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Big Babies Banned from Obama Inauguration

12/21/2008 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you planned on taking a chair or a stroller to Obama's swearing-in on Jan. 20 -- think again.

Officials are saying "safety first" as thermoses, coolers, backpacks and signs also won't be allowed along the parade route -- but it's the chairs and strollers that are causing a big fuss.

On the bright side -- there won't be a lot of babies crying when the oath is administered.


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2132 days ago


I don't see it as discrimination. Its a safety issue. Big crowd + small children in strollers = disaster in the making.

2132 days ago


Safety Issue??? It never has been before Why now???

2132 days ago


Indeed, it is hardly discrimination. People seem to have the idea that it is acceptable to bring young children everywhere these days (i.e., restaurants and airplanes), and it isn't. Also, and the second commenter said, it is clearly a safety issue.

2132 days ago


There may not be a lot of babies crying, but there will be a lot of TRUE Americans crying. I can't wait to tell all of you Libtards "I told you so"!

2132 days ago


It is discrimination. Guess what? Discrimination is not illegal except in specific cases. The Obama inauguration planners are correctly discriminating certain people for safety reasons. Stop incorrectly jumping on this discrimination bandwagon.

Just don't get me started on "xx Items or Less" or preheating an oven. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2132 days ago


i know why no signs, the messiah does not want any complaints now or ever. first he stopped talking to news reporters who bashed him, then he tossed off his plane newspapers who bashed him, now the signs. also did you hear how he hijacked a dot gov website against official government rules? don't complain about the one, now or ever dear leader does not like complaints.

2132 days ago


Hey Melissa R-IA,

I can see that you are ready to step up in a non-partisan way to help this country. I am a LIBERAL and damn proud of it and I take great offense at your braindead insinuation that I am not a true American. We won, you lost. Get over it. Either be a part of solution or part of the problem.

2132 days ago

Northwest Mom    

First of all let me say that I don't think it is discrimination. I understand it is a safety issue. Second, June, I KIND OF understand where you were going with your point, but to list airplanes as an example is ridiculous. I can't believe anyone would think it isn't acceptable to fly with your family. Also, most restaurants are family friendly these days. Maybe you should call the restaurant ahead of time and see if they offer a kid’s menu. If they don’t you’ll be less likely to run into those unwanted diners.

2132 days ago


Northwest Mom,

With all due respect to you tangent opinions, IT IS DISCRIMINATION. It just is NOT ILLEGAL DISCRIMINATION. You cannot be discriminated against on grounds of race, ethnicity. religion, color, sex or age (>40). Do you see the difference?

Unfortunately, sexual orientation has not made that list yet.

2132 days ago

Real American    

First, signs weren't banned, just limited to 3 feet by 20 feet or less, and they have to be made of cardboard or paper. Again, this is a security issue.

Second, you can bring your kid, but prepared to hold onto him. Last I heard, parents who can't be bothered to get a babysitter and also can't be bother to actually hold on to their children weren't a protected class. And it's not discrimination of everybody has to follow the same rules. Is it discrimination when amusement parks say "You must be this tall to ride this ride"?

Third, I guess some of you missed the part of the story where McCain also didn't allow reporters critical of him onto his plane. Even Fox News reported that (albeit in a quick reference at the bottom of the article about how awful it was for Obama to do the same thing).

Fourth, complaints about not talking to news reporters who slammed him. Anybody remember Sarah Palin? How soon they forget. And watch a news conference with Bush sometime.

Fifth, can't wait to say "I told you so?" So you're hoping he fails? Do you realize where we'll be if things go downhill from here? So I guess TRUE Americans hope for the downfall of America. Seems odd.

2132 days ago


Melissa R-IA

"I told you so"...sounds like what the rest of America said to anybody who voted for Bush..

Republican - "Bush is gonna be a fine choice for presidency"
Democrat - "I don’t know...I wouldn't vote for him...he doesn’t seem ft to be President of The United States"
Republican - "Yeah he is.... just wait and see"

......8 years... falling economy, endless war, and record disapproval ratings later.......

Democrat - "I told you so".

2132 days ago


This is just the first of many freedoms we are losing.

I can't stand this Chicago Thug.

2132 days ago

Real American    

Yes, Beachy, the highly prized "Freedom to Bring a Stroller Into a Crowd of 1 Million People on Inauguration Day." How tragic to lose this God-given Freedom. Guess that changed your plans about attending, huh?

And "thug." Interesting choice of word.

2132 days ago



Who is this "Chicago Thug?" What makes this person a "Thug?" What "freedom" are WE losing?

Are you a 5th grader or just not very smart?

2132 days ago
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