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Furious "Twilight" Fans Cyber-Attack Replacement

12/19/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some hardcore "Twilight" fanatics are seething over reports Taylor Lautner could be replaced in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel -- and now certain bloodsuckers are hitting his rumored replacement right where it hurts -- the dude's Facebook page.
The actor being hit is Michael Copon -- and in recent days, his page has been bombarded with messages like "[Taylor's] done all the hardwork and so deserves it," "I don't want you playing Jacob Black in New Moon :( because Taylor is perfect" and our personal favorite: "You're a douche."

A Facebook group devoted to bashing the actor has also been created -- and so far the cyber-club, which calls itself "I REJECT Michael Copon as Jacob Black: SAVE TAYLOR NOW!" already has locked down 1,290 members.

A rep for Copon was not immediately available for comment.


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To be perfectly honest, Id rather see Steven Strait as the wolfed out Jacob.

2132 days ago


The guy had it coming. He set himself up when he himself wrote the cheesy remarks that he was "in the Twilight Zone" ,total cheeseball! and also wrote that he was the next older Jacob Black. Arrogance is a bitch that pays back!

2132 days ago

Michael sucks    

Goo Rachael!!!
Ok.. We are not kids!!!
And yea i have read Twilight Saga like 5 times already....and i m pretty sure others have too...
Micheal is 26!!! okay 26!!!
jacob black is supposed to be 16, 17....duh!!!

2132 days ago


While I definitely don't think people should be harrassing this guy, he hasn't done much media-wise to convince me that he'd be a good fit for Jacob. Even if I didn't like Taylor Lautner for the role (and I definitely do) I wouldn't choose Copon. Sorry. I just don't think he works here.

2132 days ago


Oh, and just for the record-I understand it's not cool to be ragging on Copon like people are. But it's also not cool to be calling Twilight fans 'freaks' and 'idiots' like some of you are. Let us like what we like. I know I'm not an idiot. I might be a freak-and I'm cool with that-but it's not because I like Twilight, thank you very much.

2132 days ago


Micheal is a douche. Going out and said that he's the new "older Jacob Black" on his facebook and he doesn't even have the part yet, a BIG freakin' DOUCHEBAG! Come on! Seriously. That's like rubbing it in Taylor's face. Uggh, What a jerk! I think Taylor will do a great job as Jacob in New Moon. And besides Taylor said that's he's trying to gain the weight and get bigger just so he can play the role again. Micheal is a horrible actor, no offense to those Micheal fans, but he is in my opinion. I would really hate it if they do get someone else to play Jacob. I hate it when they get different actors for the sequel(s). Summit and Chris just need to give Taylor a chance. But I'll be damned if they do go with Micheal. Everyone will feel my wrath!! lol.

2132 days ago




get STEVEN STRAIT instead!!!

he looks like an older tayolor

why get that asian guy? he doesn't look like a native american

2132 days ago


taylor should stay as jacob but michael could play sam

2132 days ago


Ok now im really gettin pissed off cause the only person that should play jacob black is taylor lautner of course cause i know he will play the role alot better than that ugly douche bag micheal cause he is so ugly and taylor deserves the role 100% and i know he will get the role.... and thats all i got 2 say good luck taylor i love u!!!!!

2132 days ago


Alright all these twilight fans have to understand that it is not their call at who stays and who goes. Taylor is a great actor and i think he filled the roll of Jacob Black perfectly but in the books in New moon and on, Jacob is said to look like he has aged to 25 years old. Bella even says that he's gotten tall and looks older. so obviously they need an actor taller and older looking than Taylor. These rude, arrogant people commenting on Michael Copon's page like that really have to grow up. Now i am a huge Twilight fan and i have been known to give a few "twi-hard fan girl screams" but seriously whether Taylor stays or goes is not up to any of us. We got him for the first movie and now we will get an equally talented and handsome actor. Michael I would love for you to play Jacob Black in the next movies.

2131 days ago


For godsakes lose both of them and give us Steven Strait!

2131 days ago


Okay. so I actually agree with those people bashing Copon.
Sure, he wants to get a good role. But Taylor has been working SOO hard to get this part.
And I don't think it's right that they all of a sudden are concidering to take that away from him.
It's merely stupid. Copon, in my opinion is not right for the part of Jacob.
Taylor would do soo much better, and I know that I'm not alone on thinking that.
They will lose TONS of fans, and I mean TONS. and I know that for a fact.
I, and I know of a lot of others that will not even go see New Moon if Copon is casted for the role of Jacob.
Taylor deserves this more then anyone else. He's been working out since the end of filming Twilight. He has even gained weight, and worked out so many hours for this role. Think about it.
THAT'S devotion. I can tell Taylor cares about his fans, Copon is just arogant, and stupid. He's way to concieded.
Also, he was kind of talking bad about Taylor, saying that HE would be a better person to play.
Taylor hasn't said anything negative about Copon.
So, I really hope Taylor gets this part, and I hope that the director will see that he will LOSE SO MANY FANS if they change the roll.
If Taylor was signed onto this movie, he should stay. And if they were smart, they would keep Taylor.
That's that. I gave my opinion. And I'm sure many others agree with me.
Team Taylor ftw.

2131 days ago


have you people not read his interviews with popstar and j-14? he is a douche!

2131 days ago


i hope michael gets it- i never thought taylor made a good jacob.

2131 days ago


Those saying it's not Michael's fault haven't read his interview in which he cuts Taylor down to pimp himself, also saying he'd make much more of the part when in Twilight everyone knows Jacob the character isn't in it much. The guy is an idiot. And it's an insult to those of us that are NOT fanatic fans, but enjoy the books, for Michael to say he read the cliff notes. There are none, and calling it Twilight 2 when it's New Moon. The guy is a jerk and he can't act. If they can't keep Taylor get someone else. This guy is a loser.

2130 days ago
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