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Coulter Calls Michelle O Jackie O Wannabe

1/3/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Coulter and Michelle ObamaLooks like the GOP's head cougar has gone from political attack dog to snotty celeb fashion critic.

In her new book, "Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America" Ann Coulter slams Michelle Obama for her hairstyle and clothes. Coulter calls Michelle an obvious Jackie Kennedy wannabe with her "flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses" and "the short strands of fake pearls."

Good news: Coulter reportedly had to have her jaw wired shut. Bad news: She can still type.


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Leno sucks, Conan rocks    

What is wrong with you people? Ann Coulter is far from hot. She looks like a tranny and is disgustingly thin. Her personality is just the icing on the cake.

1930 days ago


I don't like either one of them, but Ann Coulter is a big mouth piece of sh*t. She says outrageous things to try and stay relevant. Remeber the horrible stuff she said about the 9/11 widows? Hopefully, the wire will never be removed from her jaw!

1930 days ago


Ann, you are right on, as usual! Keep it up, Ms. Coulter :)

1930 days ago


in this case i might just agree with ann... and i cant stand her...

1930 days ago


Damn seems if you post a link to a pic it gets deleted. I had a link to Ann Coulter looking hot in jeans and now it's deleted.. wtf?? Geez. =(

1930 days ago


jackie kennedy, JACKIE BLEEPING KENNEDY, is now being disparaged by obama cultists, and compared unfavorably to michelle obama...

the kool-aid must be seriously tasty

1930 days ago


I have never heard of this beyotch. She is trying to sell her book. She needs to sit her ignorant, racist @zz down. And as far as looks go, with all due respect, I loved the Kennedys, Jackie O wouldn't win any beauty contest, neither wood Nancy Reagan, need I go on. So much jealousy with you ignorant racists. That's what's wrong with America. The majority has spoken and the majority of white people who are NOT looking at color has spoken. Bush has screwed up this Country and McCain has backed him, what dumb @zz would want to continue the destruction of America that our forefathers of ALL Colors worked so hard to build. Do the math. Like Walmart says, save money, live better and I couldn't agree with it more. We need someone to help turn this Country around for the hardworking people of all colors and cultures in America, not just for the super wealthy.

1930 days ago


Ehhh, nothing this used up rag says is important - everyone knows she is just a bitter, jealous old hag.

1930 days ago


Why all the hate against Michelle Obama? She's done nothing wrong and does have a lot of style. Let's see her blossom and become an excellent role model in the years to come.

As for Ann Coulter, I see NO redeeming qualities in her. All she does is spew negativity. Did you hear what she said about the women whose husbands died on 9/11 in the World Trade Center? She has no value whatsoever in this world. And she does look like a skank. Ooooh, and let's not forget her fake "I'm better than you" air and accent she puts on when opening her mouth on television. Maybe she is bitter that she has never married and has no kids. Ya reap what ya sow, Ann.

a white, 44 y/o married and educated woman...from a huge Republican family and is the only Dem. Obama as prez and Hillary as Sec of State. Now we're on the right track. Happy days are here again.

1930 days ago


Ann obviously missed seeing the "fires from hell" dress Michelle wore at the DNC. Definitely not Jackie O's style.

1930 days ago

mess-iah sara is nothing but a used TAMPON    

Who care's what this Neocon has to say she is not worthy to carry MO bag, one is smart and one is not, Michelle is more American than horse face will ever be, Reightwing nut's, being divisive and racist and hypocrit's and full of hate is all they know, Man face is so yesterday's new's,

1930 days ago


Ann speaks the truth! Its obvious Barry and Michelle are trying to be like the Kennedy's. Michelle your no Jackie Kennedy. And same for you B. Obama. Your no President Kennedy. And with less then a month to go, already involved in a scandal. Maybe your Bill Clinton!!!!

1930 days ago


Anee...Bitter...and your carpet does not match the phoney ahole!

1930 days ago


Leave some botox for the rest of us!

1930 days ago


The way those eyes are cut looks like your trying to be the Jack-O-lantern...ha ha biotch

1930 days ago
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