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Brady Could Have Bunch of Errand Time in '09

12/30/2008 2:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen may have plenty of help around the house next year too.

That's because NBC Sports is reporting Tom Brady could be out for the 2009 season as well, as his recovery from knee surgery isn't going as well as expected. Regardless, the paps caught Brady and Giz "celebrating" something the other night in New York, just as his Patriots were going down in flames thanks to the New York Jets.

Other football sources are refuting the news of Brady's slow recovery -- in fact one reporter says he's ahead of schedule -- but whispers are this could be a ploy on the Pats' part to get more bucks for Brady's backup Matt Cassel.

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Phelps Phan    

Clearly, you are not sports fans. The Pats did not go down in flames, nor did they even play the Jets. They beat the Bills, landing them a potential Wildcard spot. That was until Baltimore dominated the Jags to clinch the only wildcard spot left. I'm a girl and I even knew that...

2122 days ago


MAybe if Brady had gone to a team recommended doctor who was familiar with the prccedure.... maybe if he chose a doctor who did the surgery in two parts like every other medical professional recommended...... Maybe if he had stayed in Boston under the eye of his rehabilitator, actually doing rehab, rather than jet-setting with his girlfriend. Maybe Patriots fans wouldn't be so disappointed in our former hero.

2122 days ago

Bobby D.    

My view is Brady quit the team before last year's Superbowl when he decided to blow off film study for hobnobbing with his horse faced nazi toothpick. He was more concerned with being stroked by syncophantic fashion whores in LA than doing what was right for his football career. He has zero respect for the team that took him in the sixth round and made him very rich. He has far less respect for the fans that supported him. Look for Brady to be on the Jets next year so he can stay close to the only people that matter, friggin' models. Brainless idiot.

2122 days ago


BMORE before you post, know what you are talking about... you just make yourself look like a fool otherwise.
had the jets won, the pats would have made the playoffs. TMZ never said they lost to the jets.

2122 days ago

Phelps Phan    

RAE before you post-- stop being a New York jackass. NE need the Ravens to lose to even have a shot at the playoffs. The Jets were the least of their worries. Ravens crushed their hopes long before the Jets would have- especially since the Jets lost.

2122 days ago


Go get em Bmore-- your assessment of both the wildcard scenario and Rae is correct.

Rae, you had better get YOUR facts straight- Baltimore was the only team that truly could make or break the Pats' chances. You are the moron here.

2122 days ago


its amazing what idiots post here... had the jets won the pats would be in the playoffs... you both need to go to espn.com. i wont be back here cuz i dont ever comment but i had to when i saw idiots like this posting. the pats were watching the jets game on the way back from their game because their season WAS NOT over, lol.. u both need severe help? bu bye :)

2121 days ago


The scenarios are pretty simple now. The Patriots lose against the Bills, and they’re out. If they win, they need one of the following three things to happen.

1) The Ravens lose to the Jaguars
2) The Jets beat the Dolphins
3) The Jets-Dolphins game ends in a tie

heres the deal you unbelievable imbusuls. ONE of the scenarios. hence even if the ravens won, the jets were the last hope.. and i am from boston. you both just made insane fools of yourselves but im pretty sure BMORE posted both of those under 2 names.. and now i rest my case ,,, go watch sportscenter!

2121 days ago


To anyone who's ever had knee surgery knows that a torn ACL or MCL takes a 12 to 18 months to become 100%.
Tom Brady tore both ligaments which makes it even more difficult. As far choosing as the surgeon you go with the best advice and the surgeon you trust most, not the one recommended by your team. Don't expect Tom Brady back to full health until 2010 season. If he tried to come back sooner he's a fool.

PS: The best knee surgeon in the World is Dr Richard Ryu in Santa Barbara,CA. Sorry all you East Coast Fans...

2121 days ago

Phelps Phan    

My point was simple. TMZ posted on Dec. 30th, after the all NFL games had been played, "just as his Patriots were going down in flames thanks to the New York Jets". Present tense. Scenarios aside-- what ACTUALLY happened, what ACTUALLY sent the Pats down in flames was that Baltimore ACTUALLY won. Thus, Baltimore crushed the Pats hopes. They were in the playoffs, until Baltimore won. That's all I'm saying. I'm well aware of what the scenarios were. What I'm more concerned about are the actual results. No need to get all defensive. I'm just stating the facts.

2121 days ago

Phelps Phan    

Even if the Jets had won, Baltimore was a win and in. A Jets win wouldn't have mattered at that point.

2121 days ago

Phelps Phan    

Scratch that- that would have put them as division leaders. I kept thinking Miami was a game ahead of them. My bad.

2121 days ago


That s Karma "Errand Boy" ! I hope you and the slut of Gisele go to Hell!!!
And you Gisele : Volta para o Brasil Puta de Merda!!!!

2114 days ago

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