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Brady and Gisele - Engaged!!!

12/26/2008 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Brady proposed to Gisele on a private jet on XMAS eve -- and she said yes.

Our sources say Brady, who is famous for his QB skills and running errands for Gisele, proposed on a private jet that took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and landed in Boston. There were four dozen white roses on board, as well as champagne.

Along with Brady and Gisele were her parents. We're told Brady was nervous before he popped the Q.

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No Avatar

I love Tom Brady    

Congrats to Tom & Gisele! Gisele is the luckiest woman in the world she is rich, beautiful and she gets to have sex with Tom. I would trade places with her any day.

2124 days ago


i also wonder if bridget will let tom see the baby,now that he is marrying gisele.(i'm surprised she even let's the baby near her to begin with.)

2124 days ago


KAYKAY WHAT DO YOU MEAN POOR BRIDGET? All she wanted was a baby out of the relationship with Tom, and that's what she got. At least he's involved in the childs life. Ya love who ya love.

2124 days ago


Wow there are some mean people out there. I can understand not giving a sh*t, but wishing the plane crashed? Good God that's nasty. Ever hear of a little thing called "Karma," boys and girls?

2124 days ago


Wow, love all the hatred spewing out towards Tom Brady because he's the best QB in the league. Sorry he shellacked your football team at some point guys. It's hard to be that talented.

If it's true, congrats to them. She seems nice in the interviews I've seen with her.

2124 days ago


No one would've cared that much about Gisele, if she hadn't dated Leo DiCaprio in the first place. And the same goes for his current gf. There are many models i didn't even know they exist until i see them with a Hollywood star. Models nowadays get more fame now for who they're sleeping with more than for showing their butts.

2124 days ago


I can't think of two bigger LOSERS who belong together. I give it 6 months.

2124 days ago

spread the love    

love all the haters here!!

let's see...two celebutards who were genetically blessed, getting engaged....hmmmm....will they even make it to the 'i do's'???? i don't think so.

but let's peel a layer here and really look at this story....i am thinking of seal and heidi klum's engagment story where he flew here to a snow covered mountain top via helicopter and proposed....truly a romantic gesture. Now fast forward to Tom Brady renting a $10k puddle jumper from Teterboro (of all places) to Boston to propose. and he ONLY had 4 dozen roses for one of the hottest supermodels???? This has 'white-trash' written all over it. Okay....freaking rich 'white trash' all over it. Is this really the best Brady could do to propose? I am embarrassed for him and sorry for her. He is a great football player - but a loser as a person.

The way I see it, Brady is craving the public spotlight with his helmet on. But he really is a dolt, so he is clinging to Gisele. She on the other hand, I don't get it. Like she can't do better???

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good holiday and hope you all have a much better 2009 than this crappy year!


2124 days ago


Hmmm...what's wrong with guys in general especially so called "celebrities" today? Tom Brady (supposedly "nice Catholic boy" - ha!) was dating Bridget Moynahan. He got her pregnant. They broke up. He starts dating big mouth Gisele and now asks her to marry him? If he really wanted to do the RIGHT thing, he should have asked Bridget who is the mother of his child to marry him. Even if he didn't love Bridget, asking Bridget to marry him would have been the RIGHT thing to do for the child they had conceived.

But again in today's world, everyone just does what they feel like doing including Tom Brady! He is no role model to our young people and he shouldn't be anybody's hero or idol. The guy doesn't seem to take responsibility for his actions. Ditching a woman because she is pregnant, deciding to date someone else, and then proposing to another woman (and not the mother of his child) is NOT being a REAL man, folks!

Brady you asked the WRONG woman to marry you - you should have asked Bridget, the mother of your child! What's WRONG with you? For shame on you!

Not impressed with Brady or Gisele at all.

2124 days ago


Sally, I hope she gets a pre-nup to cover her a$$.

2124 days ago

chris t    

Congrats Tom! Ignore the hates on here. They are just jealous of your mad football and girl skillz!

2124 days ago


It is CHRISTMAS not XMAS! Mornonic writers again!

2124 days ago


LosCabos, Gisele has always been in a dif. league then Bar. She would have made it with or without Leo. Unlike Bar, Gisele was already famous when she started dating Leo.

2124 days ago


I think that Gisele looks like a manly horse and Tom is whipped- and don't worry about Bridget ; I'm sure she's set for life.

2124 days ago


WOW! You guys are mean. It's hard enough to be married this day and age in this world, without all the negativity before you even get there. Give them a chance at happiness. Who knows? They might be part of the 35% that succeed.

2124 days ago
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