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Lindsay & Sam -- Kaput

1/5/2009 9:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has it down solid -- Lindsay and Sam Ronson are officially history.


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Knock It Off    

To # 27 Jeff W. That is so true. She fits some of the criteria of a borderline personality disorder. That type of personality disorder is tough to treat. Throw her a life line.

2095 days ago



come with us...join with with us...

xenu is calling !!! xenu is calling !!! xenu is calling !!!
tom c, johnt, will s

2095 days ago

Big Bear    

Lesbians hop from one to another. You see very few lesbian couples together for any period of time.

2095 days ago


the sun is out and overhead...we wake with skin still quivering from
the night's delight...but, we must take note of our day's to forge on?...while
thoughts of past ecstasy remain
vivid within our being...we rise, we shower, we dress...all the
while, the tingle those secret parts, that dare we
reveal...can we suppress that which we desire?...a desire so strong
that we see in everyone, a chance to act on that
desire...friend or
stranger, acquaintance or unknown...we look at all, believing that
they can unleash that we have come to
expect...yearn...hide....defuse...ignore, no more....the want is too
strong...the quest reborn, find that, the feeling that warms the
innermost within ourselves...can we hold on 'til the search is no
more?...find the strength, find the fortitude...that will be rewarded
at searches end...when night falls, the prize will be found...return
to your comfort, retreat to your den of pleased that you
will receive that which you have searched for...ssshhh...ssshhh...go
now...go now and claim your prize...reward
yourself with the zealous
fervor, that cannot be descirbed...go now..go now,,.feel the
pleasures, you have waited for since you felt it's all-encompassing
power...muscles twitch...body writhing...mind to the
climax of all you have wanted...go now...go

2095 days ago

for now    

Beautiful Lindsay needs to stay from ugly lesbians.
Sodomy may very well kill her.

2095 days ago


hardly news so who cares

2095 days ago


Boy, there sure are a lot of haters here! Why do people need to comment of others' personal lives? Does LL's behavior impact you directly? If so, maybe you all need professional help? Personally, I don't care if LL's lesbian relationship is over. Does it have any impact on the nation, such as the financial crisis, or homelessness, or job losses? NO! If she's tired of all the negativity surrounding her choices, maybe she just needs some time to sort out her priorities. At any rate she'll never be able to get her head together if the paparrazzi don't gicve her room to breathe. She may end up like Britany Spears did. But given the time to get her head together, she turned out much better! BUT, WHATEVER HAPPENS TO HER, WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR LIVES?

2095 days ago


They're gross and annoying beyond all reason. I'm glad it's over, now I don't have to see their ugly mugs everytime I pass a newsstand.

2095 days ago



You're a dumbass, and that was the lamest speech for such an irrelevant issue that I've ever heard. Really? Mentioning it in the same speech as the financial crisis? LOL.

2095 days ago


If you hadn't already noticed, this is a celebrity GOSSIP website. So maybe you should check out another site Braveheart, since this obviously isn't for you. =)

2094 days ago



I believe YOU'RE the dumbass! If the financial crisis was all you focused on, then I don't know how low of a dumbass category I can place you in! I said it to make a point, which was obviously lost on your small mind. It was said to emphasis that there are more important issues out there than whether or not LL and her Sam are still together or not. Get a life!

2094 days ago


how are they gonna decide who gets the double headed dildo???? anyone think of that????

2094 days ago


Though this be madness, yet there is method in 't.

2093 days ago


Hi, everyone! You know, I've noticed that Ms. Lohan seems to have managed herself & her life more gracefully since she began her relationship w/Ms. Ronson. I remember seeing photos of her drowning in decadent stupor, over-reaching for sexual panache while dancing @ parties, and looking, in general, un-well. I havent seen photos of her like that since Sam. I've always wondered why she was hyped-up as a beautiful woman. Today, and since Sam, I see it. She looks healthy & she looks gorgeous. Amazing, what love can do. I think, in Sam, she found someone who is willing to care about her. In her "circle" I think that is a difficult thing to do. I dont think that any of the men she dated loved her, or, were of the mettle to be loving persons. Maybe these men love themselves too much. I dont know. Certainly, I dont think any of them were prepared to take her on "as is". But Sam did. To her credit. This cannot have been easy. Yet, Ms. Lohan was able to respond in a positive manner. To her credit. That cannot have been easy, either. I am one of those people who roots for Love in whatever form it comes in. I leave the Judgements to God. He is better @ that stuff than I am. I hate to see love fail. I love to see love in victory. Especially when it is as rare as it must be in the community within which she lives. God bless you all.

2093 days ago
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