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DJ AM Sues Over Plane Crash

12/24/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The other shoe has dropped. DJ AM has just filed suit in the jet crash last September that killed four people.

In the lawsuit filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, claims as the jet reached takeoff speed the pilots became aware one or more of the tires had blown. The suit contends, "Rather than proceed to takeoff, they decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff in a negligent manner." The plane overshot the runway and burst into flames.

DJ AM is suing the estates of the two pilots, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland, both of whom were killed in the crash. He's also suing Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel & Services Inc, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, and Learjet.

DJ AM is suing for pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage, past and future medical and health-related expenses, and punitive damages.

Travis Barker has already filed a similar suit.

We asked AM about the lawsuit last night, he was mum.

DJ AM: Click to view!


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Wow you people are ignorant, you have no idea what kind of effect an accident like this has on a person. You say he should be happy he is alive and let it go, why should he be happy if he were alive? If it wasn't for malfeasance his life wouldn't have even been in peril in the first place. I do not agree with suing the estates but none of us truly know what happened or if the pilots truly were responsible. For the pilots families sakes I hope DJ AM and Travis lose that part of the suit, but I think they should definately win the lawsuit against learjet, goodyear etc.

Ps. Whoever the genius is on the first page who thinks they are smart and are ignorant, it is "Suing" sewing is with a needle and thread.

2129 days ago


Listen up people...this is what happens when money becomes God. The method of obtaining it doesn't matter, because the ends justify the means. In saner times, these two would be on their hands and kneeds evrey day and night thanking God for sparing their lives. But now, it's just a way to get rich. God help this once great nation.

2129 days ago

Sono is the plane going to land with a flat tire that they can't even take off with? I hope this lawsuit fails miserably, especially the portion involving the families of the pilots. DJ AM can DiaF

2129 days ago


Wow.. I din't know one could put a price tag on one's life. I feel bad for Adam and Travis and their friends who lost their lives. The pilot's families are grieving as well. This law suit does not sit well. Be thankful you are a live and are able to still make a living.

2129 days ago


"15. Does he think that after taking off the from the runway that the tires would have magically healed themselves + provide for a safer landing? Landings are the most dangerous part of any airplane journey, and to have landed with those tires blown would have been far more dangerous than aborting take-off. To sue the estates of the pilots is ridiculous, as if they weren't trying to save their own lives as well ! What happened was a tragedy for sure, but to sue the pilot estates only adds more pain to an already horrific event. Shame on you Adam !"

They wouldn't have landed if they took off dumbass. They woulda jumped with parashutes or something.. atleast contact people and get help with it. There's alot they coulda done if they DID take off. Though at the time, the pilots probably thought not taking off was for the best and didn't expect it to turn out that ugly.

2129 days ago


SO, If the "Unskilled" pilots took off with the plane that seemed to have blown tires, and then attempted to land when the got to California and the plane crashed then, would they still be suing for negligence? The pilots lost their lives and now these greedy guys have to put their families through more trauma...

2129 days ago


Seems like kind of a low blow to sue the "estates" of the pilots since they are dead. All he's doing is creating pain for the pilots' families and reducing the amount of money they have to live off of. He probably makes more in a year than the entire estate of both pilots is worth!

2129 days ago

Dr. Bob    

Stupid lawsuit. Stupid. Why sue the pilots' estates? They are dead and gone, and their families are suffering, too. This is just a big money grab, hoping to collect a big payday on a tragic accident. When you blow a tire on takeoff like that, the PROPER action is to abort the takeoff. The pilots did what they were supposed to do. The only people who will collect big-time on this is the lawyers. After court costs and "expenses," the idiot who filed the suit will get nothing.

2129 days ago


Hey AM and Travis,

How bout you just be happy with the fact the YOU LIVED. What are they trying to prove? Don't they make enough money? What about the families who lost their loved ones. They died and now you want them to pay your azzes? Sick! I think they've already paid up...WITH THEIR LIVES!!!!

2129 days ago

wacka zacka    

sickening, really...suing the estates of dead pilots? my heart sunk when i read that. i expected lawsuits, but this is a new low.

2129 days ago

The whisperer    


2129 days ago


And to think, i actually felt bad for them. They shouldve died.
There fricken loaded. They have millions and they are going
to sue two dead peoples families for a tiny bit more. If the DO
win, its only going to be pocket change.
In case DJ AM or Travis Barker read this: You two are the most ridicoulous money hogging pricks. This WILL come back around to you. I hope ur injureys get worse and worse and then the nurses sue YOU in your death. F off!

2129 days ago


Yeah, because you know DJ AM doesn't have enough money. He DESPERATELY needs money from two pilots' estates who I am POSITIVE crashed that plane on purpose, just to piss him off. Real Great AM

2129 days ago


Another disgusting slug looking for a payday by slandering those poor pilot's names and memory. These people burned ALIVE having attempted to transport these ungrateful, greedy bastards. Him and the other freak - Barker - will eventually burn as well. In HELL!

2129 days ago

How can you admire?    

On another web-site, it says that Travis Barker IS NOT suing the estates of the dead pilots. Only this idiot, DJ AM, is.

2129 days ago
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