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No Joke -- Dane Cook's Brother Steals Him Blind

12/30/2008 8:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dane CookTalk about keeping it in the family -- sources tell TMZ Dane Cook's brother (who was also his business manager) has been arrested for allegedly stealing millions from the comedian.

Darryl McCauley -- who was in charge of Cook's financial affairs since the 90s -- was arrested today by the Massachusetts State Police and charged with three counts of larceny and forgery.

Authorities say in one case, Dane's bro forged a $3 million check and deposited it in his account.

McCauley will be arraigned tomorrow in Woburn District Court.


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slipknot 4 life

2091 days ago


The real crime is that Dane Cook has earned millions of dollars. The real victims here are the poor people who spent money to see his shows and movies.
Oh, and Boston is still an awesome place to live, don't worry about us Baghwand.

2091 days ago

Stacey Bean Town 420    

Seriously, if you don't live in Boston get over yourself all politicians are snakes and only the rich votes count. The point is Dane Cook has a shady brother that will no longer be welcome at Christams dinner. I went to the same High School as Dane and his Brother and both were nice guys. As for you buying into his movies, that is purley your choice. His stand up in the early days were really funny and I feel for him and his family. LAY OFF THE BEAN! Don't hate that we have so many #1 teams. Blame the coaches hired by your filthy cities and learn how to lose; try to get used to it! GO BOSTON!

2091 days ago


The burning question is: Which side of the courtroom are their parents going to sit on?

2091 days ago


Clearly someone did notice that 3 mil was stolen or he wouldn't have been arrested!! Dane Cook has been in movies as well as his stand up career. How much do you think movie stars make? Good or bad, they make bank.

2091 days ago

optical girlz    

I am an optician in fort wayne.... i am in love with dane cook and want you to all stop making fun of my future love!!!!

2090 days ago


DANE COOK SUCKS!! He is giant bag of used douche

2090 days ago


Posted at 10:53AM on Dec 31st 2008 by wow

Exactly... It sounds as though someone noticed the money was missing before he could do any harm with it. Some of you guys need to READ the story before commenting. Dumb A*sholes.

2090 days ago


He STOLE his jokes from another comedian. WHAT GOES AROUND.....

2090 days ago


not as bad as your own mom stealing your government stimulous and refund check.. depositing it into a joint account then transfering the funds to her own account..

thanks mom.

2090 days ago


So Dane Cook steals the jokes, and his brother steals the money?

Sounds perfectly fair to me.

2090 days ago

Too smart    

At least Dane Cook won't have to buy his brother any future xmas gifts. And to that idiot who said incorrect things about Barney Frank...number one Barney Frank IS FROM NEW JERSEY originally and moved to Mass later in life. He DID NOT rob our country but only a moron would think that so here's to the moron of comment 15 - educate yourself cause you sound sooo stupid and it's pretty obvious you are a homophobe. Get help stupid!

2090 days ago


Why is Dane Cook famous? Why? Why? He's not funny, he can't act. Why do people go to his shows? I mean, really....someone explain it to me. I'm baffled.

2090 days ago


Dane should talk about his story on the Keith and the Girl Podcast. If he has just gone on the first show instead of canceling I bet none of this would happened.Just as Keith was kind enough to steer people away from the Amevio (Podshow) contract he could have told Dane to look out for this no good brother of his.Keith really is a martyr .His Father should be very proud of him

2090 days ago


>Why is Dane Cook famous? Why? Why?

Because he is heavily marketed to college students and many college students will enjoy something if they believe that they are supposed to enjoy it, They go to his shows and laugh out of peer pressure. When they get a bit older they'll ask themselves why they thought he was funny. By then he'll be all washed up anyway.

2090 days ago
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