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Lindsay & Sam -- Fight Club

1/2/2009 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay and Sam's blowout at Miami International wasn't the only one they had this week -- we're hearing the couple also went at it on New Year's Eve, in front of a packed party at Mansion.

Lindsay Lohan: Click to watch
According to, Lindsay came over and started yelling at Sam, who was talking with a dude in the DJ booth. In the video of the heated conversation, it sounds like Lindsay is yelling "Why are you doing this?!"

This is the third in a string of public fights the couple has had in the past month, including the one at the airport and another at Sam's house that was so loud it kept the neighbors up.


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To see or not to see    

Hello!... Grammar Rehab Center calling .....

#25. Posted at 3:00PM on Jan 2nd 2009 by pattie in cali

loho YOUR(1) a nasty thing, YOUR(2) trash, you have no clue what you want, you think of only you. try thinking of others, ITS(3) a great feeling, YOUR(4) all about you, i can't stand the way you are, you once had a chance of a great life in the movies, but you soon turned that into a failed chance, YOUR(5) hateful, nasty, mean. Sam run as fast as you can. and don't look back. loho will only bring you down. loho grow up. you have everything, but a real life, with real feelings. YOUR(6) hateful, just like your mom. maybe you should try giving alittle back. it feels good, YOUR(7) a taker, not a giver, i am not talking about money, just freakin grow up.

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2128 days ago


last time i checked...couples argue sometimes. Just proves linds and sam are just like everyone else only they make more money. get over it.

2128 days ago

oh come on    

this is a joke make sumthing little into sumthing big all a joke why ya'll go after them 2 for very sad why not give it a break on the same stories kinda getting old now. and the bloke 'nik' who says his in the middle of it needs to grow up aswell and step back!!!!

2128 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Dear Grammar Rehab Center, I understand your frustration with people's inability to figure out differences between various words; i.e. their, there, they're, and all the variations randomly added to the base word 'you'. But now I find blog grammar and spelling nazis to be even more irritating than the violators! Does it make you feel superior to rag on people who are never going to get the clue, or are you just anally retentive like that? I often make typos myself, but I really don't care because the last time I checked, this wasn't being graded and no one is getting paid in any sort of way (barring spammers) for what their opinion is. English is already a very confusing and often nonsensical language, but becoming endlessly frustrated or snobbish over it is not helping anyone. If it really bugs you, you should consider donating all of your free time to teaching English to people in a classroom! Considering that there are other things that we should be probably concerned with such as a collapsing world economy, looming world wars, a polluted and dying world; your sniveling rants become even more off putting! And guess what? If I made any grammatical or spelling errors, so be it! Don't even think of correcting anything either, as you were not asked too and it is not welcomed!

2128 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Ooops, I noticed an extra 'o' in too (versus 'to') . I wanted to correct myself, because I do know the difference and it was merely a slip of a finger! I just didn't feel like giving your lame ass easy ammunition.

2128 days ago


Oh they are so cute! This young couple in love will be OK. Every couple has problems, some just express those problems in public.

2128 days ago


#36/37 - Thank you for taking on Grammar Rehab. He/she HAS become more annoying that the worst posters here. Hey, Grammar Rehab - my local library is recruiting volunteers for the Adult Literacy Program. Care to join us?

2128 days ago



They both are a complete mess !!!!!

2128 days ago

Carrys F.    

How can anyone tell what they're saying???? If it was a fight, how does that Sam keep getting jobs if they're always fighting? If I owned a business, I'd sure be upset with my employees if they brought their home lives in all the time. They'd be FIRED!

2128 days ago

Bob Dole rules    

Cool to finally see others slamming Mr/Ms Grammar Rehab Center. Nobody appreciate's being corrected by some smartass know-it-all.
I've tried putting my own comments against him/her elswhere and they were blocked! [well at least ONE got through anyway]. I thought I was the only one who was irked by all of Grammar Rehab Center's garbage.

2128 days ago


i did hear lindsay say why are you doing this, i think it was because sam was playing brittany spears song womanizer now was it because it was brittany's song or because it's a song about being a womanizer? but tmz asked that dude what was going on, and the dude said i don't know i am just standing here.then the dude said something to lindsay and she told him to stay out of it.

2128 days ago


Couldn't hear a damn thing over the music

2128 days ago

my my my    

Who friggin' cares about these useless idiots...hope they both drop off the face of the earth... They take up need air and space.

2128 days ago

Sarah Palin is the devil    

I like Grammar Rehab Center. He/she is funny!

2128 days ago


When will I finally stop seeing or hearing from Lohan???? No talent, STD-ridden, WORTHLESS POS. Someone make this useless human being disappear!!!!

2128 days ago
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