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DJ AM Sues Over Plane Crash

12/24/2008 3:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The other shoe has dropped. DJ AM has just filed suit in the jet crash last September that killed four people.

In the lawsuit filed this afternoon in L.A. County Superior Court, Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM, claims as the jet reached takeoff speed the pilots became aware one or more of the tires had blown. The suit contends, "Rather than proceed to takeoff, they decided to abort and/or reject the takeoff in a negligent manner." The plane overshot the runway and burst into flames.

DJ AM is suing the estates of the two pilots, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland, both of whom were killed in the crash. He's also suing Clay Lacy Aviation, Global Exec Aviation, Inter Travel & Services Inc, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co, and Learjet.

DJ AM is suing for pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage, past and future medical and health-related expenses, and punitive damages.

Travis Barker has already filed a similar suit.

We asked AM about the lawsuit last night, he was mum.

DJ AM: Click to view!


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judith connors    

You ungrateful little bastard. Instead of thanking god you have been given another chance at life, you choose to sue these innocent people. What goes around comes around. and do i hope you get yours.

2095 days ago


What an idiot. I am not a pilot or some plane expert, but did they ever stop to think that had the pilots done what these morons are saying they should have done, which is land a plane with a blown tire, that they would probably have been killed in that? Those 2 probably survived because of the aborted flight as whereas they probably would have all died if that plane was to land with a blown tire.

2094 days ago


This is despicable. Those pilots DIED, and he is still alive. Why can't he just be thankful that he survived? Instead, he is suing the family members of those who didn't survive, and causing them even more pain. What kind of world is this? It was an accident. Why does everyone have to sue everyone for everything?? He already has plenty of money and is just being greedy for more. I just don't understand it. It seems like this world is so corrupt. I know the Lord said he would never bring down another flood like the one He did in the time of Noah, but if he decided to, I wouldn't be a bit surprised. It seems like a lot of people have completely become corrupted by material things and money, and are being completely insensitive to other's feelings. So many people think only about him or herself. It's unbelievable. The worst thing is that this doesn't surprise me at all.

2094 days ago

a prayer    

I know most of you commenting don't actually have lives to get back to so I will tell you this. I have seen all those hurt in this accident and to say they are just suing for $$ is wrong. The pain and suffering Travis and Adam have gone through is unimaginable. What their families have watched them go through would probably make you turn and run. They deserve to have their medical bills paid and to be compensated for their lost time and pain. now, all of you, get out of your mom's basement, collect your unemployment check, get your food stamps together, and get a freakin' life!
Love you Travis, Adam, Chris, and Che. You are always in our prayers...

2094 days ago


both of these guys have much money and it is sickning that they want to stick it to the pilots families- maybe , because they lived, they might want to send some money to HELP the pilots families, im sure they could use some HELP for food and living expences, school etc., now that a paycheck AND loved one are gone.

pay it forward, Guys. you both have been given the ultimate gift, your life, so HELP someone eles instead of B**CHING!!!!!

OK,Im done..........

2094 days ago


LOSER,ungrateful slug,

YES the medical should be paid & yes some compensation for the P&S...he was partying 2 days later & his injuries were minor...this is a low $$$ value case 4x medical Bills is more than fair

2093 days ago

a prayer    

Second and third degree burns aren't serious? Please!! Skin graphs, pain control, hyper barric oxygen chambers for recovery. Yep, walk in the park!

2093 days ago


You have GOT to be kidding me. To sue the airline or even the tire company is one thing. But to bring a lawsuit against the pilots' estates is disgusting and repulsive!!! I really felt bad for you DJ AM---until I read this story. Now I place you in the sewer dwellers club (where Travis Barker already resided). You truly make me SICK !!

2081 days ago
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