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The Royal Beer Bong Is Ready

Your Highness

12/29/2008 1:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He may be third in line for the British throne -- but Prince Harry is next in line to chug-a-lug!!

PH pulled a Matt Leinart during a party trip to Mauritius this weekend -- sucking down on one of the biggest beer bongs the island nation has ever seen.


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My god, this people are pasty, Elmer's glue white!!

2126 days ago

darling nikki    

I guess the pap's weren't satisfied with Princess Di's death. It appears the parasite's have found another host.

2126 days ago


He's tasty hot...

2126 days ago


Thanks for the Geography lesson Harvey. I had no idea Mauritius even existed. Killed some time at work looking it up!

2126 days ago


R.J. Johnson........Surfer Dude???

2126 days ago


R.J., take your bitterness elsewhere.

Anyway, Prince Harry likes a beer bong... so what? It's not like he will ever become king.

2126 days ago


Come on, leave the poor kid alone. At least he's out having some fun. He's young and should enjoy it. You Go Harry!!

2126 days ago


Yeah, I'm with you "Yep, Yep". Leave these poor people alone! Let the guy enjoy his youth for God's Sake! I'd think something was wrong with him if he WASN'T doing beer bongs at his age! Party Hearty Harry!
There's nothing lower on this earth than a celebrity photographer hound. It's all gonna come back to you rotten bastards one day. You, along with the Royal Family made Diana's life hell - don't do it to her children!

2126 days ago

Dyna ™    

Pretty sure he's old enough to drink out of a "beer bong" if that's what he chooses... he's third in line to be king... give him some privacy to have fun while he still can. There's no hurry to grow up now.. I prefer mine in a bottle, he prefers his from a hose...;D

2126 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Anyway, Prince Harry likes a beer bong... so what? It's not like he will ever become king.

Posted at 12:48PM on Dec 29th 2008 by ummmmmmmm

It has happened many times that the 'second' son has become King in England/Britain's history. In fact, in the 20th century alone, Queen Elizabeth II's father (George VI) was the second son (his older brother Edward VIII abdicated) and so was her grandfather (George V) whose older brother had unexpectedly died without children at the age of 28.

So, until William has children, Harry's chances are historically strong that he might become King. It's not to say though that usual enjoyments of youth should be avoided. It's better if the Press just keeps its nose out of his private life.

2126 days ago


So much for the Queen ordering them to keep it low key since all the peasants are suffering in this economy. These spoiled do nothing royals are truly sickening. I wish the British people would wake up and end their gravy train.

2126 days ago

northern gypsy    

the next generation of "royals" are able to relate to the common folk...that's great...because you see how messed up his great aunt was...not to mention dear old dad !!!

2126 days ago


Celebrities and Royals should know that somewhere out there is lurking a photographer waiting for that "money shot", it's a shame many get caught doing stupid things.

2126 days ago


I think Harry likes the attention. From smoking pot to dressing like a Nazi, he's always up to some kind of antics in not-so-private locations. Everyone should lighten up on the press for obliging him. This is in NO way similar to what happened to his mother.

2126 days ago


Kitty I am British :) . In fact William and Harry and other Royals
do a lot and bring a lot of money to our economy through tourism etc. As for being spoiled and lazy both Harry and William are in the Army and are on there Christmas HOLIDAYS!!...Harry,,,the guy your criticising has been out to the War against his superiors wishes as he wanted to be with his men. He only come home cos the Australian media ratted on him. . If you want to call this kid lazy and spoiled fine....but just walk a mile in his shoes first.

For the record...I would much rather have a Monarchy than be like you
guys and be totally ruled by people like Mad "Dubya" Bush!

2126 days ago
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