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Hard Abs

12/22/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President-elect Barack Obama is still humble enough to do laundry -- ON HIS ABS!

Check out B.O. in Hawaii this weekend. Somehow, the folks over at Bauer Griffin got the pic, despite the 1,400 motorcycles blocking the view.


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While the rest of us struggle to keep our jobs and pay our bills, "MR" president is staying in a 9 MILLION dollar mansion. I'm so very proud of you B.O.! You're so full of S%$T...what a hypocrite. And put a shirt on for pete's sake.....your manboobs are showing!

2132 days ago


Razorback you idiot. I live in Chicago and if this man blinks it makes the news.
He is a fake and you just feel silly now you fell for it.

2132 days ago


I'm loving reading the comments from all the haters on this site. Don't hate all your life.

2132 days ago


Sorry, KCRosie...TMZ takes cheap shots at most everyone. Only celebs who kiss their butts or are considered ultra-cool are on the A list. A president is a president-Bush has been trashed horribly, so Obama is not going to get special treatment because you happen to like him. And TMZ..who would I rather? Obama or Clooney? Neither, thanks.

2132 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Hottest. President. Ever!

2132 days ago


Read again, Maddy. My comment wasn't about Obama or Bush, it was about showing some respect for the Office of the President of the United States of America.

It's also very concerning that despite all the security, a camera can get a clear shot of the man. What if that had been a gun with a sight?

2132 days ago

Change is all you'll have left in your wallet    

Why didn't this idiot vacation at a spot that had a solid fence instead of splurging on 14,000 officers with taxpayer money....

2132 days ago


i would rather clooney 100 million times over!!! he is deff not the hottest prez

2132 days ago


Posted at 1:26PM on Dec 22nd 2008 by who cares

Define fake, moron. Tell me your thoughts about the REASONS to go to war in Iraq. Last time I checked, those where some FAKE reasons.

2132 days ago


Posted at 2:07PM on Dec 22nd 2008 by Change is all you'll have left in your wallet

Like the $10 Billion from taxpayers that is spent in IRAQ. Get a life chomp.

2132 days ago


When you have these polls why do you not have a "neither'?

2132 days ago


It's a pic taken in *HAWAII*. The temp is probably 80F. Most of his last four years or so has been spent either in Chicago or DC. Guess what? Most of the time, the weather is not bright sunshine in neither of those locations (for the record, it's cold enough to freeze your tongue on a metal pole right now in both of those places). If the man wants to go on a topless run along the beach, I'd say let him...

2132 days ago


He looks healthy and relaxed. However, I need to reply to some of the comments. First, if President-elect Obama purchases a tree for decoration and leaves, what? Sounds picky to me. Second, he is front Hawaii and probably wanted to visit with the majority of his family. Why should he google a fenced in property to satisfy stupid photographers who snap and post pictures (shame on you, TMZ) of people's armpits, underwears, cellulites and so forth. Everyone (everyone w/ sense) realizes how celebrity driven the world has become. If he had been surrounded by fence, the helicopters would have been overhead. Get it. Finally, to the man whose wife reportedly made comments about Senator Obama size, I think was a ruse. If you had a wife, which I doubt, you should question why she is obsessed with other men's size. Since I doubt that you have a wife, why are you concerned with his size. Jealousy or fantasizing?

2132 days ago


By this time next year, I'll bet it'll be hard to find someone who would willing admit to voting for this liberal media prop...

2132 days ago


Anyone who is willing to place bet on America's situtation, limiting within a year, is, at best, short=sighted, tunnel vision, pessimist, and simply not very bright.

2132 days ago
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