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Katie and Suri Look Divine

12/27/2008 1:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We always thought Suri Cruise was born of a virgin birth ...


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Puh-leeze - Katie's no saint. She's into the beard contract for the $ and recognition. Tom ain't that kid's daddy, but someone is.

2089 days ago


Now that the Nazi movie has bombed, can we please be done with the Cruises forever...please. He hates us and we hate him---end of story...he isnt top gun, risky business, you cant handle the truth, rainman anymore...he's washed up and has made nothing but bombs the last few years...its over...put the kid away please.

2089 days ago


Actually, it has been VERY cold in Southern California(in the 30's at night) It even snowed some this winter in Malibu.

2089 days ago

Roger Moore    

That baby is a wonky eyed little freak.

2089 days ago


Very Strange

2089 days ago


They are either very wierd or just completely sad, I am not sure which... I wonder how and when we will know which it is...?

2089 days ago


Two nutjob parents who don't give a damn about her safety, her well being, or her development as a human being. This child will be lucky to make it to the age of 10. Though perhaps when Katie Holmes finally does get sent to the looney bin, this poor child might at least be lucky enough to have a sane nanny look after her. Oh, but I guess the cult won't allow that.

2089 days ago


1) i dont how you people can say Suri isnt Toms. she looks just like him

2) to the person who pointed out the stain on her sleeve. when you have a can get messy at times.

3) did you ever think that maybe she has Suri out all the time ..cause they dont have a nanny watch thier kids every minute like some other celebs. Angie whores out at least 3 kids at a time to the media..buts thats just being a "good mother" to you people.

you guys need to lay off this family. maybe Kate looks tired cause of the play she does every night? and so Suri's in dresses all the time? i was too when i was a kid. why do you care what they dress her in? the only thing i can comment on is how they dont put her in a jacket, other then that they seem to be doing just fine.

2089 days ago


ummm, to #85. Suri happens to look exactly like her (likely) real dad Chris Klein.

And sorry but no 2 year old should be paraded out in front of the cameras 24/7 for her parents publicity hungry egos. If Katie Holmes wants to do play on broadway she has no right to drag this poor 2 year old out at all hours. The child deserves to be home in her own bed. Clearly she would be much better off in the care of a nanny than with these 2 morons who can't even be bothered to put a coat on her.

2089 days ago


YES, they live in Southern California, however, they have been living in NYC since the wife is doing a Broadway all the pics of Suri are in NYC, where it has been VERY cold...weird, Katie always looks appropriately dressed, coat, scarf, gloves...the child running around in a short sleeved party dress?!?!? I guess she feels like we all need to see the ridiculously overpriced togs??? Just wondering.

2089 days ago

Angelina Jolie    

Clones all dressed up and going to a Scientology rally. Poor girl, hope she can escape one day.

2089 days ago


#86.. all hours of the night? for all you know it could be like 7pm? unless theres proof of the cant really say much/

2089 days ago


are they training her to be a carpet muncher? ......... just sayin'

2088 days ago


Suri is such a cutie pie! Too bad her dad is cuckoo en la cabeza :o(

2088 days ago


It's frightening that a religion started by a best-selling science fiction author has taken such a hold on so many people. Hubbard thought he'd gone as far as he could with his fiction, then figured, "hey, why not start my own religion" and so many celebrities (and others) have jumped on the bandwagon and are following an author like he's God. Also very sad considering a large portion of Hubbard's "scientology" was plagiarized in the first place.

2088 days ago
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