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Palin -- Not In School Doesn't Mean Dropout

1/1/2009 2:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

You know the difference between an unwed teen baby daddy who left high school to become an electrician and a HS dropout? Nothing, according to Sarah Palin.

She corrected several publications and their reports Levi Johnston, her daughter Bristol Palin's fiancé, dropped out of high school. He's doing it online, apparently, and Bristol is getting "her last credit" to graduate while taking care of her new baby Tripp. (Track, Trig ... Tripp. No, we don't get it either.)

The Governatrix also said she is "over the moon" about the new child, even though, she admits, the news of Bristol's pregnancy was "shocking."


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Lexar for your life! You are way too good looking to be mixed up with this clan. I am waiting for Bristol to drop her next litter: Turd, Tard, and Trout.

2066 days ago


I am so grateful that none of my children were put in such a terrible situation. I am a firm believer in sex education and don't think for one minute that it gives the kids the knowledge to go out and start having sex. It's human nature and I'd rather see teens wait until they are absolutely sure about a relationship but if they choose to do go the next step I'd rather see them smart and protected.. There are far to many unwanted children in this world when it really is so unecesary. In Briston's case, I hope she only marries that boy if she's absolutely sure and not pushed into it by her screwball mother who tells her "it's the right thing to do".

2066 days ago


thank god im not the only one totally baffled by the naming process going on in the plin family tree. So basically if you are born male, you are screwed and have to live your life with the stupidest name your mother could think of? track, trig, tripp, ....

2066 days ago


Why isn't Levi in school anyway? It's not like he had the baby.

Yes Levi and Bristol ARE BOTH drop outs. Levi going online for maybe an hour or two a day doesn't men he's in school. It means he's on VACATION. Deal with it Sarah! You're daughter was not a virgin and had a child our of wedlock. Which you always looked down on. You raised what you would call other people's daughters -- a whore. And now she is also an uneducated whore. I have absolutely nothing against unwed mothers or people who fell on bad times and dropped out of school. But Bristol and Levi are privileged children who are the complete opposite of what their parents preached.

2066 days ago


Happy New Year all. I am a strong Obama supporter, thrilled that he won, but I've never said anything disrespectful about John McCain. I did, however question his wisdom in his V.P. selection.

To those who are claiming that Trig is Bristol's kid - can you back it up? If it's true, it's ...creepy. Thanks.

2066 days ago

joel palmer    

The Palins and the Johnstons are white trash (methamphetamines and bastard children). They are factually dumb, irresponsible, treasonous (Todd's Separation Party affiliation) and crooked (the clothes and the work on their house).

Sarah Palin will never win another election anywhere; her 15 minutes are used up

2066 days ago


For Lisa to accuse "Jake" of libel, I bet Lisa is aka Sarah P. You know Ms. Palin reads all of this stuff.

2066 days ago


I have a son with Down Syndrome. My first thought when Sarah Palin started running was that she was very selfish. She needs to focus on her youngest, NOT on concentrating on being the first woman vice president which seemed to be all she was concerned about. Thank God she lost, now she can focus on getting Trig all the therapies and treatment he is going to need over the years and then SHE can be the one to take him to the sessions, NOT a hired hand.

2066 days ago


Sarah Palin and her Brood are proof that "Abstinence Only" programs don't work. What if besides getting pregnant, Bristol would have gotten Aids.

2066 days ago


And this woman is the Governor of a State. God help Alaska.

2066 days ago


I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. It must be a burden to have a whore for a daughter.

2066 days ago


Hepziba, I'm so happy to hear that you have eggs (huevos)! Make sure you don't fry them with all the drugs!

2066 days ago


Paul, I'm sure she's proud that her daughter is a whore like she is.

2066 days ago

4.00 GPA    

the Palin family = low class, redneck, uneducated, dysfunctional family, slutty daughter, loves America, unintelligent, thinks evolution is a myth

the Obama family = Harvard educated, decent, wealthy, high class, good-mannered, two beautiful daughters, intelligent, loves America, Christian but not narrowminded

2066 days ago


I don't understand the bitterness some have for the Palin family. Ms. Palin's life and that of her family has been scrutinized from every angle. Do we not have skeltons in our closets? Is Bristol the first teen to get pregnant? Will she be the last?

2066 days ago
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