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Ambulance Rushes Jett Travolta to the Hospital

1/3/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the first video of the ambulance that took Jett Travolta to the hospital just before he was pronounced dead.

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Outside the hospital, a representative for the resort where the Travoltas were staying confirmed what had been widely reported -- Jett Travolta suffered a seizure early this morning and fell and hit his head.


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#108 sad: No one here is gleeful about this.. read what we're saying! We're OUTRAGED and speaking out against a cult that killed this boy senselessly and needlessly! Like I said above, Jett is not the first to be killed by this cult, which is WHY we're talking! Yes, I TOTALLY feel TERRIBLE for this family!!!!! But come on, are they here reading this? No. Who is? Other people who are at least interested enough to click through.. THEY are the people we can ask to think about $cientology right now! We are speading the word, asking people to at least READ about this cult. Who knows, one of them might do it, and help keep a friend out of it, and stop another death!

2083 days ago


I think attacking one's religion is disguting! Their religion did not make The Travolta's love their child any less, I am sorry but your comments are vile, this it what is wrong with todays society, people attacking others because of their beliefs, this is the United States and we are free to practice any religion we choose so get over it! These people lost their child, and that is absolutely devastating and until you walk in their shoes shut your trap!

2083 days ago

justice is served    

Educate yourself #114! Scientology is NOT a religion.

2083 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

'sad', the death of this child is greatly upsetting to me, so do not believe that it isn't. And if I write in all caps to someone who goes after me, then too bad! And damn straight you seem to be defensive about things! Neither one of us will probably ever find out the truth and if it did and went against them, it would be heavily suppressed by the COS. COS has already denied helpful treatment for other ailments and there is a good possibility that it occurred here as well. If people don't question things, the truth will never come out! I have and will protested against this organization and nothing is going to change that! And if it is found that the COS had any culpability in his death, then more people are going to jump aboard the ANONYMOUS boat!

2083 days ago


Ask any Scientologist: it is NOT a religion. ANY of them will tell you that you can be a Catholic Scientologist, Jewish Scientologist, even Atheist Scientologist. The confusion is that the Corporation that runs it got "church" status with the government so they can avoid taxes. $cientology is not a religion! But it DOES stop people from getting appropriate medical care, like in this sad, sad case.

2083 days ago


On another thread, there was the photo of Travolta taken just a year or so ago, kissing another man. Rumors of Travolta being gay have been around forever. You wonder what all is being covered up in his life by Scientology.

2083 days ago

Let's be a bit nicer please    

I can't stand it when I see lies so let's get some things straight. From discussions with Scientologist friends they are against psychiatric drugs, BUT are not against medications for real physical conditions. Scientologists are not Christs Scientists who don't take any medications whatsoever. Scientologists do take medicines for physical ailments.

2083 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Oprah will be out in full force now ! wonder if Tom is asking " Kate" to leave the show so he can do his ting? Hollyweird is going to go haywire on this, with that said, I feel terrible for ALL on people on the planet who lost a loved one today from a terrible chain of events.

2083 days ago


TruthTeller: you find me ONE anti-seizure med that doesn't also treat bi-polar or depression. Guess what, there aren't any! They treat both, since both work on the same brain chemistry. Scientologists do NOT take anti-seizure medications. EVER.

2083 days ago


I think showing this video is just repulsive. This is a minor child we are talking about here, not an adult who has chosen the limelight.

I find it totally inappropriate to post video of the poor child's body being driven to the hospital just so they can pronounce him dead. Isn't the story "interesting" enough without the video?

2083 days ago


Please TMZ do not exploit this tragedy.

2083 days ago

justice is served    

119. You are way behind. We know that! However, seisure meds are psychiatric drugs.

2083 days ago


Exactly TruthTeller! That was my only point. I don't agree with this "religion" or whatever u call it. nanilani is so determined to state non-truths. I don't believe that John did not take care of his son. Period. I take dilantin for my seizures and it is not used for anything else. I think scientology is crazy as hell. I'm just trying to state a fact.

2083 days ago

Palin, really?    

What is the point of this video. I think it is time to start stalking this Levin character and his family 24/7.

2083 days ago


This is truly a tragic happening. I am sure the parents are grieving and no one should have to bury a child. However, I can't stop thinking their Scientologist religion might have prevented them from giving this kid the necessary medicine which could have saved his life. Kawasaki disease is an infant syndrome, that is it, plain and simple. This boy had a seizure (hitting his head on the bathtub, come on, what planet are you on) which might have been prevented with the appropriate medication. The parents have to live with this fact. Plain and simple.

2083 days ago
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