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Lindsay & Sam -- Kaput

1/5/2009 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has it down solid -- Lindsay and Sam Ronson are officially history.


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Hold The Line    


2094 days ago


Yeah!! What wonderful news. Now Lindsey can find a real man. Good riddins to that older, messed-up girl that preyed on young Lindsey & ruined Lindsey's reputation. I hope Lindsey can recover from that gross, sick relationship. I'll continue to pray for her.

2094 days ago


even though I don't care one hoot for these two or their lifestyle, I'm actually shocked Sam put up with the Diva for as long as she did. Linds seems to be VERY high maintenance. God Bless Them Both.

2094 days ago


I really like clicking on celebrity gossip headlines, reading the articles and then going down to the comment section just to type in "WHO CARES!?!?!?" like I'm so above it all. All of you who clicked the link and looked at the picture and scoured the page for more info and yet didn't type in "Who cares? are so inferior to me!

2094 days ago


Glad she finally dumped that dude. She should try being a lesbian.

2094 days ago


hmmm maybe her dad aint so krazy...i'd be pissed to if my daughter who HAD been working on a somewhat decent career suddenly started eating p*ssy...and such a non cute chick too...if the Harvey Levin you suck poster is really someone (not) mayb she should realize hey u AINT brittney and NOBODY cares, after the whole FireCrotch was over pretty much before it started and it's sad cuz she was someone my nieces actually liked when she was a KID but know they see she's just as weak as the rest of these lames who don't realize you need the people in your life to WANT u to be happy and successful and NOT leech off of ur fame, or lack thereof now...unless she checks back into rehab for STUPIDITY Lindey's career is DONE. No mother is gonna want their daughter looking up to that mess of a girl...sending the wrong message, and speaking of mother's that darn dina sure has done a number on her's. it's no wonder the lil sister has issues look what she has to deal with

2094 days ago


Damn, so now that Lindasy won't be in tow when Sam Ronson gets booked at clubs, I guess Sam will have to go back to charging $1500 a night to spin instead of $20,000+ a night that she was getting.
Clubs were booking Sam, who can't spin for crap, and paying all that $$ becuase they knew Lindsay would be there as well.

2094 days ago


Who will they play bumper pool with now? Lindsey needs to find a good looking lesbo! Sam is Egads!!

2094 days ago


im sorry 4 linsey. she is always in miami where i live

2094 days ago

ACLU member    

Disgusting gay affair!

2094 days ago


so much for that story - her myspace blog says that they are still together..... despite what tabs say about her. I guess the relationship still has fighting power, or at least theres fighting....

2094 days ago


Who the heck cares have been sick of them for months, thank god they need to move on and get a life!!! They are like paris hilton totally pathetic!!!!

2094 days ago

ACLU member    

I see some of you morons claim you don't care about them. Then I would like to ask you morons why you give your two cents if you don't care?

2094 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

People are sick of all this and are protesting them being every third story again about whatever stupid drama they cooked up. What? Do you really expect only 'fans' to post on the stories? You idiots don't know anything about blogging do you? If you want one sided bullcrap, then go whine on some fan site with the rest of the potato heads!

2094 days ago


She'll just start a another drug addict drama relationship but her dad must be jumping for joy, he might get in now and be able to quite his job

2094 days ago
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