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Banned Mormon to Church: Yo' Mama!

12/20/2008 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The creator of a shirtless Mormon Missionary calendar was excommunicated from the church and denied his BYU diploma after publication -- and now that he's out, he's going after Mormon moms for a final "screw you."

Mormon Muffins: Click to launch
Meet the Mormon Muffins -- hot mothers, all active in the church, who love showing skin just as much as they love Joseph Smith Jr.

These stacked mommies took it off for the 2010 "A Taste of Motherhood" calendar. Who knew that magic underwear was so sexy?


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way to go putting up a story and removing it after the link

there's supposed to be pictures and they're not even there

par for the course, geniuses

2142 days ago

excretive producer    

Yeah TMZ, photo gallery acitvation is non-existent or page moved. I want to see Mormon mcguffies!

2142 days ago

Jeff Parker    


2142 days ago


Why is it that so-called ''rebels'' always go the way of sex and skin to show the world how anti-whatever they are? So boring. So old-school. What good ever came of hugh hefner and his whole playboy thing? Anything? But, hey, wow, I guessed he showed the world what a rebel he was, eh?

Can't these people think of anything new, for pete's sake. Ugh.

2142 days ago

Cherri Lollipop    

Come on tmz
dont you have proof readers/checkers to make sure you dont have broken links, etc.
This is starting to happen too often.

2142 days ago

Uh, gullible much?    

These aren't active Mormons, the calendar-maker is lying to get free publicity from gullible news outlets (and calendar buyers).

2142 days ago


Why is it that so-called ''rebels'' always go the way of sex and skin to show the world how anti-whatever they are?

Because they think they will become famous! lol

2142 days ago


I don't think they're Mormons either. Mormons would NEVER pose for a calender like that. Although the idea is a GREAT one!! Well, maybe SOME Mormons would do it, but overall, I don't think so.

2142 days ago


Marie Osmond showed more skin than that, but I guess the Mormon church is like most churches. The more money you give, the more you can get away with.

2142 days ago


What's with the old dude with gray hair in the picture on the right ? Why is he wearing a skirt?

2142 days ago


It's obvious that who ever writes the posts about the Mormon church is a ex-member because of the language they use. It's funny how once someone leaves the LDS church they just can't leave it alone. They have to come back and poke fun at it and put it down. I guess I know why TMZ has it out for the Mormon church now.

2142 days ago


Very classy reference to "Mormon underwear". Why not ridicule the Catholic Rosary beads and the Jewish yamaka while you're at it.

2142 days ago

LDS Mom    

If your going to leave the church just LEAVE--get on with your new "blissfull life". But these people never leave they always come back again and again. These women and the men will get kicked to the curb. But, it's the rest of their families that will have to deal with the fall out. So Stupid...GROW UP!!!

2142 days ago


It sounds like there are some "haters" out there. Surely one must agree these gals are the upper crust of their peers......I am sure they are the envy of all the other girls in the trailer park!!!!! Holy Trashtastic! These girls look like they have been "Rode hard and put up wet" as the saying goes.

2142 days ago


Since mainly gay men bought the missionary calendars, is this one targeting lesbians? I dig how almost all these chicks have that orange fake skin tan going on. Must be cold in Utah.

2142 days ago
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