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Michael Richards -- Forgive and Forget?

1/5/2009 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards is back after a two year hiatus -- as in... he went underground after that whole racist rant thing.

Michael Richards: Click to watch
Richards chose Venice Beach as his venue and a photog brought up a good point -- Dog the Bounty Hunter and Don Imus were forgiven way quicker.


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The Voice    

I don't believe what he did was anything CLOSE to a crime. I don't hate people because of their race, religion or anything. What really gets me is how blacks think that they are now entitled to anything and everything just because they were opressed a few years ago. All races should be thankful for what they have, and especially blacks since they went through so much to get the respect that they DO have now. Rather than coming up with "rap" lyrics that basically say "white man sucks", why can't they just play real music and show any talent that they might have, and many do. Like Lenny Kravitz, I think he's a great guitarist as well as Hendrix, and I've been playing guitar since 1976. Those guys play real music and aren't afraid to show it. These new "rap artists" as they are called probably don't have any talent because it doesn't take much to stand up and yell a few rhyming words at people. Today's blacks still don't seem to have a good command of the English language, even the ones in high places, though there are a few who can and do speak intelligently. That still baffles me. It's almost as if it's another form of rebellion on their part. It would have been better on the white man's part to never have harvested slaves from Africa or any country in the first place, but that cannot be undone now, and yes, I did watch Roots - all the way through. It's just ridiculous especially the way some blacks think that they can ride through neighborhoods with their blasting loud "music" playing, with no regard to who else might be there. My wife has MS, and gets bad headaches. She surely doesn't need anything like that to add to the pain, but that seems to be lost on the black youth now. It's really sad...

2058 days ago


Welcome back!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that Michael Richards is coming back. He is a comic genius and I'll be glad to see him again. About the whole rant thing, who knows what was going on that night? Maybe the audience member was being a total jerk and M.R.'s was just tired of having to deal with it. I'd love to know if the holier-than-thou people who criticized him the most could honestly claim they've never said *ANY*thing out of line in their lives- I seriously doubt it. He apologized and as far as I'm concerned, it's over.

2065 days ago


Welcome back! We love you Michael Richards!!!!
Now make me laugh!!!!!!!!!!

2125 days ago


Love, love, love you Michael !

2125 days ago

fish taco    

Hang him up and stick a fork up his ass! He is into that!
This D-Bag needed a good ass kickin!
His behavior generates haters!

2125 days ago


His apoligies were very heartfelt, and I thought his tirade was just HILARIOUS (I am black...well half anyways)! I've never seen a comedian tear apart hecklers like that! But anyways, if a black man had been saying racist comments about a white man, no body would of cared. Michael Richards is still a comic genious, and is responsible for the single funniest and most love character in the history of television, on the great show ever.

2125 days ago


Welcome back Michael Richards!! You are the better person than those who stand in judgment of you. As a natural human response to being heckled, this whole thing was totally blown out of proportion. EVERYONE makes mistakes!

2125 days ago


Let this be a lesson for everyone out there. Don't use the N-word or any of its variations unless your black. It will ruin your career as well it should. The only good thing to come out of this is that this loser was exposed as a racists.
The N-word belongs to the black race and only we can use it.

2125 days ago


Give him a medal for helping expose Jackson and Sharpton as phony frauds of spiritual forgiveness. Also a medal for Chicken of the Decade Award to Jamie Foxx for not following up on his promise to find and beat the crap out of Michael. Big talker Foxx, until you need your next Eddy Murphy he-she Fix. What happens to these Black Entertainers when they get super rich and are made super stars? They have to go on the down low or find a he-she...weird----

I've discovered Blacks are more racist than any single group in America....ask them if they like Koreans, Dot heads, Mexicans or Polish people----they dont and are not afraid to tell you either. Running around blaming White people for everything...

he-she wanna be's thats all they become when they are superstars...or like Cosby and Jesse jackson need love babies and women to beat.

And now we got one of them to lead us? Gee, wonder what he will do about Israel and Hamas? He's so quiet he acts like he's never made a decision as a Community Organizer who only voted Present.

Whats it gonna be Obama? Ask Oprah for advice---she'll tell you.

2125 days ago



Racism is alive and well in the U.S.

Always will be.

Sad, really.

2125 days ago

Bill Clinton    

He spoke the truth. What's the big deal?

2125 days ago

Georgia Girl    

The guy made one mistake and paid for it. I, for one, would love to see him come back. Besides, he's incredibly funny.

2125 days ago


Aww C'mon, everybody and their brother knows that white people will forgive this guy, if they havent already. They are unaffected. And......dude is jewish...all he has to do is mention his background and some great uncle that survived the holocost and his racist rant is forgotten. It's the same mindset of people that looked the other way when Woody Allen married his daughter but still accuse MJ of molesting little latino gold diggers!

2125 days ago


6. Let this be a lesson for everyone out there. Don't use the N-word or any of its variations unless your black. It will ruin your career as well it should. The only good thing to come out of this is that this loser was exposed as a racists.
The N-word belongs to the black race and only we can use it.

Posted at 1:33PM on Jan 5th 2009 by rick

Typical example of reverse rascism. Perhaps if the black people are offended and don't want the word to be used, they shouldn't be using it themselves. What hypocrites.

2125 days ago


Don Imus didn't even use the N-word, so how is it even the same?? He made a distasteful joke about a college women's basketball team and they weren't even that upset about it. Not the same thing at all.....

2125 days ago
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