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Paris Hilton


12/19/2008 2:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris HiltonLAPD sources tell TMZ Paris Hilton's Beverly Hills home was broken into this morning.

According to cops, a man in a hooded sweatshirt forced entry into her front door and ransacked her bedroom. Preliminary reports indicate $2 mil in jewelry and other belongings were taken.

The police say Hilton was not home at the time.

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It's by no means certain that she even had the stuff insured. My wife doesn't either and I always have to get after her to lock up the stuff in safe when she goes somewhere.
Don't be so quick to blame Paris for what someone did to her.

2136 days ago


she staged this robbery to get more publicity for herself.
and i've seen pictures of that pink bently she got. it's literally the color of pepto-bismol! GROSS!

2136 days ago


Just haven't heard from her lately, so she had to try something for attention!!

2136 days ago


Didtnt TMZ happen to get a picture I'm sure the paps where camped out outside her house?

2136 days ago


Obviously someone or a camera saw the perp. I hope they catch him.

And I don't think Paris would need to scam an insurance company. She just bought herself a new pink Bentley, so how hard up can she be.
Her show is a success and her new perfume sold already over $90 million dollars.

Accusing a victim is really low.

I remember someone held up a delivery person in front of the Hilton gate right as they were delivering Mother's Day presents a couple of years ago. People do bad things, what can you do.
Hope they catch the dude.

2136 days ago


I heard that she was laying on her bed butt ass naked as the day she was born with her legs all spread wide open and she offered some " sugar snatch " to the burglars ,of which they quickly refused by saying , " Hell NO , No Way, Jose ! We would raher have the 2M in Jewelery and keep our " equipment intact, safe from Harm's Way "

2136 days ago


She needs to get an obvious safe as a decoy and a hidden safe nobody knows about. That's what I have.

Also, instead of those tiny dogs she should ge a couple of Boxers, Dobermans, or some oher huge breed.
And get steel doors and a fence and gate.

2136 days ago


This has insurance scam written all over it. Her jewelry is all as fake as her colored contacts.If anyone really broke into her house, that wandering eye she has surely would have spotted them. That thing travels around 360 degrees; nothing could escape it's wonktacular gaze.

2136 days ago


he wasnot looking for food thats for sure

2136 days ago

What military are you in, #15?    

Awwww maaaaannn!!! They got my diamond studded crack pipe...

DADDDY! I needa loan again!

2136 days ago


The police is involved and they say she wasn't home. They probably have some idea what actually happened.

The thing to do is leave a few cheap pieces lying around and always lock up the good stuff somewhere hidden.
I feel sorry for her because she is always the target of lowlives who want to enrich themselves at her expense.

2136 days ago



2136 days ago


Chances are high this was pulled off by someone who either has been in the house before or by an aquaintance/relative of someonewho worked or works at the house. You can't trust anyone these days.

2136 days ago


I bet she'll want to move now.
We were burgled once and it gives you a horrible feeling.
I could not wait to move once that happened.

2136 days ago


Well tracy it does say that she was burglarized, not robbed. Maybe you should learn how to read before you try to correct someome else!!!!!!

2136 days ago
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