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DJ AM Sues Over Plane Crash

12/24/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The other shoe has dropped. DJ AM has just filed suit in the jet crash last September that killed four people.

In the lawsuit filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, claims as the jet reached takeoff speed the pilots became aware one or more of the tires had blown. The suit contends, "Rather than proceed to takeoff, they decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff in a negligent manner." The plane overshot the runway and burst into flames.

DJ AM is suing the estates of the two pilots, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland, both of whom were killed in the crash. He's also suing Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel & Services Inc, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, and Learjet.

DJ AM is suing for pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage, past and future medical and health-related expenses, and punitive damages.

Travis Barker has already filed a similar suit.

We asked AM about the lawsuit last night, he was mum.

DJ AM: Click to view!


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Does he think that after taking off the from the runway that the tires would have magically healed themselves + provide for a safer landing? Landings are the most dangerous part of any airplane journey, and to have landed with those tires blown would have been far more dangerous than aborting take-off. To sue the estates of the pilots is ridiculous, as if they weren't trying to save their own lives as well ! What happened was a tragedy for sure, but to sue the pilot estates only adds more pain to an already horrific event. Shame on you Adam !

2128 days ago


I agree with some of the posts here--

He seems to want to sue anyone who's available, take out his hurt and pain on others.

Good luck with that, DJ AM. Remember you're not the only one who lost loved ones/friends in that crash. The families of the pilots who died are also suffering and now you want to put more hurt on them.

You're a real classy guy! (NOT!!).

2128 days ago

2% MILK    


2128 days ago

2% MILK    


2128 days ago


I think this is horrible. I can not believe he would sue the estate of those two pilots that lost their lives. What did he expect them to do. Contiue their take off with two blown tires and then wait for the flight to reach it's destination before probably the same thing or something similar would have happened. Shame on him...SHAME SHAME. He has enough money and it is hurtful to those people's families. HE SHOULD BE THANKFUL HE IS STILL ALIVE AND MOVE ON FROM THIS HORRIBLE EVENT IN HIS LIFE!

2128 days ago


Even if those pilots were negligent haven't they paid the ultimate price?! I can not believe that this guy is not just thankful he is still alive. Poor taste all around.

2128 days ago


I also think that sueing the pilot;s estate is just not right. Sue anyone you want, but that just, to me, kind-of crosses a decency line. The 2 are dead, actually they should be working with thier families against who is truely at fault, and not against the families of these 2 other people lives. Are they next going to sue the families of their friends who died?

2128 days ago


Surprisingly, I agree with the TMZ audience. The pilot's families have suffered an even worse tragedy than AM and barker. And they had NOTHING to do with the cause of the accident. But they'll lose everything as a result. They should sue the insurance companies etc, but not the estates. That's so CHEESY and frankly evil and greedy. I'm bummed, I always liked these two.

2128 days ago

nira k    

Money sucking parasite. Does that piece of trash think any of what happened was intentional? Thats why they call it an accident. This poor excuse for anything resembling a human being saw his gravy train pull into the station and the dollar signs started to blaze in his eyes. Makes you wonder why God saved his miserable, selfish, money grubbing life.

2128 days ago


This is the definition of a frivilous lawsuit, who's only purpose is to get money. What obviously braindead "DJ AM" (what a stupid name, by the way) hasn't thought through is, if the pilot realized, during his takeoff, that his plane has a blown tire, then the only option available to him is to abort the takeoff. What's he going to do, takeoff & have to deal with a full speed landing on a flat tire later on? What a stupid moron. The pilot did EXACTLY what he was supposed to. This idiot is obviously suing only to get paid. What a typical hollywood moneygrubbing prick. I hope his lawsuit is thrown out for being frivilous, and the estates & survivors countersue him for harrassment & mental anguish...

2128 days ago


What a JOKE!! Seriously! You make more money than the president, survive a friggin plane crash by near death, live to see your family and friends to tell the story, and it comes down to POOR ME, PAY ME!!!!!!! Hey DJ AM &
Travis Barker, next time maybe the plane will take you in flames with you. GET A LIFE!!

2128 days ago

Bleep Blop    

I gotta find my own dead people to sue. A playa's gotta cover his rent, yo.

2128 days ago

Amused in Michigan    

I hope this, and the other lawsuits like it, is laughed out of court with the judge calling both of these guys pricks.

2128 days ago


They are absolutely in the right to sue IF the pilots did indeed make a negligent mistake. I find this highly unlikely since they risked and lost their own lives in making their decision. But if they did indeed make a poor avoidable choice there is NO reason he should have to suffer and not be compensated for a service he paid for and entrusted his life to.
Its not a fair situation, but you can't bitch and moan and make judgments soley about who suffered the biggest emotional loss when they themselves should be reimbursed for their own unfair suffering and medical bills.

2128 days ago


The pilots died in the crash and he's suing their poor grieving relatives? How nice and caring of him. I agree with number 7. The wrong people did die in the crash.

2127 days ago
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