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The Almighty M-Rod

12/27/2008 12:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle Rodriguez doing her Feats of Strength in celebration of Festivus.


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The Pom is scared - notice the outstretched front legs, like he's bracing himself in case he gets dropped.

Idiot, put the dog on the ground.

2071 days ago


I'd rather have sex with Kanye West!

2071 days ago


To poster #3 who wrote: "Read the lower right corner just under the picture. That's where TMZ lifted it. 98% of the material on TMZ is lifted from other sites."

Yes, it is true. But they lift the material and gather it all in one place for TMZ readers like you. They are saving you valuable time so you don't have to go searching all over the internet to find all the dirt you like to read about celebrities. You should thank them. ; )

2071 days ago


That's just being mean to be lifting your dog up like that. All the pressure is put on his/her poor little chest and stomach. How would she like it if something 20 x her size picked her up in the air and held her up there by her stomach. It would HURT and it would be scary! She's an abusive pet owner!!!!!!

2070 days ago


#20 - You're being ignorant. You pick up cats and dogs at their stomachs just under the chest always. As long as you're holding it right, which she appears to be doing, they're not in any pain. The dog is fine. She didn't throw the dog! And this lift probably lasted .05 seconds but in a photograph it can look like she was carrying it that way. It's not a big deal stop being dramatic. This has nothing to do with the dog anyway. If Angelina Jolie or Oprah did this, people everywhere would start holding their small dogs like that in playfulness too, but because it's someone with a slightly "troubled" past you're crying "mean" and "abusive". So ridiculous. I know someone who knows her and she's a sweetheart and LOVES animals. She's actually somewhat of a champion for our nature friends, so back off. This isn't a big deal. It's actually pretty funny.

2070 days ago


thats pretty funny "our nature friends" dogs are domesticated overpopulated mutts, they are here for one purpose and that would be absolutly nothing, now moving on the animals of nature, those would be whales,sharks,lyons, elephants etc, all of which are essential to nature and are going exctinct.

2070 days ago


does this person really think she's someone?! because of "Lost"?!

2070 days ago


Man, some of you people are sensitive!

Should none of us ever play with our pets or children? I vividly remember being held above my dad's head.. it was fun and scary, but he loved me so I was safe. Do you think we should keep our little ones locked in bubbles and just watch them grow from a distance? Even Suri doesn't live like that...


2069 days ago


#22, why do people always say things like you just said: "Does she think she's somebody?" Um, no. Who said she does? She didn't tell the paparazzi to take her photo genius. TMZ obviously feels she's famous and somebody, and give the fact that she just did a movie with Charlize Theron and another BIG one with JAMES CAMERON, I'd say she definitely is somebody. The only wannabes shown on TMZ who want to think they're famous are the socialites/Lohan/Ronson types of the world. Michelle Rodriguez is a successful actress with huge projects coming up so yeah she is somebody even though she'd be the first to say she's not (see previous TMZ vids where she's like "Why are you taking my pic? Who am I? Angelina Jolie is over there!" Hahaha.

2069 days ago
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