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USC Coach Drills Team on Current Events

12/30/2008 5:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The USC football team had to watch some "special" game footage yesterday -- after their coach got wind of their massive brain fart of a performance on TMZ.

There's a post on a USC football website detailing yesterday's team meeting where coach Pete Carroll, "showed the video ... giving the players plenty of opportunities to laugh at each other and also offering a teachable moment. He reviewed some current events with the players, including Biden's role as the next VP and Blagojevich's scandal."

Carroll was also quoted as saying, "Our players were clearly not on their game last night at Lawry's ... We've got some things to work on."

The Trojans are scheduled to pound Penn State into oblivion during their Rose Bowl matchup on New Year's Day.

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No Avatar


Penn State is going to pound USC. They are one of the most underrated teams in college football, period. GO LIONS!!!

2089 days ago


Penn State by 10. We are Penn State!

2089 days ago


A typical comment from someone that has no clue aboute college football. Penn State by 14!!!

2089 days ago


2 really sad parts to this story. 1, these guys are most likely all on scholarship. What a waste and or scam. 2. They all probably voted for Obama without even hearing any issues or knowing any facts. Apparently they didn't know any facts. I think it's safe to say that the term student-athlete doesn't apply at USC.

2089 days ago

Mr. Tire Biter    

Except for maybe the Ivy Schools they answered the same as most college kids their age.

The part you got right was USC destroying Penn State like all the other hapless Big Ten teams that come out west for the Rose Bowl.

2089 days ago


Typical, USC and TMZ, idiots!

2089 days ago



i am with you 100%....they are getting a FREE education to play football at a great school and probaby did vote Obama. Everything, that is exactly wrong with this world!

PennState doesn't have a chance.

2089 days ago


Penn State will beat USC...and the players are smarter too!!!

2089 days ago

Limey Louie    

Stop hating douchebags. These are typical college kids. TMZ is struggling to produce content obviously.....Whats next going to retirement centers and selectively mockingly and quizzing them as well? u guys suck.

USC 28 Penn St. 10.

2089 days ago

they actually weren't bad    

A lot of college students probably don't know a lot about current affairs. I know that when I was in college I concentrated on studying and didn't have a lot of time to pay attention to current affairs, even though it has always interested me. That said, I know I would have known who Joe Biden is. At least TMZ is right about them pounding PSU. That day they'll be my favorite team, the University of Whoever Plays Penn State!

2089 days ago


Funny how the haters forget that these are typical football players that every school has, especially State Penn, oops, I meant Penn St. At least TMZ was smart enough to target a prominent team like USC that people actually care about hating. Just like any celebrity, we love to hate them because their success makes the average idiot feel incompetent about their own lack of success. Jeez, isn’t fun writing anonymous comments about these 300lb guys that could whoop just about anyone’s ass? Both USC and Penn St. are guilty. But…I guess Penn St. needs any excuse to feel confident about the Rose Bowl? I have mad respect for the Lions, but I think we should see how the football players play FOOTBALL on Thursday which is what they do best, instead of judging them on a 2 minute, edited, video-bite designed to perpetuate sensationalism amongst the common drones of society. Maybe we should start criticizing the engineering major for not being able to lead the country in defense? Hell, intelligence and athleticism are both talents, so why pick and choose what is honorable and what is foolishness just to fit our own selfish insecurities? Funny how Athletes get paid so much for entertaining us with their physical, and NOT mental talents…Yet some idiots pick them apart for it…I guess they just couldn’t make the grades to get into USC? May the best team win, and I’ll be happy just to see what these athletes do best…PLAY FOOTBALL!

2089 days ago


When I was college age I really couldn't have cared LESS about current events or the news either. You're supposed to be blistfully ignorant when you're young! Ahh...to be young and clueless again.

2089 days ago


If you people think that saying "they are in college" is an excuse (especially to the idiot #8, sorry buddy, I don't know what Community College you failed out of, but this is anything BUT typical), and even more so to the ones that said they didn't know these things when they were in school....this is easily a HUGE part of everything that is wrong with this world. Makes me wish that stupidity was fatal!

2089 days ago


Are you kidding me? TMZ chooses favorites in College Football games? I think that's almost more ridiculous than the stupid USC football players!


2089 days ago


go penn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2089 days ago
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