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Ambulance Rushes Jett Travolta to the Hospital

1/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first video of the ambulance that took Jett Travolta to the hospital just before he was pronounced dead.

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Outside the hospital, a representative for the resort where the Travoltas were staying confirmed what had been widely reported -- Jett Travolta suffered a seizure early this morning and fell and hit his head.


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nanilani--Regardless of any known issues about Scientology, the truth is that you do not know anything about what type of care or lack of care may or may not have been given to Jett Travolta. You are not a member of his family, you obviously do not know them personally, and as far as I can tell, your are neither the family doctor nor the nanny.

Therefore, your rants about Scientology having "killed" this poor child are just that--RANTS. Empty ones at that. Even if you have a list of a thousand people who died because of Scientology, it still is not useful as evidence that Jett Travolta died because of it.

Why don't you worry about your own household and let the Travoltas worry about theirs.

2121 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

That video was totally edited...wonder who put the kibosh on gurney being taken out and the family? sure doesn't take long for the cult to get in there! amazing. It is appropriate though, but , just saying. oh and btw., a rep from the resort being the spokesperson? hmmmmmmm

2121 days ago


# 75 - And when did you have your talk with God???
NOBODY knows what happens after death!!

2121 days ago


You people are all sick in the head.

2121 days ago


Don't look for any in depth investigation from Greta, who had a segment on this tonight. She's a scientologist too, as is her husband. When Scientologist Lisa Marie Presley got divorced, who handled it by fellow Scientologist John Coale, Greta's husband.

2121 days ago


Sherry: My husband was on Dilantin for 4 years for major depressive disorder AND tonic clonic seizures. It's also commonly prescribed for bipolar II and agoraphobia. I'm sorry you disagree, but I'm not saying anything "untrue."

I'm very VERY sorry for the Travoltas, but also angry as HELL that $cientology kept Jett off of anticonvulsants.

2121 days ago


Here is a video of Jett in Paris with John and Kelly. You can clearly see he is autistic from the glazed over look on his face when he stares at the camerman, and when he gets in the van, he is rocking and using his fingers to stim...classic autistic behavior. He also doesn't want to slide over so John can get in, and it "seems" John knows not to insist he move over for fear of a public meltdown, so he climbs over Jett. There is CLEARLY something well beyond Kawasaki Disease and a seizure disorder going on. I also supect that Jett's bloated look is from medications. It is an unusual chubbiness, more like toxic weight gain from meds. But no matter what Jett had, I am deeply saddened for The Travolta family. I remember when he was born and how ecstatic John was. He sure loved his babies.

2121 days ago


This is paps at their worst. This video should not exist. You disgust me for taking this and even more for posting it.

2121 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Just wanted to add, that rep from the resort, sure doesn't have the "tan" of someone living in the Bahamas, again, it doesn't matter, but just goes to show ya, alot of protection going on, this is a compound for sure, at least the "villas" Travolta "owned".

2121 days ago


Christ is the freaky alien.

2121 days ago

justice is served    

Surely no one will bother to reply to poster # 135. It would be like feeding a pet at the zoo...then they just want more.

2121 days ago


This is a horrible way to bring in the new year. Regardless of his RELIGION "ComboBreaker" a child died and a family has been through a terrible loss. I know what it is like to lose a child and NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO BURY THEIR CHILD... NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE, celebrity or not. You are a heartless A** and should be ashamed of yourself. I hope and pray for the Travolta's that they will be able to cope with the help from their family and friends for the hard journey that awaits them this year and for all the rest. It will not be easy and their lives will never be the same. I am truely saddened by this and hope that the "paps" will respect them and let them grieve in piece. This child was not a partier and not a druggie, so their is no story to try and get.. It was a horrible unfortunate accident! Let them be, they don't need the added stress and heartache from being hounded by A**hole Bloggers like "ComboBreaker" and "paps" trying to get the picture of the grieving family. Rest in Piece Jett, and my prayers are with you and your family!

2121 days ago


back off tmz the travoltas seem like private people leave them alone

2121 days ago


let them be: I hear you, and you're right. I don't know. But I'm asking because I want to know.

John Travolta has worked his ass off to be famous, and has been very vocal about supporting Scientology. His wife too. Well, here's something newsworthy that happened to him. He's the one who got himself into my life, by deliberately being famous enough for TMZ. I like my privacy, so I don't spend my life working to get famous. I mean, really? No one expected people to ask questions about a boy's death when he has a famous father who pimps a crazy cult? People are surprised that people aren't just saying "oh poor them?" I totally feel for them, if I didn't care I wouldn't bother commenting. I DO care, which is why I'm still talking.

FACT: Scientology has killed people directly and indirectly. FACT: Travolta is a Scientologist. FACT: Jett died as a result of a seizure. FACT: Scientology denies anti-seizure meds. No one else sees why I'm angered about this boy's death?

2121 days ago


ok i hear where you're coming from. i was shocked at tom cruise and the way he changed in front of our eyes when he came out in the open with his beliefs. i've never seen john do that but i know he's in it too. i just find it very hard to believe he would not help his son ya know? How do you know and I mean for sure, that he didnt give him medicine for seizures.......

2121 days ago
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