birth twice is a stand-out achievement.

2135 days ago


I still don't know what all teh fuss is about. His acting skills are beyond subpar - I never thought he was all that - and to be honest, if it wasn't for his relationship Angelina - he'd be in NOWHERESVILLE... It's too bad he just won't come out of the closet already!

2135 days ago

so what    

who the f*ck does he think he his? waah AINT he waerein* his kakis and plaid like the rest of uus????

2135 days ago


Could never figure out what the attraction is here: he is not handsome or manly and he can't act.

He is the Joey Bishop of the Brat Pack.

2134 days ago


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button the movie sounds alot like Flowers for Algernon the movie anyway - the story of a mentally disabled man who undergoes scientific experiments in order to be a genius he falls in love and then he reverts back to being mentally disabled slowly as the science experiments do not work ….and that was a movie made in the year 2000 already…. and as Charlie Gordon in flowers for Algernon deteriorates the woman who loves him struggles to come to terms with it all. even though they say the curious case is loosely based on a short story the actual movie sounds a lot like flowers for algernon instead of being mentally disabled brad ages and his lover has to come to terms with his deterioration...and brad will no doubt ruin the movie with his bad acting? hmmm what do u guys think.... I think I'll skip the Curious case and just rehire Flowers for Algernon

2133 days ago
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