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Katie and Suri Look Divine

12/27/2008 1:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We always thought Suri Cruise was born of a virgin birth ...


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she looks old... I wonder if she has stopped caring about things like that.

2090 days ago


Paris Hilton has done quite a bit for charity too this year. She donated big toward the building of a new wing for the Los Angeles Children's Hospital.
She also helped raise money for the Nevada Cancer Institute.
And recently I saw her on tv for the Make A Wish Foundation.
Note that I'm not saying she is perfect but I like her and I liked her shows a lot.

2090 days ago


Being in a cult is tremendously stressful and you can bet Tom is not easy to live with either.
That's why Katie looks "old".

2090 days ago


In the grand tradition of all cults , Katie was love-bombed (flattered) into marrying Tom.

That's how all cults operate. And once they have a hold on you somehow, the demands start. Especially demands for unquestioning obedience and loyalty.

2090 days ago


Cece sounds like a warm person with a Big Heart. Can't agrue with that, can 'ya folks ?

2090 days ago


How well is Tom's movie doing? Some gave it good reviws and some did not like it.

2090 days ago


There is something different about Tom's face.
Am I the only one to notice that?
Either he fattened up a bit or he got Botox to the face.

2090 days ago


Katie...I mean "Kate"...looks old and worn out.

Suri...she spent how much time above average with a bottle? Now look at her - is that the Ordontist's Dream Overbite showing already?

2090 days ago


i didn't know who kate was till she married tom and i despise him! the child seldom has a coat on which is wrong. one thing though...they are not driving a mini van! clearly kate is in the back of a car and holding her child while getting out! most of us do pick up our kids when getting in and out of cars. she probably looks tired because of the late night play she does! the dark around her eyes may be remnants of make up having been removed! doing a play day after day is more work than simply shooting a movie!!! she should leave tom if the marriage is a farce or at least go back to her catholic roots and have the baby baptized!

2090 days ago

Mr Yuma    

Who Gives A Fat Frogs Ass What They Are Doing!! Are You Going To Show When They Go Pee Also??

2090 days ago

Illinois person    

Hey #40, you're so right and don't forget about the awful Hogan's too. They are beyond history!!

2090 days ago


OMG!! Look at the woman's arm!!! Looks like skeletor's wrist and hand for gosh sakes. How can this be healthy OR attractive? Skin and bones is only attractive to desperate men who don't mind bonking a board.

2090 days ago


54. number 48 u are right but at least Britt is out there trying her hardest and she recognizes her disease . she doesn't have a mug shot like a lot of the stars do. i actually think shes doing to much right now . she needs to takes some steps back and relax or she will have another breakdown .
she has come a long way and I'm very proud of her !!

Posted at 5:32PM on Dec 27th 2008 by IM HERE NOW

I didn't say anything bad about Brittney, my only comment was # 48, if that is still the number. Actually I am pretty proud of her as I would be with anyone who is working their way back from a hard time. It disgusts me the way people talk about Tom, Katie and Brittany and anyone else who doesn't live their lives the way "other" people think they should.

2090 days ago


Tom Cruise has seriously sucked the hotness out of her. Sad. Cute baby though!

2090 days ago


Posted at 7:49PM on Dec 27th 2008 by wahine

Sorry about the spelling above, both my wrists are in a cast from falling on the ice and typing is rather difficult. Did this one one fingered to make sure I wouldn't get called out by the spelling police, lol

2090 days ago
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