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The Greatest Story Ever Told (About Jerky)

12/24/2008 4:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

This down on his luck dude said he was promised a steak dinner by a guy in a Rolls-Royce -- but we don't think this is what he had in mind.

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It is a pretty funny story- but also a sad one.

2128 days ago


What a good sport. Isnt he the guy with the wooden arm from Happy Gilmore?

2128 days ago


STUPID.. buy your own dinner, no ONE OWES U NOTHING!~~~

2128 days ago

Brian Peppers    

Arm the homeless! That's going to be my new charity.

2128 days ago


The down on his luck dude should save the TMZ video and sell those beef nuggets, with the bag on ebay. He'll make enough to take him and 3 of his friends out to a steak dinner. Especially if he can figure it out who the people in the fancy cars were.
More celebrities should just take off their shirt and give it to a homeless person while it's being video'd. The money the receiver could earn, could be a down payment on a house.

2128 days ago


Must be a SLOW day at TMZ when they focus the camera on a NOBODY and give him his "15 minutes of Fame" for being fooled by the promise of a "steak dinner' and getting EXACTLY what he was promised! A "steak" dinner! The person in the rolls didnt say anything about dinner in a fancy eatery or Burger King now!

2128 days ago


Damn, this story sucks. I hope the Rolls dude gets very very ill and realizes its his bad Karma, biting his ass hard.

Anyone can end up homeless, down on their luck. Sure, some people exploit others for free rides, but it is still our duty as caring people to lift them up, especially when we are so much more fortunate and at this time of the year.

2128 days ago


While I agree with #5 that no one owes this guy anything (he needs to work for his own steak), if he's fallen on hard times, it's CRUEL to promise someone something and it turns out he's the butt of a joke.

2128 days ago


Damn that sucks!!! That really sucks!!! You never promise a homeless man a steak dinner. Thats like telling a crackhead you have that good stuff and then you give them baking flour. But hey if anybody see a rolls royce somewhere with 4 flat tires, and an empty gas tank in the middle of nowhere, pull up real slow, and tell him KARMA'S A BITCH, BITCH!!!

2127 days ago


He should be thankful! Those are some expensive beef nuggets. I look at them and drool every time I'm at the supermarket but never buy them because they're like 7 bucks!

2127 days ago

DMX hater    

Welcome to the jungle my friend!! Guess you will not depend on anyone anymore, except the US government, who has your check!! A sick but worth while joke played on person believed to be a heavy drinker, and a drug addict!! What else is new in the neighborhood!! Hell, he was probably panhandling, which should be illegal anyhow!!

2127 days ago


#10, i AGREE!

2127 days ago


You kidding me this homeless man should be thankful he got what he got. Think of it a big time celebrity (who btw I guess is out with his girlfriend etc...) took his time to go to the rite aid and get this man something to eat. How many of you would have done that?

2127 days ago

fish taco    

A choosey begger... Even the beggers feal entitled to free steak dinners.

If he can beg he can work! Lazy Bitch... go to the temp agency and get a job!

He just would have bought booze if he was given cash.

2127 days ago


heh whats even worse is that those steak nuggets taste kinda gross. worst on the jack links product line

2127 days ago
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