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Lt. Harris Drills Obama

12/25/2008 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

G. W. Bailey from "Police Academy" is ready to make a citizen's arrest -- and his target is Barack Obama -- It's all over O's choice to have Pastor Rick "not fan of the gays" Warren deliver his invocation.

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Bailey must not be buying the pic of Rick's image adjustment we posted Tuesday.


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2130 days ago


Good for him... progressives need to hold Obama's feet to the fire.

2130 days ago


Obama is just another Carter jr.

2129 days ago

Guess Who?    

President Obama can have whomever HE choses to give the prayer at HIS ignaugauration. He is not electing Pator Warren as the official pastor of the United States. He is chosen to give a prayer. And,like the gays, he does represent a point of view that should be represented. Gays need to learn to pick their battles and stop jumping all over people for not agreeing to every detail of their agenda. If the world were to isolate every one with a problem with their lifestyle, there would only be gays left. There comes a point when you have to live and let live.

2129 days ago

Woody McBreairty    

I do not understand why Rick Warren is being given so much attention. I'm sure he is loving every minute and it will bring much more bread to his collection plate. He is just one more man with just one more opinion; his is no more meaningful than mine. He is another Jerry Fallwell, I guess there always has to be at least one prominent "preacher", preaching hate and bigotry in this country. I don't hear Rick Warren preaching about not eating shellfish, which the bible says ia an abomination. I don't hear him supporting slavery which the bible condones. I don't hear him preaching support for a husband who finds his new wife has been with another man, stoning his wife to death like the Bible says. He, like all other opportunistic preachers, picks the sexy subjects to "preach" about, because those are the ones that get them the most publicity and attention. The bible also teaches against gluttony and obesity, which means that Rick Warren should lose about 75 pounds in order to stop living in sin. This man is a joke and I'm sure the money and attention he will gain from this publicity means much jmore to him than Barack Obama does.

2129 days ago

Hon. Barney Frank (D-MA)    

NObama forever!

2129 days ago


Do some research. Obama is against gay marriage too and I don't see you slamming him. So, the reason you don't want this man to do the prayer is because he's against gay marriage. Why did you not use that stance with Obama? I bet you voted for him.

2129 days ago

Lucius Fieldon    

I agree with number 4, this is Barack Obama's inauguration, if people don't like who HE picks to perform then don't watch.This is HIS day, get over it. I hate it when groups yell for equal rights but don't give the same consideraton.

2129 days ago


3rd time posting this also.
he's been lt. privenza on "the closer" for the past 5 seasons. why drudge up "police academy"? thank you

2129 days ago


Oh god! Not another actor that wants Clay Aiken to deliver it? Please Lord, make these peiople stay home Jan. 20th. My family is making this a special day and I dont want Rosie and Ellen Degeneres to ruin it! If it makes gays happy, a minister giving the closing prayer wants all gay people to marry!

2129 days ago


Who knew that G. W. Bailey was a B@TT SL@MMER.

2128 days ago

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