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Rick Warren -- Out of the Closet!

12/23/2008 2:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rick Warren, the pastor who will deliver the invocation next month for Barack Obama, apparently is doing a little image-adjusting in West Hollywood.

Rick Warren
We got this pic, taken yesterday at Out of the Closet thrift store. That's Warren on the right (naturally), his arm around Erol Sarabi, who is openly gay. Warren, who supports the ban on gay marriage which has not sat real well with some Obama supporters, bought 8 to 10 books, two of which were his own (that doesn't help with his Amazon ranking). Warren told Sarabi not to believe everything he reads, that he does a lot for AIDS research and was happy that Out of the Closet does free AIDS testing.

Warren also said he met with Melissa Etheridge recently and the two planned to have dinner together -- go figure.

By the way, Warren gave a signed copy of his book to Sarabi. The inscription from the Bible, Proverbs 19:21: "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails."


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What a great promo pic for Sunday's (love your fellow man) sermon at Saddleback Church in Laguna Niguel.

2069 days ago


Coupla things:
1)Isn't Gluttony a sin?
2)AIDS and Gay are not necessarily synonymous, so giving money to AIDS projects doesn't exactly make you gay-friendly;
Okay,l maybe three things...
Why does anybody give a sh*t about this guy and wtf was Obama thinking? I want my campaign contribution money back.

2069 days ago


To #7: What an ignorant post. I take it you are one of "them ol' hillbillies which has not ventured out of the trailer park in ages. Wake up and smell the rose, butt pirate.

2069 days ago

Mark Andrew    

Hmmm. He was in a GAY store. He bought BOOKS. Could we not say that Rick Warren was caught in a GAY BOOKSTORE?

2069 days ago

Don Normann    

If I never knew who Rick Warren was and I saw him with this nice piece of eye-candy on his arm, I would assume that he was some bearish sugar daddy taking his 'cub' for a stroll. Or maybe a porn producer with his latest 'star', taking him shopping for some 'supplies' before the latest shoot.

2069 days ago

Me, myself and I    

I don’t know about other religions, but in the Catholic Church marriage is a sacrament of our religion. Many Catholic’s believe that gay marriage mocks our sacrament. I’ve read a lot Christian bashing, which includes Catholics, on this post.

Marriage came about because of religion, (including Judaism), and has never been secular in nature. The concept of marriage never existed until it was made a part of religious ceremonies.

People can, and do get married in modern times, without any type of religion involved, but this kind of marriage evolved because it was “in the interest of the people” to protect the legal rights of any children born in the marriage.

Simple biology makes it impossible for two men or two women, to conceive a child on their own. There is always a need for a third party to be involved, to supply eggs or sperm, so that half of the genes of one of the gay partners will be present in the child.

2069 days ago

Rich in Fresno    

Diane, how exactly is me wanting to get married mocking marriage? I could mock plenty of things about the catholic church, but marriage doesn't even make a blip on my screen.

"People can, and do get married in modern times, without any type of religion involved, but this kind of marriage evolved because it was “in the interest of the people” to protect the legal rights of any children born in the marriage."
Who exactly are you quoting here? Since when do you get to decide WHY two people get to marry? So if two people want to get married and they don't want to have children, they shouldn't be "allowed" to get married? Using your argument and "logic", that would be the case. Civil marriage is a lot more than protecting "the legal rights of any children born in the marriage". BTW, does that mean that any kids born out of wedlock have no rights?

"Simple biology makes it impossible for two men or two women, to conceive a child on their own. There is always a need for a third party to be involved, to supply eggs or sperm, so that half of the genes of one of the gay partners will be present in the child." What does that have to do with anything? Unless you are asserting that if the child isn't biologically related to both parents he/she isn't worthy of "rights"? If the institution of marriage IS in fact in place to "protect the legal rights" of the kids, shouldn't the kids of same sex couples be afforded the same protection?

When push comes to shove, your opinion about my civil rights shouldn't even matter. Civil rights should never be left up to popular vote.

2069 days ago


#26 said: Now last time i looked and read our forefathers signed the dec of indipendence to get away from the british rule because the british wanted no separation of church and state. and our forefathers wanted nothing to do with that. Hence the revolutionary war.

To which I can only reply:
The last time you looked and read? Clearly you didn't comprehend because you are grossly ignorant. The pilgrims left because they sought religious freedom; the pilgrims came here about 1620. The Revolutionary War was fought because colonials did not approve of taxation without representation and they didn't like being forced to quarter british soldiers in their home. The Revolutionary war was fought from 1775 to 1783. And people like you want people like me to depend on your version of historical events when you clearly don't even know what you are talking about. There is a passing of 155 years between when the pilgrims came here and when colonials fought to throw off the binds of british rule.

2068 days ago


I wonder what Sarah Palin's "end times" hillbilly paranoid church of Neanderthal superstition and panic would think of this Rick Warren the homosexual media whore trying to promote homosexuality within the Republican Party and on TV. Isn't that going to threaten donations by alienating the audience?

It might go like this: "Darn it all, gee whillickers, gosh, you know some time some campaign rep will have to issue a statement from the far right wing of the Republican party once they figure out which magazines to read so they hear about it, between episodes of "Helicopter Strafing of Wildlife - Relieving Sexual Frustrations in the backcountry Without Protection And Nailing the Government for more Child Support Show".

2068 days ago


To Post #64: actually, marriage has been recognized by many cultures around the world going back as far as records and archeologists go. What is not consistent with modern marriage is the obsessive, undermining burden put on marriage by law, politics, parasitic religions, basically those outside the family involved. More primitive cultures had a far healthier wasy of handling it, in many cases, as long as those getting married chose who they married. Pre-selected marriages are not a sign of a healthy society or progress and are indicative of a demented society. Take all the women abused in India for example, by that insecure, juvenile, barbaric male mentality - those guys are extremely evil; killing, butchering, abandoning girls and women at their whim if the girls aren't ideal for arrangements. Talk about STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

2068 days ago


If RIck Warren is openly fat and gay, does that mean that President Bush is gay, if both are on the far right of the Republican Party? Bush is known for his use of pointless juvenile sexual slang in speeches, so what's the reason? Surely the females don't want to hear him talk like a 14-year old. Is it the closet gays Bush is trying to impress? Cheney too? Cheney looks like a creme puff and talks like a creme puff, must be a damned creme puff. Bush Administration = closet gays?

Vote honest = Democrat
Vote schizo = Republican

2068 days ago


I wonder how long Warren would have stuck around and how much he would have purchased if Erol would have told him that he and his paparazzi pal were welcome to shop but there would be no photo-op?

2068 days ago


I am not gay. Nor am I homophobic. I do question why a belief that differs from your own about religious beliefs "obviously" makes one homophobic. The belief that homosexuality is a sin does not indicate homophobia it is a personal belief from personal interpretation of scripture. The fact that you interpret it differently does not make your belief "naturally" right just different. I am not a drinker of alcohol and as is typical of many evangelical church goers believe that drinking is a sin. Does that make me an alcoholphobe? I believe that adultery is a sin, does that make me a sexaphobe? Who is right in their belief is something that will only be decided on Judgement Day by the last true Judge. As a Christian I believe that that Judge will be the Lord Jesus. Does that make me an Islamaphobe or maybe a Buddhaphobe? I believe in a God of Love but the love is for the sinner not the sin. Not homophobe but rather conservative Christian with conservative Christian beliefs.

2068 days ago


Civil rights should never be left up to popular vote. Rich in Fresno. Ok then who should decide? An elitist group of like minded individuals to you? Led by a small group of closely minded people? And what should we call this elitist group umm
how about Nobles and the leaders oh I don't know Royalty? Oh wait that's what the Revolutionary War was about. Taxation without Representation was a great rally cry. A shorthand statement of outrage about rights and freedoms being decided not by the populace whose limits in those rights was being decided. Not by a populace who had a voice in what those rights were but by those who knew better than "the unwashed masses" No the majority is not always "right" but if the majority voice the opinion does any minority have the right to say nope your wrong and we will do it "my" way because I know better, I am better than you?

2068 days ago


Warren is a decent person unlike alot of the hateful gay rights people. Obama showed sense in picking him.

Disagree without being disagreeable.

2068 days ago
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