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The Quaids: Home for The Holidays

12/20/2008 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Quaid was at LAX yesterday, along with his wife, twins and the family Pug. Cedars-Sinai Medical Center will be shelling out $750,000 to the Quaid clan over a bungled procedure that almost killed their twin babies last year.

Dennis Quaid: Click to watch!
Families don't get much cuter than this. Your move Suri Cruise.


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$750,000!! It was an accident. No wonder medical costs are so high. I can see $100,000, but $750,000? thats way too much.

2112 days ago


Superman do you even know that the BABIES were given nearly 10000 times the amount of Herperin, which is a blood thinner, it turned their blood to water, they are lucky the Quaids did'nt lose both kids. I would sue to make sure it did not happen again to any one

2112 days ago


#11 Erin I believe he has only one family, which includes his son, Jack, from prev relationship. Just like millions of people all over the world. Dumb comment!!!!!!

2112 days ago


It still was an accident. A non celebrity would have been awarded between $50-$100,000 dollars. (Its a standard settlement). Because of their "celebrity" they were awarded an outrages amount.

2112 days ago


The twins look healthy and happy, and Dennis & Kimberly are great parents. The fact that Kimberly used a surrogate doesn't make her a bad mother. On the contrary, Kim had 5 miscarriages before using a surrogate to carry the twins,which were conceived with Kimberly's eggs and Dennis' sperm. To go through so much to have children is very unselfish. The dog is adorable too.

They also went through a horrible ordeal and deserve to enjoy their family and have a joyous Christmas and New Years. I have met Dennis and found him to be down to earth, friendly and very considerate of his fans.

2112 days ago


you know, my son had a kidney transplant there when he was barely 11. Cedars and there doctors did a wonderful job and i love this hospital & their medical care providers. they are soo good to my child, and my family. we were just there on monday for a follow upthey are the best. they saved my son & took great care of my husband who without regard, gave our child a kidney to save his life!

2112 days ago


I am so happy that these babies are ok. How is Jack, Dennis' older son? His son with Meg Ryan..

2111 days ago


To Bella: Quaid cheats and you know it. Heck, everyone in Hollywood does.

As for their surrogate babies, Ellen, I think to go through so much trouble and money to have your own DNA reproduced is selfish. There are thousands of babies and young children who need homes. They could have adopted.

2111 days ago



2111 days ago


Them babies are fugly! That's what ya get when you don't procreate the natural way b/c of VANITY!

2111 days ago


Those kids are ugly. I'm sorry for what happened to them but there is nothing cute about them. They look like something is wrong with them. The dog on the other hand is adorable.

2110 days ago


First of all, the biggest issue in the lawsuit was that both doses of the drug came in very similar bottles, meaning the company made human error even more possible.

I don't blame them for using a surrogate- celebrities adopting, can you imagine the pregnant teenagers who would be clamoring to have their child adopted by a celebrity? Then only to sue for their baby back knowing they could get mad cash? It just sounds too sticky, I'd probably stick with my own DNA too.

Oh and pugs aren't supposed to fly, many airlines won't fly non-snouted dogs (like pugs, boston terriers, shih tzus, etc). Interesting. Very cute pug though!

2110 days ago


God do know of you people complaining about the money they got (Superman) actually read REAL news? The Quaids were not suing the hospital. They went after the drug manufactures for how the bottles are labeled and so forth. Cedars coughed up the money on THEIR own, to head off a possible lawsuit from Dennis and his wife. Here is the thing though, it will not protect them from the children when they are older from bringing suit against the hospital. So before you go about how they got this because of being celebs you might want to oh I don't know read a RELIABLE news outlet. Oh and considering the medical costs involved with saving these kids 750,000 is a small price.

2110 days ago
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