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Leno Needs Writers Under the Hood

12/23/2008 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He better be bringing his team of writers with him when he moves to that 10pm show -- because on his own, Jay Leno ain't so funny.

Jay Leno: Click to watch
Last night at a 76 gas station, Jay dropped a joke that is even less original than "Hot enough for you?"


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Glisten Garbor    

I think that NBC has dementia..This Jay 5 day show at 10pm is not going to work for long..and Jimmy Fallon to go up against Craig Ferguson in the 12:30 am slot, are they nuts! NO CHANCE..

2130 days ago


You are just realizing that Jay is not funny? Neither are his writer's.

2130 days ago


NBC IMO has shot themselves in the foot getting rid of My Own Worst Enemy and putting Leno on five nights a week. I will not watch!!

2130 days ago


What's up with the two-foot wide duct tape on the side of his car, lol

2130 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

He's better than Letterman but Craig Ferguson is funnier than both.

2130 days ago


Something out of nothing. He's just getting gas. Big deal. Why should he be funny and especially to a paproid?

2130 days ago


I wouldn't be funny either if I couldn't even go to the gas station without being harrasses by paps.

Leno is funnier than Letterman, especially since Letterman got so bitter and hateful over politics.

2130 days ago


Thats a cool looking car. Maybe if the American auto makers made some decent looking cars they wouldn't be is such deep trouble. And while they are at it, they could work on some quality. They used to know how to do it before planned obsolence was invoked. My '48 Chevy still runs fine after 60 years. My new Chevy truck is a piece of crap and I would not buy another.

Some may or may not think Jay Leno is funny with or without writers but his knowledge and expertise on vintage vehicles is second to none. And he is unselfish with that knowledge. He is a teacher as well.

2130 days ago

she looks better    

Leno is hilarious, LOVE him... can't wait for the 10:00 (9:00 my time wooo hoooo) .. he's so much better than that other guy. Lettermen can be so rude, Leno is considerate and caring, oh and FUNNY! He'll be just fine.. GO JAY~~~

2130 days ago


Leno was here in San antonio ,TX last night at a movie theater .Some guy was purposing to hes gf there and they were having a party on the second floor so i guess Leno was a friend of theres or something..

2130 days ago


Leno is still as good as it gets when it comes to standup and hosting a variety show. Wow, what a conclusion to draw from him getting gas. Idiot.

2130 days ago


His exit from driveway crosses a solid double line - a clear moving violation

2130 days ago


can someone explain what joke he dropped? He said "what's up, Slow news day" He wasn't trying to crack a joke. Papsmear-azzi's are a big enough joke. So he doesn't have to bother.

I love Jay. He's way better than letterman. Letterman is an unfunny, very bitter bitter and hateful liberal who doesn't even try to be civil. At least Leno, even tho you know he's lib, doesn't play sides with vehement anger and bitterness.

And if it's his writers who make him funny, then he has way better writers than Letterman.

Letterman is just a Leno wannabe. I notice that when Leno started doing funny headlines (real ones that are sent into him) Letterman started doing it to... only he does ones he makes up, thus wayyy less funny.

So lay off the leno. All of you who knock him are just letterman lovin haters. ^_^

2130 days ago


NBC F*** up big time! moving Leno who's ratings are higher than ever to 10. Conan is going kill off the Tonight show being against Letterman. Plus Fallon will pretty much kill what late night viewers they have left.

2130 days ago


#13 - on the contrary - Letterman began "small own news" (headlines) way before Leno's "headlines".
Way before.
Lenos are basically "typos"; with some real guffaws thrown in.
There's room enough for all of the late night shows.
Have a laugh on them!

2130 days ago
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