Who's the Hottie?!?!?

12/23/2008 3:50 PM PST

Who's the Hottie?!?!?

This respected 79-year-old woman was quite the looker back in the day. Can you guess who she is?!

Holiday Look-alikes

They have rosy cheeks, red noses, cherubic faces ... and so do all the Christmas characters!

They're So Vein!

These stars are definitely alive -- you can see the blood moving through their veins!

Michael Jackson's New Crib

He's been teetering on the financial brink for years, yet we've learned somehow Michael Jackson has rented a home in one of the most exclusive areas of L.A. for a whopping $100,000 a month.

The $38 million Holmby Hils pad has seven bedrooms, 13 baths, 12 fireplaces, a screening room and, of course, a cellar for Jesus juice. For sleepovers, there's a guest house, swimming pool and garden.

Can You See Me Now?

Sunglasses at night is a time old tradition passed on from generation to generation of lame-o's!