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Furious "Twilight" Fans Cyber-Attack Replacement

12/19/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some hardcore "Twilight" fanatics are seething over reports Taylor Lautner could be replaced in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel -- and now certain bloodsuckers are hitting his rumored replacement right where it hurts -- the dude's Facebook page.
The actor being hit is Michael Copon -- and in recent days, his page has been bombarded with messages like "[Taylor's] done all the hardwork and so deserves it," "I don't want you playing Jacob Black in New Moon :( because Taylor is perfect" and our personal favorite: "You're a douche."

A Facebook group devoted to bashing the actor has also been created -- and so far the cyber-club, which calls itself "I REJECT Michael Copon as Jacob Black: SAVE TAYLOR NOW!" already has locked down 1,290 members.

A rep for Copon was not immediately available for comment.


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I guess "Twilight" is about vampires; the undead? Those people I think have taken the theme of the movie too seriously and need to get a life... oh and a grip. It's only a movie!

2101 days ago


All these crazy people need to get a freakin life...twilight is just a book!!!!!! I think the new guy would be great!!!

2101 days ago


That's just mean spirited and wrong. I may not want Taylor replaced either, but there is no reason to attack Micheal just because he wants the chance to play Jacob. That is one facebook group that needs to be deleted.

2101 days ago


who? ... and who?
people get recast all the time; it sucks, but it happens... these twilighters going a bit overboard, cause its not like the actors really have anything to do with it, it's the big-time studio heads...

btw: way to go, tmz, that's a perfect way to block larissa'a name... lmao

my 13 cents...

2101 days ago



i always believe that when a reputable film outfit cast an actor, more or less they will have an idea of what should be done when certain things happen, they must have a contingency plan.. specially if they are gonna do a series book. so, picking an actor for a part that would turn in a major character in the future must have been tough on them because the actor should also fit in the next stage, more or less.

it's fine to change actors/actresses if they are playing minor roles, but major ones??? NOT A GOOD IDEA! fans get attached to the original.

and on the side:
I have always been a book lover and in my opinion, movies should be independent of the books.. just look at Bourne series, i believe that is a good example

2101 days ago

Oh Snap!    

#11 There can be only one Lestat and there is no comparison, so stop the intimidation of a generation that wants a vampire book to achieve a "following" that The Vampire Chronicles earned in its day. Also, is Lestat not "just a character in a book and NOT real," indeed? Lastly, Anne Rice was completely against Tom Cruise portraying Lestat in Interview with the Vampire and it created quite a stir, do your homework!

2101 days ago


being native myself....I HATE WHEN PEOPLE CAST NON-NATIVES FOR NATIVE PARTS..i mean come on guys and can you pass off an asian or other nationality as an american native????

or any non-native as a native?

get the hell real.

2101 days ago


Come on folks get real, Taylor just isn't physically big enough to take on the role anymore since Jacob grows and stuff....get over it already

2101 days ago


I have read the books and I understand what you are saying but it is possible with CGI to make these things happen, they knew this when he was hired and I am pretty sure they knew that someone 5'10" is not magicxlaly going to turn 6'7". I believe with a little thing called LOTR they made Elijah Wood and all the other hobbit characters small when they are NOT really that small, same as with Harry Potter and Hagrid. We are mad because we know how pumped Taylor is to be Jacob and how we can see him as Jacob desoite his size. Summit is just trying to lose everything and it is true they will lose money from this if they make the wrong decison. IF we HAVE to change Jacob make it Steven Strait, Stephenie Meyer's second choice. Copon is just a pompus douce, who has been a power ranger, and in Boyz N Motion, yeah I want him to be Jacob Black, NO. Plus I can see Kristen Stewart and Taylor having that chemistry that Bella and Jacob have. Changing actors out is just plain STUPID unless it is like James Bond and you know its going to happen.

I really hope Taylor's meeting goes well today and that Summit gets that no one wants there to be a new Jacob and that they actually listen to the fans.

2101 days ago


oh and by the way, this book is getting young people to read #10 or whatever number you are that posted that comment. I am 20 year's old and I love reading these books I have read them twice. I think its great to see 10 year olds picking up a book and reading rather than sitting down and playing a video game.

2101 days ago


I understand why everyone is upset but come on reread the book Jacob is a BIG guy Taylor should never have been in the first movie! Casting needs to find some large real Native Americans. Taylor would have been better off playing Seth. And it makes sense to change the actor because Jacob does alot of growing in New Moon.In Twilight he is still young but in New Moon he really grows Taylor can not pull that off.

2101 days ago


If the fans are true fans of the book, not the movie, they would realize that the actor that plays Jacob has to be replaced. In New Moon Jacob Black grows a foot and gains close to 100 lbs plus his facial features mature from that of a 17 year old to the that of a 25 year old. Taylor was a fine actor for the first movie/book but he cannot play Jacob in the second or they would lose the teeny bit of credibility that the book lends to the movie. The kids that are whiningit need to go read the series.

2101 days ago

Carrys F.    

Who started this rumor anyway? The paps???? I've not seen it reported in a legitimate news source.

2101 days ago


again like I have said I have read the series twice. but if you seem to think its possible to find someone that big that can act go a head. it wont lose any credibilty if they just use some simple CGI. they would lose credibilty by getting rid of someone we have all grown to love and all the fans know that if he has to be replaced use Steven Strait at least. I have never liked this Copon guy and he was one my favorite tv show One Tree Hill and I almost stopped wathing it while he was on. He just thinks that he is the best thing out there and after the stuff his facebook page says I know that is why I became so anti Copon..

2101 days ago


wow. some people have no lives. does anyone remember the two Becky's on Roseanne? How about the to Darrin's on Bewitched. Two Clarice's in silence of the Lambs? Don't even get me started on the god knows how many Batman's there have been. holy cow! TWO George McFly's in back to the future? And the unforgettable Dean Cain/Brandon Routh/Christopher Reeve Superman switch......seriously, actors are a a dime a dozen. it is not like they tried to replace this twilight nobody with John Goodman. It is just a job. Give it a rest you childish idiots that are bashing the new guy. Keep this in mind you Twilight freaks: you arent the first burger flippers a the burger joints you work at when you arent out getting dates. You replaced the other pimply faced dorks that had that job before you right?

2101 days ago
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