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Hard Abs

12/22/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

President-elect Barack Obama is still humble enough to do laundry -- ON HIS ABS!

Check out B.O. in Hawaii this weekend. Somehow, the folks over at Bauer Griffin got the pic, despite the 1,400 motorcycles blocking the view.


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Patrick Joseph    

Looks a lot better than Mcain.

2030 days ago


Well hello, Mr. President. Thank you for taking your shirt off!!! Looking good!!!

2030 days ago


What abs?!?!?!

Did you notice his man-boobs?!?!?!?!?

2030 days ago


Trust must be earned! What does anyone TRULY know about this "man". And yes, he is a MAN? What is truly scary about Barach Huessein Obama is his followers. The masses of people whom chant "Obama" instead of U.S.A.? Why does his history, and background not matter? Why so much secrecy surrouding this guy? Why does it appear the media is completely either limited on what they can actually ask this man, or seemingly afraid to ask any hard hitting questions in general? I don't trust Obama, ..I don't trust any "politicians". Corruption and greed is the foundation Washington and government seems to be built on. And I personally feel this election was merely a "historical" one, as opposed to electing someone with the solid "experience" for the job! Too many wanted to make "history" instead of doing what would be in the best interest of the country. Like someone has said before me,.. you're assumed a racist if you share your dislike for our "president elect"... so then what label do you put on those whom disliked John McCain? I, for one, never ever questioned the patriotic spirit of Mr. McCain! People are label happy, and apparently believe that calling someone a "racist" is a quick dismissal of not only the person but also of their OPINION. Is it so unbelievable that someone would like or trust Obama based solely on experience, or background? Barack Obama has much to prove to me, and he can start by being honest and open with the nation about his past. Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior, ...and YES history, associations, and affiliations DO matter to me.

2030 days ago


People had an aneurysm when they saw Sarah Palin poolside in a bathing suit and a T-shirt on, but Obama shirtless on the beach is acceptable? Don't get me wrong, I agree, he is just a guy on vacation. And he can take a stroll or do cartwheels shirtless on the beach for all I care. I just think it is a little hypocritical. They criticized Palin for being at a Governor's meeting and taking a break by the pool. Well, Obama is preparing to take over the Presidency. Where is the criticism?

2030 days ago


Ok, people who are saying he has "man - boobs" his pecks arent rock soild..but their is muscle definition..espically in the upperchest...his shoulders are pretty well capped out..he is a slim guy...looks to be in pretty good shape...I do find it funny how all the Obama Haters get so pissed off about any women finding him hot. And what about this picture makes someone think he has a "small shoe size"? Lots of crazy people. Hey I will give bush credit...he is in damn good shape..reagan was too..bushs dad ran..clinton ran but was always a bit flabby..gore use to be in good shape..but he enjoys some food. Who cares really? he is the next president..that is what the voters decided..and for you guys who hate him. well. wait a while..if he does a horrible will have plenty who will listen to you..but for now..just sit back and try not to hate.

2030 days ago


I am not comfortable with a President who shaves his chest. What does this say to other countries? And the pics of Obama with a hairy chest are out there. TMZ should love having a metrosexual in the Whitehouse. LOL

2030 days ago

Great-pillar Enya    

Please this guy (OBAMA) is a human being like you and l with an extraordinary grace to affect our generation. Encourage Him and do not make a mockery of him. He has some great thing to dish out to humanity. He has my kind of spirit. BRAVO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2030 days ago


Not bad...He looks relaxed as usual. He is " the man" and he knows it. Everyone just settle down, especially all you haters. Barac Obama is not the messiah or the Anti -christ. He is just a man who loves his wife and kids and country. He is not going to be able to save our tired backsides from the failing economy and it is not his fault. Americans are in a deep state of denial right now, when you figure out the truth that the rich, wealthy and powerful have sold your country and your middle class lifestyle right out from under your unsuspecting nose you are going to be PISSED!..

2030 days ago


The return of the birdman. Dude hit the gym, being skinny don't make you fit it just means eat.

2029 days ago

Obama Lady    

Lookin Good!

2029 days ago



2029 days ago


I didn't vote for him because there are too many unanswered questions about him, but he was elected to the office and like it or not he's my president. That said, how did this photographer get close enough to get this photo? According to him, he just walked out aimed his camera and took these pictures. So much for security!!

2029 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Of course he belongs on TMZ,

"The World's Biggest Celebrity"...

Smooth talkin' pretty-boy proving once again the world loves its own..

2029 days ago


I bet the men who are obsessed with Obama's chest, women don't give them a second look w/ or without a shirt. The women are probably living alternative lifestyle. Get over the hate is not about the shirt, we all know that.

2029 days ago
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