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Saggy Stars

12/28/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

These stars like to let it all hang out ... or at least their pants.

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These people are mildy retarded, they shouldn't be made fun of, I applaud them for wearing what they want to even when it looks like they have been on medication to long.

2122 days ago


With the new President can we say good bye to the Prison Garb and Prison Culture fashionable look once and for all? When will Prison no longer be glorified? Please Mr President Elect, when you take office, give your people and all people new visions of what should be glorified instead of Prison.

Thank You

2122 days ago


saggy pants means rebellion or you just lost some weight and you are on your way to buy smaller jeans

2122 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #3 yvette...i agree with your comment (for regular folk)...but...these artist are far from regular...i just can't get my head around this fashion statement...please everybody...pull up your's not a good look !!!

2122 days ago


I love the look. It makes it that much easier to identify the morons roaming the world.

2122 days ago


As poster #2 referenced...this saggy pants look started in prison.

I looked this up once because I can't stand how this looks and wondered why any guy would dress this way. Well, I was surprised to read how this started. Another surprise is how many guys dress this way because it's advertisied as "a look" but it means so much more.

In a nut shell (no pun intended....well maybe ;) )

In prison, the hanging pants is advertisement for gays that were looking for "some". Since guys can't acutally walk around saying "let's screw" they came up with a way to tell others they were available and wouldn't mind the "attention". That's why the pants go below their butts.

It's stupid that all these guys think it's cool and they are completly ignorant for what it is they are actually saying with their body language. A lot of these clothes that are made for this kind of wearing are actually made in the prison systems too. It's funny that you have all these "tough" guys walking around talking crap, acting like they could take you out w/ a look, that they're the toughest/meanest MOFOs on the planet and basically they're telling everyone that they're poofters....LOL Unless they got a mean swing with the purse strings this is soooo not the intimidating tough guy look...roflao

Or maybe they know how to thorw shoes....I mean that did almost take out a

2122 days ago


stupid,gross,done,grow up idiots!!!

2122 days ago


Saggy pants to TMZ and Harveystein is like long side burns to your shoulders for stupid ass religious purposes to the rest of the world. Better yet, why no post about blue jeans worn by old white women that come right under their udders?

2122 days ago

Loud and talentless    

Well there ya go ... the decay of society.

2122 days ago

Kendra Would Rock Your C**k!    

That would be EXCEPTIONAL if they all turned that way. If they were to NOT procreate it would be a HUGE win for this planet!

2122 days ago


I love it how all these saggy pants folks make more money than the people who complain. I guess the fact that Madoff and Blogovitch who wear suits with ties are better people than someone who has not lied or stolen from people that wears saggy pants? Those that complain about fashion are insecure and stupid....and in this case, more broke than the accused!

2121 days ago


Either pull your pants up, or take them off and run around in your underwear.. because there is zero mystery, zero "fashion", and zero sense in walking around in pants you're constantly pulling up! Nobody wants to see others nasty hairy azzcrack!!

2120 days ago

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