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Jen & John --

The Walk of Shame

12/19/2008 12:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She usually avoids the paps like the plague, so it was all too suspicious when Jen Aniston let John Mayer take her for a cozy arm-in-arm walk in NY last night -- where he happened to shamelessly plug her upcoming flick...

Planned out much?


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She is so desperate, and it so shows. You're not fooling anybody, skank! Go ice your nips and wear a tight t-shirt. That's your ONLY claim to fame. Yuck!

2100 days ago


Here's the deal folks...Brad Pitt was in his mid-30's and was getting antsy about settling down and starting a family and I'm sure he was getting heat from his parents, etc., and he had been there done that with the dating scene...he meets Jennifer aniston on a blind date, was smitten..girl next door, good reputation, parents would love her..she was pretty, nice and he was attracted to her, they date and marry..fairy tale wedding the whole nine yards...she's smitten by him adores him and has that I can't believe I got brad pitt aura about her. He wants to start a family, she wants to but not yet, has to prove herself with a movie career, etc., and she still enjoying the hollywood scene, dinners, paparazzi, her friends, etc., .Brad is getting weary of the whole paparrazi, red carpet, hollywood scene, and is starting to realize that there's not a whole lot to Jennifer. Enter Angelina Jolie, who grew up in the limelight, was married a few times, did the whole rebellious, experimentation thing....blood vial exchanges, etc., etc., she goes on a humanitarian mission and suddenly she found herself..she found her niche and she woke up and realized that this is what really matters..the rest is just fluff and meaningless, she adopts a boy from Cambodia and realizes that this is what life is about. You can see the change in her in interviews over the years and how doing movies is work to earn $ but humanitarian issues and children are her PASSION. She and Brad meet on the set..he's blown away by her and she him, it's not only an instant attraction but he finds that he has so much more in common with her, if you recall he also was big into the humanitarian and wanting to give back to the community deal for quite a few years, that coupled with his desire to have children, her confidence and of course being attractive certainly does not hurt and well that pretty much did it. Was he in love with Jennifer, I'm sure he loved her and didn't want to hurt her but sometimes love is not enough and Jennifer was still a little to much in love with herself and didn't have the confidenceas hanging on to Brad a little too much..she lacked the confidence and maturity to keep that marriage on track. Perhaps she should think about dating Billy Bob that might be a better match for I recall, he was not into having children and was more into himself and his music as quoted by Angelina.

2100 days ago

i'd be proud too    

every time i see her on tv in interviews i feel like she is trying to keep the world shut out n keeps acting
she comes off as cold

2100 days ago

Trooper Tom    

She is just a whiny whiny cow...... she puts on the woe is me act about the media but she manipulates it for her own benefit. If she knocked off the hiding her face and all the security she has around her she would be just another so so actress begging some one any one to take her photo

2100 days ago



2100 days ago


I use to like Jen but find her to be obsessive of her ex Brad and his partner Angelina Jolie.
Showing jealousy is so not becoming.
Jen is desperate for attention. If John Mayer is her b/f and not just a paid escort ontill her movie is finished.
Good Grief!! He is so ugly and hs music sucks. I thought she could do better.
It's only a movie and if its good people will watch it. No need to strip naked for the dog movie
It is not pulling in any awards so will speak for itself. Could of left your clothes on Jenny
Brad Pitt is too busy and not thinking of you. Desperate behavior once again.

Move on..

2100 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

John Mayer barely looked at Jennifer, and I could swear that if a guy were into a girl he would think her work was great. The best he could come up with was that the movie was in focus? He must be putting on a show to make himself look better after he dumped Jen the first time and she started playing the victim again, making him out to be a bad guy.

Jennifer Aniston's a disaster - posing naked for attention, always thinking everything's fine which makes her look like she's doped up on antidepressants, getting repeatedly dumped by men. I used to like her movies but she's getting too old to play the lead in romantic comedies, and it's not believable for her to be playing a mom in a happy marriage. Sorry to say this, but I'd never pay to see one of her movies - I just wish she wouldn't be in my gossip rags either so I wouldn't be paying to see her in those either!

2100 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

The cover and the obsession with Brad makes her look desperate. Jen should move on!

2100 days ago

Tired of Paula's Antics    

What a skank!

2100 days ago


ha ha! i dont think jessica simpsons career was revived how is she doing?



2100 days ago

Mary Worth    

Brad has really got in touch with his feminine side since he hooked up with Mangelina! Yep, we know who wears the pants in that family.

It seems to me that both Jennifer and Angelina have lost that femininity that made them more appealing.
Now Braddie is morphing into Mr. Jolie!

2099 days ago

love them    

i really have lost all respect for Jen, she can't let go of brad and his family, she sleeps with all these men, john humiliated her, and she takes him back,, poses in the nude for a dog movie, she wants to be in the spot light so bad she degrades herself and looks pathetic. how sad at the end of your career you just can't let go with dignity.

2099 days ago


Hmm - Terry -
Aniston never broke up a marriage, didn't act like a nut when married to another man, pretty much keeps to herself when not promoting a movie (which IS her job) and doesn't have her picture all over the media when she so much as takes a breath - I find these attributes unlike the woman who is now with her ex.

Also, if I were 40, my ex husbands paramour had publicly announce that they fell in love during a movie (at which time I was still married to him), and looked as good as she does - I would do the same. Go Girl!

2099 days ago


By the way Oh Dear - how do you know she has slept with "all these men"? Do you know her? Did you SEE her sleeping iwht all these men?

Don't tell me you are stupid enough to believe everything you read.

2099 days ago

Finaly he came to his sences    

Are you kidding me Angie can strip and run around and it is fine with her skinny body and extra large head and lips and it is OK Jen does it and you attack her talk about double standers she is by far better looking than Angie !! People need to just leave her alone we should all look so good at 40 you go Jen more power to you!!

2099 days ago
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