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Jamie Lynn Decoy Pissed -- May Sue Los Angeles

12/31/2008 3:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the L.A. Airport Police and the City of Los Angeles may end up getting sued over a bungled attempt to protect Britney Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn.

Last September 11, when Jamie Lynn flew to Los Angeles, LAX cops tried to divert the paparazzi by using a decoy whom they escorted to baggage claim. The impromptu decoy -- Adessa Eskridge -- happened to be on the same plane as Jamie Lynn.

Eskridge's lawyer, Chuck Vernon, tells us one of the cops told Eskridge as she got off the plane, "You're going to help us with something." He says it was almost as if she was taken into custody. Vernon says cops told Eskridge to walk with them as they made their way to baggage claim.

Vernon says as the eight officers escorted his client, she took her sunglasses off but they told her to put them back on. As they reached the bottom of the escalator, she was suddenly and unwittingly besieged by paparazzi.

Jamie Lynn was able to beat a hasty retreat from the airport, undetected by the media.

Vernon says Eskridge has filed a claim for money with the City of L.A., a prelude to filing a lawsuit. Vernon says a City rep from Risk Management contacted him yesterday. Vernon vows, if the claim is rejected, Eskridge will file a lawsuit claiming false arrest and negligent infliction of emotional distress.


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Big deal, you were used as a decoy.
Emotional distress my ass...

2089 days ago

This is devastating.....    

Ok,so even though she probably had no choice when the cops told her she needed to "help them with something" but suing is soooo stupid.It was what 5 minutes out of her time? Yeah it was probably freightening being whisked away my cops when getting off of a plane but, "emotional distress" are your friggen kidding me? over that? It was a whole 2 minutes of her life & she was then brought into a room away from the camera's..not enough time to cause emotional distress.My goodness.I do not think this is anything to sue over.I could see if she was jamie lynn's decoy for hours or was injured while being a decoy or has been used as a decoy for jamie lynn more then once & never got paid..but this to me is no reason to sue.Also,why would you wait until months after the incident to sue..sounds like some one who is money hungry & looking for her 5 minutes of fame.

Part of me thinks that she was not told she had to help but that she was asked to help out & agreed to it & did it for free & then later said i could get money for this. What ever.Any way to get 5 minutes of fame and money.

2089 days ago


How can you people be so rude. This poor girl was approached by LAX officers and wasn't asked but was told to come with them. Then they stated you are going to "help us with something" only when the Pop's as you call them show up did she have any idea what was happening. Imagine how you would feel if it happened to you! They pretty much demanded that she do what they said. Maybe sueing isn't the answer ,but what is. She was scared and then left to feel used. And there is the remote possibility that something bad could have gone wrong and she could have been hurt. So maybe before everyone passes judgement on this young lady maybe you should get your facts straight and put yourself in her shoes. She definately deserves an apology from both Jamie Lynn's people as well as LAX for what they put her through ; because she was probably on vacation or visiting the fair state of California. Which I am sure she probably won't come back again.

2083 days ago


She wasn't asked so she couldn't say no, but she would of had they ask.
That's my cousin, and she was also getting harassing emails, calls, letter, ect. She had to disconnect her phone. How did that happen?
Idk if I personally would sue, but what they did was not right. She thought she was being arrested.

2082 days ago


Any thought that Ms. Eskridge isn't even after the money herself? There are a lot of parties involved here and I have a feeling that she is truly an innocent bystander of the situation. Traveling alone and being approached by police with no explanation as to why she was being escorted away in such a hurry is frightening. And with no time for explanation until after the whole incident, Ms. Eskridge had no time to react. My heart goes out to her...especially having to deal with the entire online world stating an opinion of her. The Spears family are celebriteis by choice... I have a feeling Ms. Eskridge would much rather stay a quite Ohio resident then someone in the Hollywood spotlight.

2073 days ago
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