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12/20/2008 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a move just as suspicious as John & Jen's public gropefest, their double date couple Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos put on their happy faces too -- the same month one rag published a cover story saying they're headed for divorce.



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The Dude    

Wow 1/2 hour and no comments... that about sums it up! .....women who've had 6 kids are no longer sexaully viable mentally or physically. This must just be about love. ... and everyone knows guys in thier prime don't like sex and prefer cuddling.

It's uncomforable just looking at them.

2135 days ago


They've had a good run. Time to move on. She and Simon Cowell have good chemistry. Perhaps they're both available?

2135 days ago


They're not breaking up. If you haven't been in a marriage for more than 10 years yourself you have no idea what its like. My husband and I have been together just as long and that's exactly how we look when we walk out of a restaurant together. Just because we're not all over each other and grinning from ear to ear doesn't mean we're breaking up either.

If they were only together for a year or two, yea I'd say they might have a problem. But after what? 12 years.. They look normal to me. If they were acting like 2 lovebirds after this long, then I'd assume something wasn't right.

2135 days ago


If it is true, I certainly hope they can work it out. They obviously were crazy about each other, and even if this is a rough patch -- which all marriages have -- they can recover; many marriages do. The kids, the family. It's definitely WORTH fighting for and saving.

Poor people don't divorce, because they can't afford it. So they stick it out, work it out, and it gets fixed. They are the ones you always see on TV in their 90's holding hands telling others how to make marriages work, And if you ask any of them, most will say they never once regreted sticking it out.

2134 days ago


kelly who cares about your life or breakup. no one cares your a tramp dog face...........................

2133 days ago


POST #1 BLAH BLAH BLAH. .....women who've had 6 kids are no longer sexaully viable mentally or physically......BLAH BLAH BLAH

Posted at 1:59PM on Dec 20th 2008 by The DUDE

Neither are men who don't make a lot of money. The balance of power is off. She makes more money. He should put on an effing tu-tu and dance his pansy ass off for her and kiss her feet. Effing loser. You and him. Suck it.

2133 days ago


I used to watch him when he danced as a STRIPPER for SUncoast Calendar Men in Florida,always thought it was funny that he never mentions that hahahaha

2133 days ago


I'll never forget seeing him in Florida. About six of us went to the club and when he was dancing he was close to my friend and he ripped one. We couldn't stop laughing, he was trying to act all sexy, pouring oil down the front of himself, it stunk so bad.
He moved away trying to act like it never happened, hilarious. What a loser.

2101 days ago

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