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Chyna Hospitalized -- Too Wasted For Shrinks

12/28/2008 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ChynaWe've learned Chyna was rushed to the hospital early Saturday -- her birthday. She was so drunk when she was admitted, the shrinks at the hospital couldn't even do a psych evaluation.

Paramedics were called to her home in Burbank just before 5:00 AM. Saturday. She was celebrating her birthday with a few friends and had way too many drinks -- which didn't mix well with her prescriptions.

Friends found her passed out with cuts on her arms and were so worried, they called 911. After she was taken to the hospital, doctors wanted to perform a psych evaluation, but her blood alcohol level was so high they had to wait.

We spoke with Chyna in the hospital. She said, "All I really want right now is a hamburger and fries right now."


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Hmmm....don't even know who this person is.....

2123 days ago

David in Bangkok    

Who is this person?

2123 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

"17. TMZ, who writes these short entries? Apparently, the editors don't proof read these them because the grammer etc is terrible !!!!! example,," and had a WAY to many drinks "...... " she was so drunk when WAS admitted "..... Sounds like chyna may have wrote it.... Corrections,, " and had to many drinks'......" she was to intoxicated, when admitted ".... Posted at 2:09AM on Dec 28th 2008 by steve"

My dear Mr. Steve: You certainly should not be giving grammar advice to ANYONE. Why on earth did you think yourself at all qualified to trash someone else's language skills when your own is atrocious?

You are telling the editors that their "grammer" is bad? It is spelled GRAMMAR, sir. Don't trash someone's grammar IF YOU CAN'T EVEN SPELL IT. Also, you are telling the editors that the correction is to write that she "had to many drinks". WRONG. The correct phrase should be that she "had TOO many drinks" and the same goes for the next comment you made. You state that the editors should have changed the wording to "she was to intoxicated when admitted" and you are WRONG AGAIN! The correct phrasing is "she was TOO intoxicated when admitted" and you missed it, TOO!

Steve, friend, better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt. Your language skills are worse than the writers at TMZ, or at least as poor, so don't throw stones. I really just have one question. Why did you think you were any better?

2123 days ago


Hay Joen,
Yew tookt duh werts write owta mii mowt. Chickenboy

2123 days ago


3. Chyna does not seem to have a happy life. If you have to float yourself with alcohol and bad relationships as a constant, the money (or lack of) and fame(or lack of) will never fill a void. There are famous women that grow older and are very happy with their lives and the people in it, Chyna doesn't seem to be one....she doesn't seem to have what it takes. I hope she finds peace.

Posted at 11:27PM on Dec 27th 2008 by Lauren

***She doesn't seem to have what it takes? What an ignorant comment.

2123 days ago


Stupid wasted whore!

2123 days ago

M and M    

Who the heck is Chyna. Never heard of her before she got this drunk. 15 minutes, I guess.

2123 days ago

J Waltman    

Chyna You need to come and live with me, I'd take good care of you and nurse you back to health. There is nothing wrong with being sober and nothing wrong with having fun. Moderation! Good Luck Sweetie!!!!!!!

2122 days ago


Chyna is a train wreck. It seems like ever since she left or was fired from the WWE her life has went to hell it seems. When Stephinie McMahon got together with "Triple H' Paul from the WWE and Paul and Chyna parted ways it seems she never got over the pain of him leaving her for the bosses daughter.
Chyna started to hang out with X-Pac "Sean Waltman" that use to work for the old WWF. This dude was already a train wreck and Chyna got on that train with him that never stopped..

Chyna you use to have it all respect, self-esteem, and a purpose what is your purpose now to die before your 40 becasue drugs and drinking have TAKEN OVER your life so it seems. Take a long look in the mirror do you like the person you see? Your gonna kill yourself Chic, get control of your life before you have no life to choose to change becasie your be 6ft under.

Wake up, Life is worth living without drugs and blacking out..It is NOT COOL TO DO DRUGS..Get help, turn your life around .

2122 days ago


While he/she was under, did any check for a penis??? This would be TMZ gold!!!!!!

2122 days ago


I can bet people won't say mean things like that to her face,(Chickens)

1636 days ago


i'd rale here

1492 days ago
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