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Furious "Twilight" Fans Cyber-Attack Replacement

12/19/2008 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some hardcore "Twilight" fanatics are seething over reports Taylor Lautner could be replaced in the upcoming "Twilight" sequel -- and now certain bloodsuckers are hitting his rumored replacement right where it hurts -- the dude's Facebook page.
The actor being hit is Michael Copon -- and in recent days, his page has been bombarded with messages like "[Taylor's] done all the hardwork and so deserves it," "I don't want you playing Jacob Black in New Moon :( because Taylor is perfect" and our personal favorite: "You're a douche."

A Facebook group devoted to bashing the actor has also been created -- and so far the cyber-club, which calls itself "I REJECT Michael Copon as Jacob Black: SAVE TAYLOR NOW!" already has locked down 1,290 members.

A rep for Copon was not immediately available for comment.


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If any litle jerks read the books, you would know that Jacob is 6feet 5inches tall in New Moon.....How in the name of God is Taylor going to pull that off..........besides the kid is only 16........jeez.........

2134 days ago


why does everyone kepp complaining about people having no life becasuse they are commenting on a character they have grown to love being replced? what does it say if y'all keep making dumba** comments about our comments, obviously if you are reading through them all then your the ones with no life. HELLO !!!!!

2134 days ago


Taylor was ok as "Jacob", but it is hard to see how he can pull off the same role in the next 3 movies. He is going to have to carry the next movie (New Moon), as Edward won't be in it very much and I just don't see him being able to do this. Summit is going to be taking a huge gamble keeping him as Jacob- this 16 year old will be the main focus of the next movie. I loved all the books, but I really wouldn't want to watch the next 3 movies with Taylor having such a large role. They need an older actor.

2134 days ago


SERIOUSLY ppl if he gets cast its NOT his fault duh!
whoever is posting cmmnts on his facebook are really CREEPy!
im a fan to the core.. but u dont see me going to those extremes,
I love TAYLOR as JACOB.. but watever happens..
anyways have u guys seen Michael Copon? he is equally as hott as taylor !

2134 days ago


Steven Strait as Jacob!!!! Stephanie Meyer had him in mind.

2134 days ago


Yes it is Summit's and the new directors fault for considering replacing, Taylor.. but, Michael is the one who posted that he is/was going to be Jacob, all BEFORE anything has been confirmed... so that in it's self makes him a dumba**, and completely full of himself and made all the news of replacing, Taylor, TOTALLY whacked and crazier then it should be... he brought it on himself by doing that, and if he knew/knows anything about the Twiligt craze, he should of know that he would get some bad backlash for saying something like that.
I do though, think it's a lil over board for people to actually go to his facebook and post the harsh comments... but again.. his own fault for that.. :-/...
Wait.. arent you suppose to be friends with people first before you are able to post comments on their facebook..?!. and can't you monitor what is posted...?!

2134 days ago


I'm a fan of the books and the movie. But, these people need to get a life. Some people are way to carried away with this and need to get a life. Summit isn't going to ruin the franchise, the rabid fans are. Leave Copon alone.

2134 days ago


I love Twilight and the books but I dont really care who gets the part.
Although Steven Straight would make a great Jacob

2134 days ago



2134 days ago


considering Jacob Black was the ONLY character they even cast correctly in the first place for the movie, it's a bad move! The guy they chose for Edward is a freakin JOKE! He looks like they walked into a high school gymn and picked the first kid they saw with a football player induced wedigie!

2133 days ago


I'm sorry but whats the point of casting someone when they are not going to be in the sequals.
Thats just stupid. If they replace Lautner in New Moon, won't people (im talking about everyone not just twilight fans)
who saw the Twilight film get annoyed and confused?
I would.

I Say KEEP Taylor Lautner As Jacob.

I think is perfect and he's exactly how I imaged him.

2133 days ago


Ok so when I first saw Taylor I didnt agree that he was right for the part. Jacob is bigger, and I dont think Taylor looks American Indian. But I also think changing actors after the first movie is a bad idea for any movie not just Twilight. If you make a sequel or a saga it's a bad idea to mess with its main actors or actresses. Just my opinion. Happy Holidays!

2133 days ago


I personally like the idea of a change, I'm sorry but little Taylor is NOT jacob, he's a midget. They need Michael or ANYONE that actually fits the part. Anyone reading this please don't be bias on fans that aren't open minded or want whats right for the seires, and THANK YOU for replacing that nut of a director who has no idea how to direct actors. Now maybe Twilight fans will get the movie they deserve instead of some piece of crap garbage that Catherine put togather to embarress the fan base. I will personally send Chris W the new direct a Big THank you when he replaces Taylor cuz believe it or not, there are many many other fans of the series that is stoked about getting a real jacob that embodies the character which Taylor DOES NOT. He looks like his ten for crying out loud. He may be a nice kid but nice doesn't cut it.


2133 days ago


Ok, so everyone is just taking this way out of hand. I happen to be a big fan of Twilight and I have to say that Taylor did a fantastic job as Jacob. But as fantastic as he was, Liz in comment number 14 is completely right. He can't stay when the character in the book changes so drastically. Taylor can't grow taller, and he can't change his facial features to look like that of a mans and I don't really think he could bulk up so much in a short amount of time and have it be healthy. I'm not saying that it's right that they cast Michael Copon because in my opinion, they could choose someone way better. It's not Taylor's fault he is so baby faced and all you other Twilight fans bashing on anything and everything that Summit decides to do need to get a grip on reality. The whole Catherine Hardwicke thing is a no brainer too, she has other things she's working on that won't let her be the director of New Moon so stop acting like Summit just tossed her. The movie was great, the books are fantastic, but you can't always have every little detail exactly the same as they were before. I would rather the movies stay true to the books and replace Taylor with someone more physically suitable for the roll than to try and appease the Taylor Lautner fans.

I give Taylor his props of course, he worked hard and developed the character of Jacob rather well,

2133 days ago


I would like to add my two cents worth if I may..I LOVE Twilight and enjoyed the books immensely and the first movie was pretty good(tho it could have been much better with a bigger budget)..While I think that Taylor was ok as Jacob in the first movie, he just doesn't cut it for New Moon...Not only is there a huge size difference with height and bulk but the age difference is significant as well..When I pictured Jacob in my head I saw him as this force to be reckoned with who had this (pardon the pun) animal magnetism about him..I look at Taylor and just don't see the chemistry that is needed between his character and Bella..Honestly, I can't see Taylor coming across as the transformed Jacob no matter HOW hard I try..I CAN see him as Seth(as someone else pointed out)...If the powers that be were to do the computer tricks some of you are mentioning then it would change Taylor so much that I honestly feel you wouldn't really be seeing the real him anyway so how does keeping him make things any better if hes so transformed he is unrecognizable to his fans???I must agree that I think that Steven Strait looks like an older version of Taylor and would probably make the transition for "twilighters" a lot easier to handle than to put someone in who looks completely unlike Taylor...I see many who say that they won't go and watch the movie(s) if Taylor is replaced and that is your choice but I honestly think you will be missing out if that DOES happen..Regardless...I know I will be going to watch the rest of the movies with my two daughters and enjoy myself because its a MOVIE!!!

2133 days ago
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