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Hard Abs

12/22/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President-elect Barack Obama is still humble enough to do laundry -- ON HIS ABS!

Check out B.O. in Hawaii this weekend. Somehow, the folks over at Bauer Griffin got the pic, despite the 1,400 motorcycles blocking the view.


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Dear Truth,

What the f*^ck are you talking about? A surplus? Are you frickin stupid? Your stupidity just shows where you get your one sided news at. There was not a surplus when slick Willy left office. Dont you worry either----we workin' folk will take care of your lazy ass too.

2093 days ago


Dan my dear...have you never taken your shirt off?

2093 days ago


Bunzer...yes it was a surplus from Bill. Your buddy George took us down a long path of spending, of which we may never recover. You need to get your facts straight? Where in the world have you been? Crack kills, ya know?

2093 days ago


Hey there Zim....I know you, and you are the one that resembles Grady!!!

2093 days ago


Why do I get the feeling that if George W. were to have gone on an exotic vacation renting 3 houses worth 30 million, he would be soundly ridiculed for a) taking a vacation and/or b) being "out of touch" with us everyday folk living in such depressing economic times, blah, blah, blah. But it's okay for Obama. And all George W. did when he went on vacation was usually go to his ranch in Texas. Pretty down home if you ask me. Just throwing that out there....

2092 days ago


Malia ...nope, I did not say that everyone that did not support him was racist. Go back, read my entire post. Yes, I stand by my statement that he was vetted for two years. Mr. Obama was scrutinized more than anyone ...ever. Prove me wrong. I am open to that.

Big G...exoctic vacation? It is his HOME. Renting 3 houses? Worth 30 M? Is that a fact? If it is ~ well, let's explore that...I am open to that if you can provide that information.
As for President Bush, speaking for myself and so many others, he has been in touch with us (the "other" Americans?). Again, that is why he is getting ready to take office. I can agree that Bush may connect with some (you and yours?) but not the majority. The majority asked him to lead.

TrueBeliever...thank you :)

2092 days ago


I feel slightly nauseous. Don't know if it's Mr. O in all his glory, or stomach flu, but I've seen better legs on a table.

2092 days ago

Mrs. Peggy    

President elect Obama is an excellent example of how we should love and support each other. He has a right to go to the beach. Why should anybody go into the water with a shirt on. Praise GOD he looks great with his shirt off. It is evident that President-elect and Mrs. Obama are healthy examples of what Americans should look like and what we should be working on daily (TAKING CARE OF OUR BODIES),

Stupid and ugly statements are totally uncall for. Stop being jealous and mean spirited people!!! If we all work together, the United States will be a better place before we realize it. Every time somebody takes time out to be ugly and means (TIME WASTED). Think positive and lets help make the United States a better place to live. YES WE CAN!!!

Be Blessed

2091 days ago


He's hot. I'd totally do him. I BaRocked the vote and I'd like to BaRock his world.

2088 days ago


1. he's not president yet. just president-elect.
2. it's a private residence. there shouldn't have been a picture taken to begin with.
3. he's at a beach house. why wouldn't he have his shirt off?
4. anyone wondering why his shirt is off has obviously never been to hawaii.

2087 days ago


Now Here!! the Security has got to straighting up! If photos can get closeups of Obama like this, any nut-case might have a chance as well! Get on the stick, and place more plain clothes people within a set parameter around our new President OK!! ...AND HE DOES LOOK PLESANTLY FIT TO BE PRESIDENT I MUST SAY!!

2086 days ago


#197... George did take a good 6-weeks vacation when he first took office, OK! When it takes a regular Federal Employee a much longer time to attain 6-weeks. Obama is President-elect until he recite: so help me god(or whatever). Until then he is a citizen on vacation with the family, and yes, using federal security.

2086 days ago

Big Babby    

In think that Mr, Pres. is fine!!!! Keep up the goood work!

2069 days ago


It's a shame that the world is so focused on how He looks what He wears how many gray hairs He has or doesn't what size shoe does he wear how many fingers and toes and so on and so on. At the end of the day the real reason why we elected President Obama in office is to Do His very best to get this country out of the mess an hell that we have been in . To put this country back on track .This doesn't help!!!!Get real

1496 days ago


Prez, is Hot! Nice body he has..Is good to have a prez that takes care of himself. He can be a good example to us.

1496 days ago
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