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'Twas the Night

We Almost Ruined


12/19/2008 2:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

At some point every child finds out the "truth" about Santa -- and thanks to one brutal slip of the tongue, that time for Kingston James McGregor Rossdale may have been last night.

Kingston & Gavin: Click to watch


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why are you cameramen so stupid? let the kids be kids, and don't worry about how a family handles Santa in their house.

2132 days ago


you guys blow

2132 days ago


Its sad they can't even enjoy an family dinner without the popz bothering them. On another note: Why does that toddler still have a pacifier in his mouth? I thought you weined away from that when the child starts growing teeth (to prevent buck teeth)

2132 days ago


Isn't he a little old for a "binky"?

2132 days ago


as far as the binky: my youngest son was the only pacifier baby. the dentist said that is can cause some issues, but thumbsuckers are worse for that. Kids give it up when they are ready. It took my son until recently ( he turned 3 in August) to give up completely. And his teeth were a little arched from it, but since he gave it up ( 6 weeks ago) his teeth shifted and they are now perfect. Think about it. You never see a 15 year old kid still using one ( bar the idiots who tried to start that trend a few years ago). He will be fine. Oh, and TMZ that pap is an idiot.

2132 days ago


Come on guys, you can pick on celebs... they're adults and they know it's (a sucky) part of the job, but leave the kids alone. They grow up way too fast anyway, let them be little for just a little while.

2132 days ago


What an idiot...I mean really...Obviously the guy doesn't have any kids of his own or any Christmas spirit for that matter.

2132 days ago


First of all, you TOOL, finish your hormone therapy and get a voice which is gender-specific. Secondly, what a TOOL.

2132 days ago


What an @$$. And the fact like you guys have this posted like your proud of yourselves. Obviously, any pr!ck w/ a camera can work for TMZ.

2132 days ago


First of all, that papper is a complete moron, why would Gavin dress up like Santa anyway, because of course Santa is real...duh!!

Second, you people complaining about the kid's pacifier, ENOUGH already!!! I guess you and your kids are just absolutely perfect right??? Stop judging other people and take a good look in the mirror at your own self.

p.s. Merry Christmas TMZ ;o)

2132 days ago


Everybody keeps putting down TMZ but you all keep coming back for more! I love this stuff....its so funny. And if we cant have a good laugh on our big money making celebs well it just would not be America! hehe

2132 days ago


OK. Every time I see a pic of Ms Stefani with her kid, he has a pacifier in his mouth. HE IS TOO OLD FOR THIS. It will affect his speech, his teeth and it is just a kiddie cigarette. Someone does not want to deal with things...They DO have their uses, for babies, to help them with their sucking, etc. BABIES. If the kid can walk/talk, he does not need one of these things. And do not tell me that I do not know what I am talking about....I am concerned for these kids. I live in the UK and the amount of kids with these stupid things in their mouths. You cannot understand anything they say. GET RID OF IT. ugh. Poor kid.

2132 days ago


Gwen Stefani can't sing.

2132 days ago

Mitch from NJ    

Congratulations TMZ!
Your cringe inducing coverage makes "feeling sorry" for celebs unavoidable.
Whodda thunk?! Sympathy and compassion for the rich & pampered?
When it comes to celebs with their children: stand back twenty paces, use a telephoto lens and don't shout out comments/questions.

2132 days ago


What a f'ing idiot!! Gavin should have knocked the snot out of the pap! Really, if you can't think of anything to say, maybe keep your mouth shut!!!

As for the pacifier, let it go. The poor kid is constantly hounded by paps and if sucking on the pacifer helps calms him, so be it. Let it go already!!

2132 days ago
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