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Hard Abs

12/22/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President-elect Barack Obama is still humble enough to do laundry -- ON HIS ABS!

Check out B.O. in Hawaii this weekend. Somehow, the folks over at Bauer Griffin got the pic, despite the 1,400 motorcycles blocking the view.


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This is the first time I've ever wondered how big the president's "staff" is.....and if it is cut or uncut. Hmmmm

2133 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello.... Grammar Rehab Center calling...

# 47. Posted at 3:48PM by Jodi
cm - wonderful comments. I agree! When people give him "one year" to clean up the colossal mess that is left for him, they're being DILUTED! .....


("dilute": to make a liquid weaker by adding water)

2133 days ago


People, please ignore Grammar. He/she has an anal personality - fixation on correcting other.

2133 days ago


Barack has women's boobys. Take another look !!! He may need surgery !!!

2133 days ago


#99 - GAY

2133 days ago


OH PULHEEZ, THOSE ARE NOT ABS, OUR CHOCOLATE MESSIAH HAS BIG SOFT MAN BOOBS! He is a smoker and a phoney and will spend and spend and spend this country into total disaster. So many reasons not to like or trust him, a product of the corrupt Chicago machine, friend of Resko and Blago....and also, was born in Kenya but has managed to cover that up, he is as crooked and corrupt as his Chicago friends but an expert at covering up his racist and illegal acts! He truly scares me, God help America, we have elected the Anti Christ!!!

2133 days ago


Gross. He manscapes his chest so he looks like a 14 year old with man boobs. He should keep his sorry body in clothes. Those of us that didn't vote for him and are sickened every time we have to see him are going to rush themselves to the ER if they happen across these pictures. Not only that it's highly imature and unprofessional to be prancing around in a bathing suit when you're going to be leader of the free world. God help us.

2133 days ago


Like you Bush-lickers said before, 'get over it, he won;.

2133 days ago

M in Maryland    


You're either plain angry or simply scared of change. Either way, get over it!

Obama is the most refreshing, interesting and REAL person we have had in office since...well, ever, at least in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, people like you are out there, waiting for a slip up or a mistake, and like anyone else; he will make his share. But if you are so harsh on a man who hasn't even had a chance yet, what do you have to say for the exiting administration?

Just a thought.

2133 days ago


wow I truly enjoy the subtle and mild racism whenever I read post on TMZ
Note: to Mr. white Iyou said a thousand words and a million words to describe people on here
I have on word to describe you F A G G O T

Merry Christmas
Dee'z Nuttz

2133 days ago


Yep, here we go again with LIBERAL RACISM AND BIAS. If you say you don't like Barry Obama, then you have to be racist, no other explanation is acceptable, such as you find his liberal policies and radical, racist friends unacceptable...there is no longer free speech in America, you have to like Barry and all his friends or else! This man is a phoney and a liar and has disgusting friends and associates and yet its not ok to say that, we are all supposed to worship at the feet of this mixed blood snake oil salesman! This country is doomed.

2132 days ago


hey Miller genuine draft or coors or whatever you call your self
wake up and stop draggin your knuckle on the ground sir
it's 2008 about to be 09 you sound or read like a bigot with hurt feelings let it go dude

2132 days ago


IDIOTS making the negative comments: HE IS HAWT!!!! I'm glad to know that the future PREZ is in shape. This is inspiring because if he can make the time to work out, then everyone else certainly should be able to! Let this man enjoy his vacation. He works hard and should be able to play hard!

2132 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Let's see - Miller Lite is upset because liberals "assume" that anyone who doesn't like Obama "must be a racist" Then he calls him("Barry") "of mixed blood" So Miller Lite is not only an OBVIOUS racist, he is also a very stupid one who exposed himself because he is so ignorant...HAHAHAHHA

2132 days ago


Obama may have a flat stomach, but his chest is disgusting. Look at how saggy it is! For a guy that the media trumps as some kind of "workout machine," his chest sure doesn't show it, and neither do his stick arms.

2132 days ago
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