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Oprah All Up in Obama's Hood

12/19/2008 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Maybe Oprah Winfrey can't get a room for the Inauguration.

In any case, O is looking for a house in DC, and according to the New York Post, she's got a nine-bedroom Georgetown crib in her sights, even though she's actually never seen it. She's already planning to do her show in DC during Inauguration Week.

And now she might be there a whole lot more.


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Perhaps it is too early in the day but, no comments seems to indicate the public becoming weary of Oprah and her popularity which appears to be dwindling by the day. I don't know, but she being so "ga ga" over Obama just may be the beginning of her downfall. Everyone does not love Obama as she does. Also, flaunting her wealth in the faces of her public who may be experiencing financial disaster, does not say much for her sensitivity. I believe Ms Oprah has forgotten how to be "real."

2102 days ago


Who cares, Ocra is a has been.
She made an a** of herself when Osama won.
She lost a lot of viewers and in my opinion, she
lost alot of respect from most.
She is the butt of many, many jokes.

2102 days ago


She's looking more and more like an Obama stalker every day. Weirdo.

2102 days ago


The house she has her eye on is the White House. Can't you just see her fat self bouncing on the bed in the Lincoln BR?
Ophra wants so badly to appear as a hot, political figure in the public's eye.
A figure, she is, just not hot or political except in her own mind.
Now she hopes to waddle around the White House.

2102 days ago

Roger Moore    

Who cares where that overweight crotch pheasant and her wife Gayle live?

2102 days ago

who cares    

I heard that she has been nominated for the most obnoxious/annoying person in the USA!
... and the funny thing is that she will win because she is the only nominee

2102 days ago


I can not stand this woman who preaches equality and so happy black will now be treated as equals when she is one of the biggest racist of them all. I am a police officer and was assigned to her detail here in Raliegh years back; as soon as she saw I was a white female, she made a scene to see my supervisor and I was removed she told him she only trusts colored people. That was so harsh and really unfriendly I had missed a family trip because I was voluntold I had to work this detail. She is inconsiderate and I can not wait for her man to fall on his ass. Democrats have ruled the house and senate for years and b/c of one man they culdn't get stuff passed what ever. 2/3 vote over rules his veto so whats their next excuse!!
God Bless Everyone During this Economically Strained Holiday Season. Yes I said GOD!!!

2102 days ago

no name    

i hear the house she's considering has ties to the underground railroad. there are tunnels leading to and from the property... that way obama can sneak in for a little 1 on 1 action. =)

2102 days ago

50 is apig    

Every president has had his twinkie. Hillary had to ban Barbara Streisand from the White house, Michelle best get to banning Oprah, unless her position is as long as Oprah is willing to bend over she won't have to. AS dry and used up as Michelle appears probably not far off

2102 days ago

my blog    

i cannot believe the comments.....i have felt this way about her a long time ago..and its not because of the election and her obsession with obama...its good to hear that others feel the same about her......i havent watched her show in a long time....and probably wont.

2102 days ago


I cam honestly say I have not sat though one show. She is an evil bigot and if Obama is a good guy she will cause him damage.... I am sorry if I were Michelle and wanting my husband to be a great president I would sturnly object to her affiliation being so close; you know the american public, you are what you associate yourself with

2102 days ago

I Love Rock n' Roll    

Oprah is a big fat azz...I am a white woman and I can't believe other white women have fallen for her line of BS all these years. Can't you all see she is nothing but a racist? You all have made her rich beyond belief. She is also probably a closet lesbian and muff diver. Her girfriend Gayle looks like a tranny. Wonder how much she pays Stedman to "play" her fiance. She probably financed most of Obama's campaign. Blacks are taking over the world!

Look at Sean Diddy Combs. His new cologne is called "I Am King".....WTF? King of what? King of his black azz? Look at Jay-Z. Isn't he a former gang banger? A blood? or a crip? Same thing with Snoop Dog. He's a former banger. It amazes me how these gang bangers are being placed into the mainstream media.

Who is placing them in the mainstream? The media. Who controls the media in America? THE NEW YORK JEW.
Who controls TMZ? Harvey, a jew. Bet my post won't make the cut.


2102 days ago


Who cares about Oprah. I will be watching the inaug. to see Rick Warren give his speech. Hes awesome and I'm so glad this nations new president thinks so also.

2102 days ago


That freaking freak Roger Ebert, that Left Wing nut with a colored wife is the jerk who made this Whale...his big idea to tell her to "get syndicated" is what made her filthy rich. I wish Gene Siskel was still alive, he'd kick Ebert right in his big be-hind to knock off the political and left bleeding heart cry baby for all that is Black (even the criminal element, which is huge) nonsense.

Black people have taken us for a ride----Orca is their leader and sharpton and jackson are their mentors. Now Obama is Leader to us all...thank goodness he wasnt raised as the rest of them, at least he has a decency to him. And dont start with the "blacks arent that bad"---uh, yes they are, and thats why Oprah chooses NOT to live among them. She claims she loves them but she actually loathes their greed, lust anger and indecency. Just look at where she hangs and lives.

2102 days ago


this woman collects houses while some of her family members can't even make their rent?
i'm not saying she has to support any/everyone who ever knew her in life, but my goodness, as the richest black woman in america, and certainly high up on the list of 'richest' anything, you trying to tell me even $5000 to 1000 people is so hard for her to do?
sometimes people just need a financial jump-start... she probably spends more on linens for all those houses that she never sleeps on....

my 13 cents...

2102 days ago
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