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DJ AM Sues Over Plane Crash

12/24/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The other shoe has dropped. DJ AM has just filed suit in the jet crash last September that killed four people.

In the lawsuit filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, claims as the jet reached takeoff speed the pilots became aware one or more of the tires had blown. The suit contends, "Rather than proceed to takeoff, they decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff in a negligent manner." The plane overshot the runway and burst into flames.

DJ AM is suing the estates of the two pilots, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland, both of whom were killed in the crash. He's also suing Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel & Services Inc, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, and Learjet.

DJ AM is suing for pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage, past and future medical and health-related expenses, and punitive damages.

Travis Barker has already filed a similar suit.

We asked AM about the lawsuit last night, he was mum.

DJ AM: Click to view!


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This guy is a piece of garbage...going after the Pilots estates. Like those families haven't been through enough already. I hope the families countersue and go after lawyer expenses and emotional distress thus shoving this whole thing you know where. That would make me very happy. Crap like this shouldn't be allowed.

2132 days ago


It shows how these people say they care about others, but now go after the recently passed family estates...I'm sure the pilots did not want to lose their lives!!!! The family now has to deal with this clown/millionaire coming after all their money and put them on the street after losing a loved one!!!! I think since he has suffering DJ AM should 1.No longer be a passenger in any airplane 2. No longer ride in any vehicle that has rubber tires 3. not use any equipment/device that has rubber...........he is suffering, which means mental issues as well as physical....If he is seen doing any of these he should not
win the suit against goodyear tires or the learjet company

2132 days ago


DJ AM should have to provide for the pilots family for the rest of his life. I mean he gets paid to play other peoples music. The pilots and their family I'm sure have to actually work for a living. A guy who does nothing suing working class people. Well I guess this guy isn't trying to make any more fans and doesn't want to keep the few that he had to begin with.

2132 days ago


Anyone know of a way to contact DJ AM? I think he should get a few 1000 emails letting him know he's not going to gain any fans by being selfish. "Waah, I survived an accident, let me sue the two people who didn't survive, I play other peoples music for a living, I need to make the pilots wifes get a second job to provide for me, after this emotional distress I don't think I can get up on a stage and hit play on a CD player, WAAH, I'm a greedy baby."

2132 days ago


It's too bad that fire didn't take off his face. God didn't save this guy from the crash, the devil did. This guy is pure evil.

2132 days ago


I'm too far down the line too be read, but if anyone does...why would he want the pilots to take off instead of trying to abort...had they actually took off knowing about the tire(s), landing at an even faster speed could have killed both nit-wit's...being alive and with your families should be thankful for that

2132 days ago

Adam Dixon    


2132 days ago


I actually felt sorry for him but not anymore I mean LOOK AT HIM! He has "I'm a tool face" and doesn't look like he is in much pain or suffering. The only time we see Travis is out with his family and I watched an interview with him and he really seems messed up. This guy- he is acting like nothing ever happened. Smiling and laughing, going to clubs etc and not just for "work". I don't know about all of you but if I was in a plane crash I would not be as cheery and normal as he is, what 2 or 3 months after it happened. And then suing dead people? Really? It was an ACCIDENT!!!

2132 days ago


I don't think Travis sued the estates so let's leave him out of this. I think he has common sense. I believe it was just the companies not the families estates.

2132 days ago


All of you people making negative comments about DJ AM suing the estates of the pilot's are unfortunately jumping to a conclusion that is flat out wrong. Under California law, when you chose to sue "the estate of ____" in an accident case, who you are really suing is the pilot's liability insurer--NOT THE PILOT's FAMILY. In fact, the lawsuit is only served on the insurer--not the families of the pilots. By doing what he did, DJ AM made certain that ONLY the insurer would pay and waived any claims he may have against the pilots personally. In other words, he did the right thing--when most people would not have. His lawsuit will not involve the families or any of their assets or life insurance proceeds. You people so quick to condemn AM should get your facts right first.

2132 days ago


F this punk, greedy bastard. How dare you inflict more pain on the people who lost loved ones. Just because you're lonely and have no one in your life, don't take it out on others. Maybe on your next private jet flight you might not be so lucky.

2132 days ago


What's the matter, you can't afford the payments on the Lambo anyone? Need more money??? Ring, ring, reality check, line 1.

2132 days ago


It is very tacky and in poor taste for DJ AM to sue the estates. I understand the concept of sue everyone involved and hope you get money out of someone, but for a celebrity to sue the working class families who just lost their loved ones (estates, whatever, its the surviving families that will be paying) - its just disgusting.

What is more disgusting, though, is the number of people making such horrible, ill-wishing comments about him. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

And regarding Travis Barker, I thought he was only suing the companies and chose not to include the estates. That is what is being reported, at least.

2131 days ago


doesn't surprise me...his uncle's probably an attorney!

2131 days ago


Gaaaaaaawd bless America... ONLY here people do this. Why the heck do they have to sue? The pilots are both DEAD... as if that wasn't enough pain for their families these two dweebs want more money in their pockets... as if this was a premeditated crime??? GIVE ME A BREAK PEOPLE!!! Get a life puhleeeeeeeaze...

2131 days ago
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