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What Is Tony Romo Thinking?

1/4/2009 11:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"She's posing for pics again ... Yeah, she's got that stupid dog with her ... I don't know how much more of this I can take."


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Romo's thinking, "She's really packed on the pounds in the last year. Now she looks like a cow from Wisconsin, my homeland., and that's the way I like 'em!"

If Cowboys fans want to rid their team of the curse that is Jessica Simpson, they need to start tempting Romo with some competition by sending different breeds of cow to his house...a cow escort service. After playing the field with a Guernsey one night and a Holstein the next and a Jersey after that, he'll realize how wrong he was to tie himself down to the inferior Simpson bovine breed. A Guernsey has much bigger udders than a Simpson and can sing better too.

2096 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Damn people, maybe the guy just loves her. So you gotta knock the crap out of him for being with her? What a bunch of heartless ass holes ..................

2096 days ago


He couldn't possibly love her. Men only fall in love with wh*res in the movies and real life isn't "Pretty Woman" or in Simpson's case, "Handsome Transvestite".

2096 days ago


Didn't Jessica Simpson want to star in a remake of "Pretty Woman" a few years ago? Jessica Simpson starring in anything is always a bad idea, but if she insists on trying to act, her next straight -to-dvd role should be "Pretty Woman II: The Handsome Transvestite" starring Eddie Murphy and Jessica Simpson as the handsome transvestite.

2096 days ago


I find it interesting that people seem to forget that the Daisy, the dog was a birthday gift from her former husband. Not that it makes any difference but facts are facts

2096 days ago


Now you see why he can't focus on Football. She has him all weak in the knees and he can't see stright. His head should have been more on the game, instead of his head being in her!!!! He's gone freakin hollywood....The Cowboys will never have a chance now....He's got his money now he has no reason to work hard now. Get rid of him. let me stay in hollywood with his girl. The new Tom Brady

2096 days ago


All the negative people making these comments and have no life, please stand... Best of luck Tony and Jessica.

2096 days ago


BEBOP - Are you the one who wrote "Best of luck Nick and Jessica" not so long ago?.

2096 days ago


WHAT? Is he expected to go out with some ugly chick? It just reminds me of the cute cheerleader and the quarterback from school. Give it a rest already.

2096 days ago


That's so nice that your high school allowed the overweight special ed girls who were pushing 30 to be the cheerleaders, b6B. It must have done wonders for their self esteem.

2096 days ago


Lets Go Giants that is why you are at home with Jessy and my team is on the way to the SB!!! I hope they never breakup!!!

2096 days ago


Hahaha Jessica is so annoying, everything she touches she seems to ruin, her "career" is down the tubes, and didnt her daddy have to beg Tony to take her back for a bit?? Geez, she should just go away for a couple years, and maybe when shes not so stupid and over-rated, then attempt a comeback.

2096 days ago


TMZ is really grasping for something to put on this every-worsening site. For one thing, Jessica Simpson looks darling in this photo and so does her dog. I don't know what you guys are bitching about!

2096 days ago


It just reminds me of the president of the 4H Club in school and his livestock project.

2096 days ago

citizen of the LA county    

Jessica is number in the Ukraine.
Please go live there, at stop torturing America
with your stupidity -you retard.

2096 days ago
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