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Ambulance Rushes Jett Travolta to the Hospital

1/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first video of the ambulance that took Jett Travolta to the hospital just before he was pronounced dead.

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Outside the hospital, a representative for the resort where the Travoltas were staying confirmed what had been widely reported -- Jett Travolta suffered a seizure early this morning and fell and hit his head.


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Although I do not believe Lauren believes as I do, I do appreciate her seeing the irony in luckycharms5825 wishing me bodily harm. I also am not judging anyone on this board. I just people would open their eyes to this cult of alien worshipers. It is a church that was based off of a science fiction book and made into a religion to avoid tax laws.

The Travoltas and other well known celebs openly believe and make no qualms about saying they worship in the cult of Scientology. You say that God has taken this child. They believe in alien abduction. Ask Tom Cruise, Oprah, Will Smith et al about God.

As for luckycharms5825, I never said I believed in any particular religion. I just pointed out that a faith that does not believe in God does not go to Heaven as others believe it to be.

2082 days ago


Boy I have read some really asinine posts pertaining to something tragic that happened to this child and his family.

2082 days ago


Vultures. Shame on you.

2082 days ago


#37 I said no such thing.

There is no proof that they denied him any treatment. People are just making random accusations. No one has autopsy results on this message board, yet they are lynching the parents for their beliefs. I'm not a Scientologist, and I do not know what they believe, but I see nothing but hateful posts from uninformed morons. IF there was real proof that Scientologists abused children, then I would change my opinon. But not without that.

My brother worked with the Travoltas in Florida several times and thought they were extremely loving and attentive toward their son.

This is just horrible.

2082 days ago


Scientology KILLED THIS BOY! That is what people are saying! Not that they can't have their own beliefs, not that they aren't hurting.. it's that a FAKE CULT RELIGION brainwashed John and Kelly into thinking all drugs were bad. If you pay the Church of Scientology enough, they'll convince you you're a super hero who can fly and never gets sick. If you don't pay, then no 'clear' for you, but the Travoltas have plenty of money and for some reason are okay thinking that space aliens make anti-seizure meds unnecessary. THAT is why people are mad about it!! Jett died needlessly because of L. Ron Hubbard's cult! Anti-sci's aren't posting 'cause we're mean, we posting because we're outraged. THIS IS THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT IT.. if enough people would read up and find out what Co$ does, they could help others stay out of this killer cult!

2082 days ago

lisa lisa    

Sad, yes. Tragic, yes. We all have tragedy and loss and heartache to
contend least John Travolta has lots of financial resources to
heal and mend and rejuvenate with as well as loving fan support.

We should all be so lucky in times of horror!

2082 days ago


I have just lost all respect for any human decency..............done

2082 days ago


The Travoltas have suffered enough pain due to their son's health problems. They should be left alone to deal with his death in privacy.

2082 days ago


If the boy was severely autistic, no amount of additional treatment would have made him "normal".
The parents no doubt did what they could for him.
Posters here need to stop acting crazy and jumping to conclusions.

2082 days ago


Scientology Kills! I believe John's Scientology camp is on here checking to make sure that people aren't criticizing them and making comments. They are paranoid and they do cover their tracks constantly. May not be even JOhn's people, may be just reg scientologists that are higher ups, but I believe some are on here.

2082 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Yes, his death was tragic, but it is a well known fact that Scientology and many other beliefs refuse medical treatment and people die from that result. People have every right to question people when this happens and if a religion had to do anything with it, then to question that religion is reasonable too.

2082 days ago


why are all the people bashing TMZ even on this link if you think they are so vile?

2082 days ago


This boy is in the arms of Jesus, no matter what his parents did or did not do.

God does not judge anyone for someone else's mistakes!
You stupid evangelicals ought to be ashamed of yourselves with your judging and moralizing.

2082 days ago


CS: Oh, since your brother worked for a few days for the Travoltas I'm sure he knows it all.

Look up the facts and quit being a star gazer. Scientology is not a religion anyway... Look up t he FACTS on same/do a little studying instead of perusing gossip crap and you'll find that it HAS been proven that they LIED about their sons illness/made up medical conditions, and declined getting him APPROPRIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION and/or medications or proper diagnoses for his illness.

Therefore, they are responsible for his death.

Get over your worshipping of the Travoltas and do your homework.

2082 days ago


To cs: "IF there was real proof that Scientologists abused children, then I would change my opinon. But not without that."

Please just read about $cientology then! There is TONS of information out there.. you can pick and choose good sources from bad. Heck, just google "ex-scientologist" and read what people who were IN the cult can confirm. These are some sick bastards, all for $$$$$$$. And yeah, the people posting here about it don't know everything, we know that.. but we're asking questions because when something as serious as a boy's death happens, it is TIME to ask questions. We're not being vocal just for fun.. we've been doing research already and are disgusted that $cientology can cause something like this. :( Heck, just read for tons of info.

2082 days ago
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