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Alba's Hubby Cash in Near-Violent Clash

12/30/2008 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A heated confrontation almost came down to blows last night when Jessica Alba's husband got in a paparazzo's face and started smackin' around his camera.

Cash & Jessica: Click to watch
It all started outside of Bardot, when the pap knocked into the Albas' ride -- that's when Cash Warren went right for the guy and demanded some contact information -- stat! With Jessica in the car, Cash knocked around the dude's camera, thus pissing off the papper. But when the shooter shoved back -- Cash was man enough to walk away.

Pretty intense little skirmish though.


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Andres Montoya    

first!!! "We loved fantastic four" LOL!!

2093 days ago


Here's an idea, maybe the two of them could just deal with the attention she gets instead of trying to be all tough guy'esq with the camera guy. In fact, Jessica should be happy to get any kind of pap attention considering how horrendous her movies are AND the fact that she's only famous for being beautiful as opposed to something commendable like her ability to act or choice of movie roles.

I have no idea where or what l 'Bardot' is, but it seems like a high traffic area for celebs. If they don't want that kind of attention, you don't go to some cheesy celeb bar/restaurant where the paps hang out.

2093 days ago


Sono, celebs have the right to go anywhere they like without being harrassed by a bunch of thugs with cameras. Jessica Alba is a beautiful talented young woman who has never behaved like Amy Winohouse or any of those other drunken drugged-out losers and deserves her space and privacy. And yes, I absolutely get the irony of being one of the people in here which no doubt helps to support the paparrazzi culture. Celebrities should only have to cooperate with the press when they are promoting a movie, they work for a living the same as the rest of us and sometimes much longer hours and in harsher conditions. Get a reality check will you? Jealous much?

2093 days ago

Shady Fans not so Shady Stars    

Agree with Sono 100%. I can understand being annoyed with the paps, but seriously the guy didn't break the mirror. I have gotten out of my car and accidentally knocked the car next to mine's side window. It wasn't intentional, the guy apologized and more importantly there wasn't any damage done to the vehicle. Cash seemed to unneccessarily escalate the situation by repeatedly grabbing at the camera and pushing it into the wall. Intentionally attempting to damage a camera, which probably costs more than the side mirror on a GMC, is childish. The camera probably costs a couple grand. I replaced the entire front bumper and lights on an Audi A8 for a few grand at the dealership. I doubt the side mirror on a GMC (which wasn't damaged simply pushed as they are able to do to get into tight spots) costs more than a couple hundred bucks. The pap didn't break it and apologized. Grow Up Cash.

2093 days ago


Wow...Cash has a serious case of testosterone poisoning.

2093 days ago


If more celebs just stopped and smiled for the cameras, then there wouldn't be stories of celeb/pap throwdowns. That's what the paps are shooting for anyway -- to cause a celeb to go crazy, to get it on tape. If I was a celebrity and had paps following me to a grocery store (or whatever), I'd ask them to push my shopping cart and get products off of shelves for me. I mean, if they're going to publish my pictures somewhere, might as well make them work for it.

2093 days ago


I agree with Leela 100%

2093 days ago


Paps should not be allowed to just hang out at these places, anyway... they are essentially loitering, anyway and they make it hard to get in and out of these restaurants and tie traffic up, not to mention make it dangerous with their pursuit.

Too bad all these celebs that hate the stalkerazzi don't carry PEPPER SPRAY and just douse these leeches with it.

2093 days ago


Thank you JJ.
I wonder what the business owners on these pap-infested streets think about the people who say celebs shouldn't go here or there if they want to avoid the stalkarazzi.

2093 days ago


RJ Johnson why do you insist on posting that comment on every damn page on this site? It wasn't amusing the first time. The "prosaic humor" you're so offended by comes with the territory. Jay Leno is a comedy show that's not funny. TMZ is not a comedy show. Get over yourself.

2093 days ago


First of all, why go out to the same spots where you know the Euro-trash paps are at? Go someplace else where they are not! And for crying out loud....what exactly does K-Fed...I mean Cash-Fed do for a living? Or is he on his wife's payroll as security? What's up with these women and these loser ass men they find to impregnate them? OMFG, get a real job dude and stop sponging off your wife, her career is slow dragging and sooner or later the money will run out. Then what? What a pansy ass m'f, and notice how her dumb ass smiles & eggs him on. When he get's his ass beat, then what? She'll get her's as well and they will both look like asses!!

2093 days ago


"Give me your info"? Seriously, what's this guy going to do with it? Call his mother and complain? Once this little wimp realized the pap wasn't someone to mess with, he took the smart path and backed off before he took his dare a second time by touching the camera, which probably would have ended up with Jessica needing a new husband.

On the other side of this, why don't these idiots get out of L.A. and stop going to hotspots where they're being tracked down? They act like they hate all the attention they get yet they live in city where they have nothing but people who try to track them down.

2093 days ago


i agree leela and j.j.

if they stopped going to this spots, then someone would tip the paps off that so and so is hanging out somewhere else and then the paps would start hanging out at the new spot. people, it starts somewhere!

2093 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello... Grammar Rehab Center calling....
#12. Posted at 4:05PM on Dec 30th 2008 by Just sayin

.....When he GET'S his ass beat, then what?....


2093 days ago


Why does he keep asking for his card? Do paps even carry cards? LOL.

2093 days ago
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