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Sarah Palin Wears Granny Panties...

12/29/2008 9:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

... because she's officially a grandmother now!

Sarah's unwed teenage daughter Bristol finally gave birth yesterday to a baby boy named -- wait for it -- Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston!

Congrats Levi...


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wasted days and wasted nights    

Time to get a sidecar for the snowmobile :)

2094 days ago

Big Bear    

Oh great!! The world has another bastard baby!!!!!!!!!!!

2094 days ago

Rocco and David    

At least she compassion enough NOT to have killed her child by legalized abortion!!!!!!!!!

2094 days ago


Thats all fine and good.. but thats not Levi in the pic here.. It's Bristol's brother, Trick? or Trap.. somethin like that.. I know theres not much to do in Alaska.. but.. Girl pleeez.. not your BROTHER... lol

2094 days ago


I'll check out the granny panties on Palin anytime....

2094 days ago


Isn't Easton a type of hockey stick? Must of been Levi's contribution to the ridiculous neverending names.

2094 days ago


To the defenders in this group whom think we are all so horrible for giving this couple a hard time, HOW can we not???

This is the woman who sat up on any stage to talk her religious crap about sex and being married, no gays getting married, zero sex education, and now HER kid had a bun in the oven. Duh. Now we all are suppose to be giddy for them and Ms. Palin?
Please, just another whack job who preached to her kids nonsense and now she is a Granny. Gee, just like soooooo many other Americans. Oh the horror.

Wasn't it just yesterday that the truth of it is that MOST kids who swear to God that they will be chaste, ARE ALMOST NEVER and they are more likly to NOT use protection. So, keep talking your crap parents who think Jesus is going to lead the way. ITS NOT WORKING! Look at the Palin's. White trash through and through.

2094 days ago


Oh, Bree you poor dumb thing.

The Palin's get what they deserve. Period. You should be GRATEFUL we have a new President who actually has a degree and a brain. Oh, and we have the luck of a First Lady who is just as sharp. Wake-up.
We have dodged a crater! Another 4 years of the old man and the dumb-a$$? Geezzzzzzz. Oh and then the almost First Lady???!!! I'sd hate to see what advice she might have had on McMoney! I can hear her now, where can I get some scripts in this town???!!
Trust people, she is STILL on her scripts, she isn't hiding it well.

2094 days ago


ANCHORAGE - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was a strong second among the most-admired women, behind Hillary Clinton but ahead of television host Oprah Winfrey, when the USA Today/Gallup poll was conducted Dec. 12-14.

For Please already!, Obama called and he's returning your vote along with $1.32 for gas. Who the hell would want your nasty, vile ass on their side?

And the McMoney crack is interesting given the number of wealthy Dems running around. Do I really have to list them for you, dummy?

2094 days ago


Well, if we glorify celebs who do the same thing....... The only difference between this chick and Nicole Richie is money.

2094 days ago


Lay off the teenagers and babies who don't have anything to do with entertainment (which is what you are supposedly here for), TMZ losers and cowards.

2094 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

The final answer - "Bristol" is a BAY in Alaska. Yes, it is Levi in the picture(her brother had his head shaved to leave for Iraq). Finally, I think that anyone, celebrity or not, who gives their kid a weird name is an idiot. I think Bristol should write a book, expose the whole crazy clan and move to the lower 48 to start a new life with that baby. Get away from your ignorant, intolerant, self absorbed mother and drug addicted, toothless in-laws. Yee-Haw!!

2094 days ago


There is no reason to call Bristol ugly names. What has happened here is nothing to be proud of, but certainly does not single her out really as being a "bad" person.

I do think however, it says something about Sarah Palin. She should have done a huge about face regarding her stance on sex education. She supposedly was pregnant when she married Todd. Now this happens with her own daughter. It begs the question - what is the IQ of one who does not even learn from their own mistakes; and/or what kind of person would not do their very best to prevent the exact same thing from happening to her daughter? Dropping out of high school is certainly not admirable either.

I believe Palin prefers public adoration to being a decent mother to her children.

2094 days ago


It is intresting how people who have so much advice and high morals don't seem to be able to control what goes on in their own homes. Palin is a hypocrite. What is done in the dark always comes to the light. She cannot explain this mess.

2094 days ago


A new, healthy baby loved by parents and grandparents is truly a blessing. This child will be raised with love by a wonderful family (the Palin's). An unplanned pregnancy could happen to anybody's children - no matter what you teach them - at least the message was right. Congratulations!

2094 days ago
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